If Julia screamed in the forest would Bob hear her?

Now if only Julia would tell Bob Brown where to get off on his Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme I truly believe the Australian People would hold her in far greater esteem.

What we find though is she is telling him to nick off over wanting to turn the Island of Tasmania into a National Park. At least for once she is telling him who actually holds the key position (sadly) of Prime Minister for a short while..

Bob meanwhile is throwing a public tantrum and cancelling his monthly’s…. err his monthly scheduled meeting with Julia. Like as if she cares! As she said in the media today ‘he can come if he wants’ to’…..    I make myself available. Whether Senator Brown wants to take up that opportunity is entirely a matter for him. Ah well Julia looks like you get an hour or two, to yourself, enjoy!

Really folks, Bob is throwing a tantrum, and YES I do care about Old Growth Forests…… over a promise Julia has broken, according to him. Way back when, or rather when those two got all buddy buddy and fixed things so Julia could keep the top job, with Bob’s support, things in the forestry industry in Tasmania were not quite so dire.

Since then the situation has changed and Julia has had to make a few Prime Ministerial decisions. Obviously she made this one without consulting His Bobship and getting permission – ergo the tantrum.

I for one am pleased to see Bob showing his true watermelon colours for all and sundry to watch in public. It really does let one and all see just who he thinks he is!

However he above all should remember Julia cannot keep a promise, after all he supported her openly with her broken promises on the Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme, so why would he be so bothered now that she is changing her stance on logging in Old Growth Forests in Tasmania?

Now if only Julia would…… (fill in the blanks)………. Australia could regain its National Identity with pride. Might mean her resigning and taking His Bobship and a few dozen others with her, but so what…. geesh I reckon most of us would put up with that small (not) inconvenience.

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5 Responses to If Julia screamed in the forest would Bob hear her?

  1. That was so good! I love your sense of humour and turn of phrase. Boob Brown can throw as many tantrums as he likes, all it does is show him for what he is…a loud mouthed, self-serving, arrogant, bast**d. The man is evil. You only have to watch his “hail fellow, well met” demeanor change when someone (journalist or fellow politician) says something he objects to, or God forbid, that they should actually criticise or challenge him – I’ve seen him barely able to control his rage.
    Roll on next election. We should all organise a local street party to celebrate Gillard and Labor’s demise.

  2. nikkoh007 says:

    I don’t understand why Nob, Oh, I mean Bob is throwing a public tantrum, he should know that his beloved julia is a professional liar, the rest of the country already knows. The man has gone mad, what next? No wonder the country is going backwards and broke, we have an evil Liar and a madman running the country.

  3. Merilyn says:

    So Bob Brown is worrying about the Tasmanian Forests, this is the same man who thinks it is ok to pull trees down and errect those very ugly Wind Turbines, that cost wildlife their lives, the man is a full blown hypocrite.

  4. Hillbilly33 says:

    Hi JustMEinT.
    Noticed your excellent comment at the TonyfromOz post Merilyn linked to above. Tony very kindly did this article following a request from me. With that ammnunition I proceeded with my own humble effort you may like to check. The Musselroe Wind Farm Travesty in Tasmania.KeithH

    I’m assuming you’re a fellow Tasmanian and like me, feel it’s time for the ordinary “little man(person)” to stand up and have his or her say. The local MSM have made themselves completely irrelevant and those one would usually expect to stand up and defend such a fragile and beautiful environment are either strangely silent or inconceivably in support of the destruction about to be unleashed to erect massive idols to the Great Windpower God, sadly not with feet of clay but each of the 56 “idosl” are to have a foot containing approximately 403m3 of concrete and 40T of reinforcing! Have some people gone completely mad and lost all sense of balance and real values?
    I’m amazed how wide the ripples have spread so far from my “little pebble in the (Internet) pond”, in such a short time. May the ripples widen! All and any help in this direction grealy appreciated.

    All power to you.
    Best wishes KeithH

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