1/14th Julia are you listening?

If China does implement its proposed Carbon Emissions Tax, I do not see how Julia Gillard can sing its praises.

After all, the Chinese (proposed) Taxation Plan will be ONLY 1/14th the size of Australia’s, so just who does Julia think she is kidding? Australia’s evil scheme is coming in at $23 per tonne (starting price only – it will escalate), while China is postulating about $1.55 per tonne. 

Meanwhile in Europe the price has fallen to (about) $8.00 AU, Oh how the mighty have fallen, and still Australia is preening and claiming to be setting the tone for the rest of the world.

Me thinks Ms. Gillard and her Green ‘bedfellow’ Greg Combet have their heads up their proverbial you know what’s and cannot – or will not see the light of day.

Why Oh why can they not see what this will do to Australia’s industry and households. The families and Pensioners of Australia are going to be hit with a giant thumping hammer. As it currently stands many households have to go without necessary heating and cooling simply to make ends meet. Currently it is summer time in the southern hemisphere.

If it gets too hot, people with serious medical conditions and very young children are likely to need medical attention if finding a cool place is impossible. Have they considered the possible loss of life? But wait till winter arrives, particularly in the higher altitudes and down in Tasmania.

No money for electricity, no heating, no electric blankets. What are they supposed to do? Live in their beds simply to survive?

This Australian Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme, which has been implemented supposedly to help reduce the temperature of the Earth, is nothing more than money grabbing by the government elites, to fill their dwindling coffers, which have been misspent on other poorly designed government programs.

When Julia and Greg take their heads out of you know where, perhaps they will see what is happening around the globe, and concede they have made a vast error of judgment. Personally I will not be holding my breath waiting for this to happen.

When was the last time you read of a politician acknowledging they had made an error? Are there really flying pigs over Canberra?


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5 Responses to 1/14th Julia are you listening?

  1. nikkoh007 says:

    It’s not the government elite doing this to us, they are just following orders, it’s the elite families, the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Morgan’s, e.t.c they are the ones giving the world all the grief. No matter where I look it’s always them they seem to own and control everything. They pressure, bribe, Blackmail and pay off all Governments. The problem with our Country is that Julia loves it, she never had to be bribed, threatened or payed off be cause she loves being a part of them and so she screws her own kind with pleasure, she is a very evil woman.

    A good Doco to have a look at what is happening around the world is “Thrive the Movie”, it’s everything we already know and when I say all of us, I mean us the so called conspirators. It covers everything in one doco for the ones that are still asleep and following the rest of the sheep. We still have some time to stop them we don’t have much time because it has started to take place a one world order but their is still some time left if we the people of the World unite and stop choosing sides because this is how they separate us and put us in conflict with one and other. All political sides are on the same side they just give us the elusion of choice, we think we are choosing sides when all sides have the same agenda’s.

    I’m starting to think that maybe all this Talk about the 21st of December 2012 is all about change and not the end of the world maybe it means it’s the point in time When Humans win back their freedoms and the elite are overthrown.

    I went back and studied what happened in the great depression last century and realise that the Global financial crisis had many similarities and the same people were the losers “us” and the same profiteers “The global ELITE” it’s the same families just a different generation of Evil.

    The stock markets are the biggest joke, it’s just all hot air nothing is really being traded, its virtual money but everyone lost real money. I started to wonder so if everyone lost all their money then where did it all go and realised it went into pockets of people who sold you nothing to begin with.

    It looks like the whole world is in debt so now we have the global financial crisis only problem who are we all in debt to? Yep you guessed it the same Corrupt families Controlling the world, But when I looked closer I realised that we don’t owe them any real money because money isn’t backed by anything anymore anyway, they gave us a digit which they created from thin air but now we all have become their slaves trying to pay back the digit with real money. This is why the Labor Government had to do all this spending to put us back in debt because we were one of the few countries in the world who had a surplus.

    Everything is a lie and us humans need to unite and fight back because it looks like it’s us against them, the problem is that us the people of the world still believe in fairy tales and can’t yet see reality for what it is, this is why a Government and all the people that were involved on 911 have gotten away with it right before our eyes in broad daylight, it’s amazing that after all the proof given to us from Engineers, architects, scientists, demolition experts and high profile people that there are so many people that still believe the official story.

  2. Merilyn says:

    Funny how everyone seems to forget that everything in China belongs to the government anyway, so the whole carbon piece is a farce.

    • Merilyn says:

      An update, In China’s Carbon Tax in the fine print, it says, “If economic circumstances allow”. [No link, have just read that over at Pier’s blog, put up by a poster].

      • thanks for the heads up. I found the article at
        the article says:

        But rather than going the whole hog like Australia, China has opted for a
        half slice of bacon. Their carbon tax will be $1.55 per ton. However, one of
        the things Combet’s spokesmuppet didn’t say was that China has put a proviso
        on the scheme that it will only take place if economic circumstances allow
        and if the tax is seen to be causing economic woes, it will be dumped.

        A person was commentating on this blog today – unfortuanately they did not
        leave the comment here where it can be seen by all.

        They said:

        There are NO political Messiah’s ONLY political Liars!

        I do like that comment, it is so true!

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