Take A Pay Cut Prime Minister

Not only Julia Gillard but the entire Federal and State(s) Government(s) of Australia could well do following the example of the Government of Singapore.

When Governments allocate pay rises for themselves whilst raising taxes on the general population (think the Australian Carbon Dioxide Taxation scheme) it certainly does not bode well. Perhaps we can all march on Parliament House to let our feelings be known. Or would that be considered a march of no consequence? Let’s get this Carbon Dioxide Tax repealed!

The people of Singapore made their feeling loudly known, and now it has been decided that from the Prime Minister on down, there will be substantial pay cuts. Not that this will bring their salaries onto a level similar to most of the population, but the Opposition in Singapore sees this as ‘a good first step’.

We elect people into positions of authority in Australia. They are mandated to work on our behalf, yet time and time again, we see them allowing a little power to go to their heads. Why is it that they can award themselves huge pay rises, while the voting public are doing it tough, and struggling to make ends meet in many cases?

Just prior to Christmas 2011 we read that:

The heads of key federal government departments will receive an unprecedented pay rise – in some cases more than $200,000 a year – taking the annual salaries of Canberra’s top mandarins to well over $700,000.

As The Daily Telegraph revealed earlier this month, the salary for the Prime Minister will be increased to nearly $500,000 – placing Julia Gillard in a higher wage bracket than US President Barack Obama and British PM David Cameron.

The base salary for federal MPs, currently just over $140,000, will jump to about $180,000 – although they will lose a number of perks including overseas study travel.

Diddums!!!! They get so many lurks and perks that if they
were removed, they would almost be on a level playing
field with the rest of the nation.
(read here)

Never mind folks, if you are an Australian Aged Pensioner YOU TOO will be getting an increase in your pension in 2012.

These Age Pension payment rates are effective from 1 January 2012.

An income and assets[1] test will be used to work out how much you can get.


Pension rate per fortnight

Single $689.00*
Couple $519.40* each

*These amounts exclude the Pension Supplement[2] amount which is currently a maximum of $59.80 a fortnight for singles and $90.20 a fortnight for couples (combined).

Now if only our politicians would be paid in a similar
fashion, I feel certain they would battle to get
the pension rate increased accordingly.
And yes pigs can fly!


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