Will The Australian Government Listen?

At times a person can feel as if they are knocking their heads against a brick wall. You can talk until you are hoarse it seems with the Government, but if there is a dollar to be made, to help fill the coffers in Canberra – they turn off their hearing aids and carry on regardless.



Hydraulic Fracturing AKA Fracking is the method currently being hyped as THE BEST WAY to access and obtain oil and natural gas from subterranean reservoirs.  These reservoirs are typically porous sandstones, limestones or dolomite rocks, but also include ‘unconventional reservoirs’ such as shale rock or coal beds.  In simple English – chemicals are pumped into the rocks under high pressure to release the stored oil and gas. The chemicals and the process used have been blamed for damaging ground water supplies, amongst other things.

There have been many outcries about this method of extraction, but most of them have been denied or ignored. As I said – if there is a dollar to be made, many a blind eye will be turned!

I was pleased to learn of a new report today on the dangers of this proceedure, written by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). My only questions now are will the Australian Government Listen? Will they take heed of this report? Will they put the interests and health of the people of Australia before those of the mining industries and the coffers in Canberra?

An article at Lock The Gate Alliance spells out quite clearly why the Australian Government should ban the practice.

The EPA found that compounds likely associated with fracking chemicals had been detected in the groundwater beneath a Wyoming community where residents say their well water smells of chemicals.

Fracking involves pumping millions of litres of water and sand and thousands of litres of chemicals under very high pressures into the coal seam in order to better release the gas trapped in that seam.

The report, which has been two years in the preparation, challenges long-stated assertions by the gas industry. These include assertions that hydrologic pressure would naturally force fluids down, not up; that deep geologic layers provide a watertight barrier preventing the movement of chemicals towards the surface; and that the problems with the cement and steel barriers around gas wells aren’t connected to fracking.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, called on Australian state governments to impose an indefinite moratorium on the practice of fracking. In New South Wales this would involve the O’Farrell government in extending its six-month moratorium and in Queensland, it would require a complete turn-around by the Bligh government and the LNP Opposition which have both placed their faith in the coal seam gas industry.

“Fracking is a high-impact activity that clearly has the capacity to contaminate aquifers outside the coal seam,” Mr Hutton said.

“According to the industry’s own sources 40 per cent of coal seam gas wells will be fracked in Queensland. That is a very large number of wells and the potential for inter-aquifer contamination is unacceptably high.

“Once you have contaminated an aquifer with these chemicals there is no way to fix it.”

It seems no matter what the Australian public says NO to, our Politicians will decide for themselves and seemingly go the opposite way.  NO CARBON TAX stands out in recent memory.

So let us see if they will actually listen to this and decide in favour of the people who they are supposed to represent.


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One Response to Will The Australian Government Listen?

  1. Faye Rod says:

    Labor is the shepherd I did not want.

    They leadeth me beside the still factories.

    They restoreth my faith in conservatism.

    They guideth me in the path of unemployment
    for their party’s sake.

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
    I shall fear no hunger, for their bailouts and cash incentives are with me.

    They have anointed my income with carbon taxes and hidden expenses.
    Their budget runneth over.

    Surely, under Labor, poverty and hard living will follow us all the days of our life,

    And we will live in a mortgaged country forever.

    – That’s if we’re lucky, and haven’t been overrun by homosexuals and Muslim boat people

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