The Sky is Falling

The Sky is Falling – no its not, get it right – the Oceans are Rising~

The Island(s) Nation of The Maldives is, according to some sources, going to meet a very watery grave within the next one hundred years (or so), depending upon who you talk to. This is of course all due to Global Warming, or more precisely Man Made (First World) Global Warming – caused by Carbon Dioxide Pollution you and I are fully responsible for.

Not only are we the cause of this impending disaster, we are being forced to pay for the impending doom to The Maldives and other poorer countries, by way of contributions to the (newly created) Green Climate Fund being set up by the United Nations (set up commenced at COP 17 [conference of pirates] in Durban, 2011). ….   Green Climate Fund – that would mobilize $US100 billion in cash transfers from the developed to the developing countries.  The details of both the new binding treaty and the fund were left for later.

Now it is important to understand that it is the United Nations bureaucracy that will be both levying the taxes (into this new fund) and administering them at the same time, effectively setting up a structure of the transfer of wealth world wide. One could almost name it worldwide social welfare. Remember also that the UN is a non elected bureaucracy who, according to my limited understanding, has no authority to do this. No authority to trample the sovereign rights of ours or any other nation, by enforcing mandatory taxation, to fill their own coffers.

Why would I be so aggravated by this announcement? Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that Global Warming – Cooling – Climate Change has nothing to do with happened in Durban – it was all about the money the setting up of this new Green Climate Fund.

Do you think for one minute the money raised will actually do anything to help the poorer nations? Do you actually believe the people themselves will benefit one iota from monies raised?

The Associated Press described the UN climate fund as a method to “distribute tens of billions of dollars a year to poor countries to help them adapt to changing climate conditions and to move toward low-carbon economic growth.”  

(South African development activist Leon Louw declared the UN’s “Green Climate Fund” nothing more than an attempt by wealthy nations to keep the poor nations from developing.) 

But Louw, says the UN climate fund will wreak havoc on the developing world’s poor. Louw explained: “The money goes to government and governments spend it on of course on themselves, meaning various government projects, creating bigger departments — bigger bureaucracies, it’s called big bureaucratic capture. They build empires, they build conference centers, and they buy political support. They go and distribute the money to communities where they want support and votes.”
Louw was at the Durban summit to oppose the UN climate fund to poor nations. According to Louw, the entire UN foreign aid process is aimed at keeping the developing world’s poor – poor.

Here is an example of a country / nation who has cried out for assistance
from the developed world, because they say their nation will be underwater within a hundred or so years and they NEED money and assistance now to save themselves from this unspeakable disaster.

I began this article specifically mentioning The Maldives and their ‘so called’ dire plight. But a small amount of research, simply done using Mr. Google, shows that the Maldives really don’t believe it themselves, otherwise why would they be embarking now upon a process of encouraging investment in eleven (11) new airports. Unless or course they are specifically for seaplanes! Perhaps they are floating airports.

Actually The Maldives are Open For Business, and if you are interested in doing business with them, and have the money to back that up, they will be very happy to hear from you.

Does that sound like a Nation preparing to go out of existence? I think not! But what I do think is that they are ready willing and quite able to hold out their hands, demanding assistance, to mitigate a problem that is not actually happening. It seems a bit like when the government says it has money for funding for projects on climate change – all sorts come out of the woodwork!

 Oceans are NOT rising.

But if they make sufficient noise about it, and make enough people feel guilty and responsible, they will no doubt eventually be given a hand out from the Green Climate Fund – your hard earned tax dollars are building…. that is of course, after the UN has taken its own cut / percentage first for administration purpose etc.

Australia has already voluntarily pledged loads of your money to the UN.

….. Combet in Cancun promised  10% of the Australian carbon tax as a tithe to the UN. (And there’s the $599 million as part of the Fast Start Finance program over three years that is in the pipeline.)

I feel it is safe to say that neither the sky is falling nor are oceans rising, but it is accurate to say we are being screwed and our taxes will be rising accordingly.

Durban achieved little more than an agreement for thousands of bureaucratic sycophants to meet each other again next year in Qatar, to frolic in the sun at your expense, oh and to spend our money ad infinitum!


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3 Responses to The Sky is Falling

  1. Yes and the world’s most famous oceanographer who has spent his entire career studying ocean rise has also said that the Maldives are not in any threat of being flooded and caught left wing radicals destroying a tree that marked the water level for their own propaganda
    John Wilder

  2. TONY says:

    Global climate change is inevitable and we are NOT fully responsible for it – although we can self-flagellate and blame ourselves for it all. The US can bankrupt itself by trying to change it single-handedly but, without cooperation of the entire coalition of industrialzed nations, the problem will not be even slightly corrected

  3. Merilyn says:

    Just keep following the money, the latest “climate-gate”emails tell you all you need to know, how the world hs been taken in by a hoax.

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