Solar Radiation Management

Solar Radiation Management SRM (AKA geoengineering) for short is being discussed at COP 17 in Durban as a possible means of reducing the amount of radiation reaching the earth from the sun. Rather strange really as most of the IPCC type scientific lackeys have disputed the possibility of this actually causing changed weather systems on earth. They are far more prone to accusing you and I of being greedy with our use of carbon fossil fuels.

“Solar radiation management might sound, at first, like something from science fiction – but it’s not. There are already serious discussions beginning about it, and that’s why we felt it was urgent to create this governance initiative. Solar radiation management could be a Plan B to address climate change, but first we must figure out how to research it safely.” (plan A is to cut carbon dioxide emissions – what is known as AGW or CAGW)

So what exactly would this Plan B potentially comprise of? Various techniques have been suggested such as placing huge space reflectors in orbit to reflect the sun’s energy, releasing stratospheric aerosols into the upper atmosphere, and brightening clouds with seawater.

Playing God

Those who tend to be in the scientists shouldn’t “play God” school of thought are simply aghast that anybody could even seriously consider such a possibility for more than a split second. Their argument is that the unforeseen results could be utterly catastrophic, and that the report’s acknowledgement that deliberately attempting to pervert the course of the weather is fraught with danger is an understatement. The divine creation is magnificent and far more complex than humans could ever understand, so just let God, or nature if you prefer, get on with it, they say.


Silvia Ribeiro, the Latin American director of the ETC Group, which campaigns against geoengineering, said:

“This report is dominated by scientists engaged in geoengineering research in the UK, US and Canada. They are advocates for more research; several of them have claimed patents and have significant financial, institutional and professional interests in the field of geoengineering research. There are the same familiar names that we have seen in a whole series of recent reports: John Shepherd or David Keith.

The Global warming – cooling – climate changing or whatever they are currently naming it mob, all have vested interests as far as I can tell. From the scientists who would lose immense amounts of funding were the truth to be known, and should they come out of their insulated closets to publicly admit they really have no proof, to the Green Energy Companies and right down to the Carbon Trading giants, all have a vested interest in seeing to it that we are told rather large fibs so that the money keeps flowing right into their bank accounts.

Should it be shown that there is no human causation for climate change and variations etc, then they would all be out of work – and good riddance I say!  No man-made climate change then all these new fangled taxation schemes would have to be done away with – hence the reason your governments won’t allow the truth to be known – they would lose your money arghhhhhh!

I am one of the many who are thrilled to see a second serving of delicious emails released, affectionately being called Climategate 2. These are finally putting into context the first round of emails released approximately two years ago. Some claimed all these emails have been taken right out of context, so now we have them in all their ugliness – in context for the world to see. Check them out do please.

“Solar radiation management technologies are high-risk and extremely dangerous and they should be treated under international law like nuclear weapons – except, unlike nuclear weapons, we have an opportunity to ban their testing and their proliferation them before the technology is fully developed, rather than trying to prevent their proliferation after the fact. This is where we should be looking to for guidance on governance. We need to ban these technologies, not facilitate their development.”

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3 Responses to Solar Radiation Management

  1. I was just asked how GE (Genetically Engineered) crops would help counteract global warmimg – a valid question, and I found a site which gives an answer……

    GENETICALLY modified (GM) crops have been found to reverse the ill effects of global warming by helping reduce greenhouse-gas emission.
    Crop science experts expressed full confidence in the contribution of GM crops in countering predicted increasing global temperature as a result of emission of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

    GM herbicide-resistant crops have been found to enable farmers omit soil tilling that, in effect, prohibits the emission of carbon dioxide to the environment and enhances moisture in the soil.

    IMPORTANT: JustMEinT is NOT in favor of GMO’s / GE crops, I am simply answering a posters question.

  2. says:

    Your post on geoengineering is so wrong, that it suggests you should go do some more reading before you publicly attack climate scientists.

    You claim: “Rather strange really as most of the IPCC type scientific lackeys have disputed the possibility of this actually causing changed weather systems on earth.” On the contrary, the role of aerosol particles as a ‘negative forcing agent’ that acts to cool the planet has long been recognised. For example, there was a decline in global temperatures following the erruption of Mt Pinatubo and climate scientists have long recognised that sulphates released by coal-fired power stations act to cool the climate.

    I’m not a climate scientist either. But a book like Jim Hansen’s “Storms of my grandchildren” or even the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment report explains these issues sufficiently clearly for a non-scientist to understand them.

    It seems strange that you are ready to abuse well-meaning people. You may be right in your suspicion that climate alarm is a mistake. But there are many thousands of good people researching these issues in good faith. Your uninformed denigration of them is neither Christian nor productive

    • Greg my point is / was (perhaps badly put) that scientists claim the SUN is not causing climate change, so why would they need to put things up in space to reflect solar radiation away from the planet if the sun is not responsible.

      …….when a new study has finally determined once and for all that the Sun plays no role in determining the climate change we are currently beginning to experience. The star does not influence ice caps, and does not cause glaciers around the world to melt, the report says. Human activity is the main factor that causes global warming, more specifically the billions of tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that we emit in the atmosphere every year. Those who say otherwise have no scientific background for their claims whatsoever. the sun is NOt causing global warming

      I wonder if your accusation of me being abusive maybe a tad too strong? I have an opinion as do you, does that make you as well, abusive towards me? I think not, merely opinionated as am I.

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