Australia’s New Green Energy Future

Is It Doomed to failure???

Advertisements abound on line, such as the one shown (below) for money to be made/saved on Green Energy schemes.

“You can get a huge discount on a solar energy and wind power systems thanks to the Australian government’s solar panel credits program subsidy! Check out our new solar power specials or try our new instant online quoting tool.”

Since the Gillard/Brown Government pushed through the Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme, every man and his dog will be seeking ways, where possible to save money on their power bills, which are destined to rise dramatically over the coming years. But are installing windmills and solar panels the way to go?

I personally believe our elected officials have bought into – lock stock and barrel – the global warming hysteria. (see footnote below)  Our elected politicians never seem to do anything just because it is the ‘right things to do’; it usually is because of the mentality that there is ‘something in it for me’! Yes I am cynical but history usually shows this to be correct. I speak of this as a corporate mentality not specific individualism, but in this case it is also worth looking to see who has share in what etc…….

It isn’t as if there is no precedent which we can look to for results and failures. Australia loves to brag about its love for and relationship with the United States of America. Julia Gillard was doing a lot of up close and personal with Barack Obama during his recent fleeting visit. So why are the powers that be in Canberra not looking to see what has happened with the Wind Power extravaganza in the USA, so that we can make use of their expertise?

Has it worked? Is it beneficial? Will it solve the problem? How much did it cost? Are they reaping the benefits etc etc etc……

From what I am reading, it seems that these ugly monoliths dotting the landscape and killing the wildlife, not to mention being held responsible for human sickness as well, only have a value so long as they are being subsidized by the Government. (read your tax dollars)

Natural has the following story which ought to make you do some serious thinking about the direction our Government is intending to go spending your hard earned tax dollars.

Before government subsidies for the giant metals were cut or eliminated in many areas, wind farms were an energy boom business. But in the post-tax subsidy era, the costs of maintaining and operating wind turbines far outweighs the minimal power they generate in many areas, which has left a patchwork of wind turbine graveyards in many of the most popular wind farming areas of the US.

“Thousands of abandoned wind turbines littered the landscape of wind energy’s California ‘big three’ locations which include Altamont Pass, Tehachapin and San Gorgonio, considered among the world’s best wind sites,” writes Andrew Walden of the American Thinker. “In the best wind spots on earth, over 14,000 turbines were simply abandoned. Spinning, post-industrial junk which generates nothing but bird kills.”

Time to do some thinking people, ask some questions people and learn where your tax dollars are being spent.  Who has vested interests in these companies, and what if any benefits there maybe for Australians as a whole? Let’s not be played for fools yet again by a Government that is basically only IN IT for their own benefits, profits and ego.

is having massive problems. Denmark is having massive problems. Germany’s Offshore Wind: Wasted Resources, Environmental Blight. But it seems Australia knows better…. what arrogance!

footnote:  This page quotes what the IPCC says about its own models – basically, in my opinion, these experts admit that the entire theory of Human Produced Global Warming is based on models that don’t work.

Late addition. Even Mr. Google is beginning to see the error of his ways according to WUWT

“Google said on Tuesday that it was pulling the plug on seven projects, including Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal…” […]
“To recap, we’re in the process of shutting down a number of products which haven’t had the impact we’d hoped for…” wrote Google Senior Vice President of Operations Urs Holzle […]
In 2009, the company’s so-called Green Energy Czar, Bill Weihl, told Reuters that he expected to demonstrate within a few years working technology that could produce renewable energy at a cheaper price than coal. […]

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