Australia – to be pitied or scorned – that is the question

In recent days the Federal Government of Australia has set into motion the process whereby a Carbon Dioxide Tax will be levied on Australians. The Government claims that only the top 500 polluters in the country will actually be taxed, whereas the Australian people themselves know this is not the case.

This tax will in effect filter down through the entire economic system of Australia and it is the ‘little people’, the end users themselves who will be left paying the bill. Every food item, medical item, any and all things that have to be transported, manufactured, imported etc., will end up being taxed. Electricity and water/sewerage costs and food costs will escalate also.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has promised (who in their right mind would believe a politicians promise?) that the ‘little people’ will be fully compensated for any rise in costs and will not be left to suffer the burden of this new taxation.

The people of Australia have been exceedingly vocal in their demands that this new form of taxation be taken to an election. The Government was not elected with a mandate to introduce this Carbon Dioxide Taxation, in fact, as is well-known worldwide, Ms. Gillard adamantly declared there would be no Carbon Taxation under a Government which she led. She Lied!

Of course once the election results were counted, and a ‘hung parliament’ was seen to be the outcome, Ms. Gillard had to do lots of back room deals to get the support of both the Independents and the Australian Greens to be recognized as prime Minister of Australia.

Once you go to bed with the Devil, sooner or later you will wake up and discover you are in hell! – Which is exactly where Ms. Gillard now finds herself, having to deliver what could be termed as The Devil’s Child – this unmandated Carbon Dioxide Tax.

Back room deals come at a price – a very high price, which in this instance meant having to go back on her pre-election promise to the Australian Nation.

The people of Australia have said NO CARBON TAX….

Here we have just eleven simple letters (no carbon tax) which declare their thoughts, feelings, wants and desires. They have said it vocally at meetings, they have written directly to their members of parliament, they have talked on television on radio and in newspapers, and have even travelled across the entire country to register their protests on the grounds of Parliament House in Canberra.

They have been dismissed as being of NO CONSEQUENCE.

The Government decided to debate the issue in Canberra and sought submissions from ‘the little people’. I have heard it said that 4500 written submissions  were received and ‘tossed out’ as being either irrelevant or merely ‘personal opinions’ and therefore not worthy of consideration. See Here.

The supposed reason for the introduction of this new taxation is to reduce global temperatures, which according to the Government paid scientists, are caused by elevated levels of CO2, which itself is (according to them) the underlying cause of climate change worldwide.

According to Ms. Gillard and her teams of cronies, Australia will be leading the way forward to reducing CO2 emissions worldwide. But of course when you read the international press, you find that Australia will be doing this all by themselves. The tiny amount of CO2 that might be reduced will do absolutely nothing to alleviate worldwide climate change whatsoever! What it will do of course is fill the Government’s coffers thereby helping to reduce the deficit this Government has imposed on the Nation of Australia.

We have become a laughing-stock to
the other Nations of the world.

The New American tells its readers:

In a display of disregard for public opinion, leaders of the ruling Australian Labor Party (ALP) pushed through legislation in the lower house of parliament that will burden their nation with a whole new form of taxation: a carbon tax. Following the razor-thin legislative ‘victory’ — a vote of 74 to 72 — opposition leader Tony Abbott (left) of the Liberal Party (LP) gave a “pledge in blood” that his party would dismantle the new tax as soon as his party regains power.

According to an article for the Sydney Morning Herald, the massive legislation was pushed through the Australian parliament with an untimely rapidity reminiscent of President Obama’s effort to nationalize the American health care system. In the words of The Sydney Morning Herald:

Against last-minute efforts by the opposition to delay the passage of the bills and 11th-hour pleas for amendments by some business groups, the government passed its 18 pieces of legislation by a vote of 74 to 72 just before 10am. …  Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has vowed to repeal the legislation if he becomes prime minister, though the government has insisted he will not be able to manage that.
The bills were passed with help from crossbench MPs Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Andrew Wilkie, as well as Greens MP Adam Bandt.

As is typical when politicians seek to impose a further economic burden on the public, Australian legislators are claiming the new tax will be relatively small. According to the Morning Herald article, the “average household” will be burdened with an addition $9.90 AUD a week in their cost of living—roughly $530 a year in terms of U.S. dollars. In exchange, the legislation will reduce other taxes, and increase the amount of government largesse.

In the words of the Morning Herald: “To compensate households, the government is cutting income taxes and boosting payments such as pensions and other benefits, as well as offering various lump sum payments. … [Increased costs] will be offset by an estimated $10.10 in extra benefits and tax breaks.”

But in the minds of politicians, all tax cuts are temporary, while new taxes last forever. Furthermore, given the expansive authority of legislation that covers 60 percent of Australia’s carbon emissions, the ability of the government to extract vast sums of tax revenue while reshaping the lives of nearly 22 million Australians is staggering. Although the direct economic impact on the average family may seem relatively minor at first, the rate of taxation will grow steadily, even as the government will make citizens more dependent on government handouts. As the Irish Times reported on October 13:

Carbon dioxide emissions will be taxed at a rate of $23 (€16.89) a tonne from July 1st next year, rising by 2.5 per cent a year for three years. In 2015, the package will convert to an emissions trading scheme.  The public will be compensated for resulting price rises through tax cuts and increased social welfare payments. The package is also aimed at encouraging investment in clean and renewable energy and will provide assistance to some affected industries, such as steel.

As reported on June 7 for The New American, the proposed carbon tax was roundly rejected by the people of Australia. As Alex Newman wrote:

A poll taken earlier this month revealed that almost 60 percent of Australians opposed the so-called “carbon tax.” Just 28 percent were in favour of the scheme, with the rest undecided. Close to 75 percent of those polled believed the government’s plan would leave them worse off financially while offering little or no benefit to the environment.

The ALP’s callous disregard for the opinion of an overwhelming majority of the people it purports to represent is typical of the Statist mentality at work in collectivist political parties; the ALP’s affiliation with the Socialist International signals a manifest contempt for public opinion often at work in redistributionist economics. For the Socialist, the views of ‘the people’ must take a backseat to the schemes and calculations of a political class bent on remaking the whole of society.

The Australian carbon tax will be a very powerful weapon in the hands of environmental radicals and economic redistributionists to further devastate their nation’s economy. Impatient with efforts to convince the majority of the population of the rightness of their schemes, the ALP leadership is now imposing its will on the entire populace and economy of their nation.

For the handful of Australians daring to protest the restructuring of their entire country by a most razor-thin margin, there could be nothing but contempt from the political elite. According to an October 12 article for the Sydney Morning Herald:

The government’s first question time since passing the carbon tax legislation in the lower house was almost inaudible at times today.

The public gallery erupted in chanting, with the speaker Harry Jenkins cautioning visitors to behave themselves.  Mr Jenkins said he would not be clearing the gallery, but said: “I will not be endangering those who are employed by the Parliament to keep order in the gallery.”  A member of the public in the gallery kept goading Prime Minister Julia Gillard with chants of “Liar.” About 80 protesters chanted “democracy is dead” and “no mandate”.

Contrary to the views of Mr. Jenkins, most Australians will agree it is his own party that is endangering representative government in Australia. And the protesters no doubt have it right: the ALP lacks a mandate to fundamentally restructure the Australian economy, and when a single turncoat member of parliament is sufficient to accomplish such a betrayal of the interests of the nation, representative government may prove to be as good as dead.

After all of that which is out in the public domain for all to see, my question stands: Australia, is she to be pitied or scorned? I let you be the judge.

Andrew Bolt has an interesting video you might be interested in seeing…….  will this new taxation do anything to slow down global warming? is global warming man made? See what three scientists have to say.

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  1. Ken says:

    As Prime Minister isn’t Julia Gillard supposed to be representing the people of Australia?
    If she is representing the people she is without a doubt the worst representative the public could have ever elected. Was she in fact ever actually elected? hummmmm

  2. Yesterday on radio 2GB, constitutional barrister Bryan Pape indicated that as the carbon tax will affect State-owned property – the electricity generators – there are grounds for the State governments to challenge the Commonwealth’s legislation (not yet passed into law) under section 114 of the Constitution.

    Regular readers will know that your humble blogger recently launched Right On Our Side. It’s a movement focussing not on traditional protests and petitions, but on the law. Our focus is on finding new and innovative ways for the voters to legally challenge and ultimately, change it.

    Right here, right now is a window of opportunity for you, dear reader, to help us put an end to the Green-Labor carbon tax “law”.

    There are two (2) simple actions that you can take today. Both involve properly expressing Your Will to the politicians who have a legal duty to serve you: Follow this link for information please.

  3. Merilyn says:

    You have summed that up quite well, this totally unwanted and unnecessary tax has been rushed through and those 4500 have been unheard [and yes we were part of that 4500 and it was all done in a week so just think how many more would have been gathered if they had been given longer to submit their thoughts].

  4. Shanelle says:

    I found the info on this post useful.

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