Time Waits for No One it seems

Surely the above phrase is accurate, especially when it comes to maps!


The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 13th edition    

A new edition of the world’s most prestigious and authoritative reference atlas. Its beautifully illustrated section on contemporary themes from climate to economy and fully up-to-date reference maps blends authority, tradition and style to set this atlas apart as the benchmark of cartographic excellence.   source

What the publishers neglect to mention is that in their ‘wisdom’ (sic)they have redrawn maps to suit the AGW agenda!

Mitch Battros tells us today:

More evidence of the ‘global warming cabal’ changing scientific facts and a distinct plan to condition the population into believing the 1988 made-up name of ‘global warming’ is melting the Earth “permanently.” The global warming zealots have actually “changed the World Atlas which has erased 15% of Greenland’s permanent ice cover.” This is nothing less than a “LIE.”

The discrepancy was first brought to their attention via a media release accompanying the publication of the 13th edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World stating that the Atlas is ‘turning Greenland ‘green’. Scientists from the Scott Polar Research Institute were extremely puzzled by this statement and the claim that ‘For the first time, the new edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has had to erase 15% of Greenland’s once permanent ice cover – turning an area the size of the United Kingdom and Ireland ‘green’ and ice-free’.

The scientists believe that the figure of a 15% decrease in permanent ice cover since the publication of the previous atlas 12 years is both incorrect and misleading.

SPRI scientists compared recent satellite images of Greenland with the new map and found that there are in fact still numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the new Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of new lands. Furthermore, the low-lying fringe of the main ice sheet appears to be shown as land, not ice. They concluded that a sizable portion of the area mapped as ice-free in the Atlas is clearly still ice-covered.

Dr Poul Christoffersen said: “It is regrettable that the claimed drastic reduction in the extent of ice in Greenland has created headline news around the world. There is to our knowledge no support for this claim in the published scientific literature.”

The scientists do not disagree with the statement that climate is changing and that the Greenland Ice Sheet is affected by this. They say, however, it is crucial to report climate change and its impact accurately and to back-up bold statements with concrete and correct evidence.

A close inspection of the new map of Greenland shows that elevation contours are noticeably different to the contours in an older map. Dr. Ian Willis and Toby Benham from SPRI were able to reproduce these contours using ice thickness data. It appears that the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World may have used 500m ice thickness to map the ice sheet margin. If so, it is obviously an incorrect and flawed procedure.

The discrepancy between the new map of Greenland and very recent satellite images detected by SPRI are shown on the BBC website.

The Scott Polar Research Institute points out that the volume of ice contained in the Greenland Ice Sheet is approximately 2.9 million cubic kilometers and the current rate at which ice is lost is roughly 200 cubic kilometers per year. This is on the order of 0.1% by volume over 12 years. Numerous glaciers have retreated over the last decade, capturing the attention of scientists, policymakers and the general public. Because of this retreat, many glaciers are now flowing faster and terrain previously ice-covered is emerging along the coast – but not at the rate suggested in the media release accompanying the new edition of new The Times Atlas.

The SPRI scientists raising the alarm include: Dr. Poul Christoffersen, Prof. Julian Dowdeswell (Director), Mr. Toby Benham, Prof. Elizabeth M Morris, Dr. Ruth Mugford, Dr. Steven Palmer, Dr. Ian Willis.

This in not just sad this is BAD, very very bad indeed. Yesterday I pondered over todays youth being fed misinformation and downright lies by politicians. Now we have yet another blatant political ploy, designed to mislead people seeking information from what once could have been called the “benchmark of cartographic excellence”. Now it is nothing more than a collection of politically motivate diisformation, being sold to the general public at a very high price indeed! RRP One Hundred and Fifty British Pounds per copy.

It is now nothing more than another disreputable Anthroprogenic Warming collection of propagada, echoing the IPCC, Al Gore, Michael Mann, James Hansen, Ross Garnaut; Greg Combet et al!

Times Altas is owned and published by News International, (Rupert Murdoch). It became part of HarperCollins Publishers in 1989, along with Collins Publishers (UK) and Harper & Row (US).

People I suggest we boycott News International, they have shown exactly where their bias lies…….

The UK Telegraph says:

The Times Atlas is not owned by The Times newspaper. It is published by Times Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, which is in turn owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

A spokesman for HarperCollins said its new map was based on information provided by the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

The spokesman said: “Since The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 10th Edition, in 1999, we have had to erase 15 per cent of Greenland’s once permanent ice sheet.

“This is based on information provided by the much respected and widely-cited National Snow and Ice Data Center (Atlas of the Cryosphere, Boulder, Colorado USA).


It seems a mistake was made. I caught this over at ACM….. thanks guys!

But HarperCollins put out a statement on Tuesday saying: “For the launch of the latest edition of the atlas we issued a press release which unfortunately has been misleading with regard to the Greenland statistics. We came to these statistics by comparing the extent of the ice cap between the 10th and 13th editions of the atlas. The conclusion that was drawn from this, that 15% of Greenland’s once permanent ice cover has had to be erased, was highlighted in the press release not in the atlas itself. This was done without consulting the scientific community and was incorrect. We apologise for this and will seek the advice of scientists on any future public statements.” (source)


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  1. I have to wonder if this new super atlas includes information regarding Icelands growth each year?
    If they can show shrinking ice caps surely they can also show growing islands?
    According to the University of Iceland, Iceland is growing wider apart by about 2 cm per year on average. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a Divergent boundary and as the two plates are slowly moving apart Iceland will sometime in the future break into two seperate land masses with the Atlantic Ocean between. http://tiny.cc/zp2mg

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