Can Governments Be Trusted – part two

I have just posted an article with the same titlepart one – over at my health blog. This second part ties into it because once again it questions the government on truthfullness – or more appropriately, what I would call – Trust Me I am a Politician!

Does a government ever make an error?
What an interesting question.

Let’s peek at the most up to date issue on the planet by way of an example – that of Climate Change caused (so called) by human kind, therefore it is affectionately known as Anthropogenic Global Warming – AGW.

Just about every time a member of the current mix of Labor/Green  /Independent government in Australia opens it mouth on this subject, you can bet they will include the phrase ‘the science is in’, when discussing (oops sorry they don’t discuss – only tell us) why they are imposing a Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme on the Nation of Australia.

A rough interpretation of that phrase means that the governments paid scientists have determined, without a shadow of a doubt, that human carbon dioxide emissions are responsible – for all weird climate occurrences. That can mean drought, cyclones, floods, snow storms, unusual hot periods or conversely, unusual cold periods, and changes along the ocean reefs etc.

If you want to show them a dissenting scientific viewpoint, you are immediately dismissed as a climate change sceptic or denier. Your point is ignored and you are ignored as well. You do not fit in with their agenda as they tell you all reputable climate scientists concur that climate change is caused by humankind!

One wonders how they define reputable. Would physicists from The European Organization for Nuclear Research (French: Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire), known as CERN  qualify? One would certainly hope so.

These reputable men and women have recently come out and categorically said that the SUN – our own local star, is responsible in large part for warming up planet Earth.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a politically sensitive topic, as it provides support for a “heliocentric” rather than “anthropogenic” approachto climate change: the sun plays a large role in modulating the quantity of cosmic rays reaching the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

Now I have yet to hear any government official/politician stand up tall and tell us they were wrong. I think I will be waiting a very long time to hear those particular words. There is a vast amount of money to be made off the seemingly unstoppable Global Warming – Climate Change Express train! When a government has allowed itself to get into deep fiscal problems, as has the  CURRENT Australian Labor/Green/Independent mob, they cannot afford to lose out on any possible taxation raising schemes – even when they can be proven to be wrong! The Carbon Dioxide Taxation Plan is purely about raising money for the government coffers, and nothing to do with climate change aka global warming.

This is where part one of my discussion ties in with the question of being able to trust what the government has to say. Bottom line me thinks, when it comes down to power and control, and underpinning that MONEY – I would have to say the answer is a resounding NO. Be sceptical and remember everyone has their price! 


Follow the money trail folks.


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  2. Merilyn says:

    Been thinking about that G.R.O.G Party you could almost use it in the same way, to say Get Rid Of Green Party, after all Bob Brown has shown his true colours since Julia and h signed the “agreement”, and he wants World Government with the UN making all the decisions for how Australia should be ruled.

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