Blogger Gratitude – should be more of it!

As a blogger there are times when I can see that many other bloggers have covered a topic, in great depth, so there is little point in me merely reiterating what they all have deeply researched and covered.

Sometime I will put up a ‘quick one’ – pointing my readers to their work. Other times – like now I am going to reprint some of the work they have done – with of course FULL CREDIT to the original author and site from which it came.

I believe many who question the THEORY of Manmade Climate Change – commonly known to some as  anthropogenic global warming  (AGW) will be very familiar with the papers published by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). These papers are loudly cited by our governments and their paid scientists as the ‘BIBLE’ on current and future climate predictions.  Hence the over the top predictions and fear mongering we are all so daily bombarded with.

One could almost imagine Rajendra Pachauri as having been crowned the KING of this organisation because of the work he has undertaken for their cause of AGW! – BUT how many of you are familiar with the papers published by the NIPCC – Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change? Here is a link to The 2011 Interim Report.

As I mentioned earlier, there are others who have reported on this paper, and I am grateful to Australian Climate Madness for pointing me in the right direction. If you have not already signed up to their blog I can highly recommend it to you.

As with all meaningful documents (and most non meaningful as well) it is long, involved and convoluted. If you have time, work your way thru it please. However, blogger Baldrick has kindly pulled out the main points, in a very succinct, easy to read style for us. Thanks Heaps!

1.   1.     There’s a lot to read in the report, but for those with limited time, here are the key findings, as outlined in the interim report’s executive summary:

“Models over-estimate the amount of warming that occurred during the twentieth century and fail to incorporate other important processes.”

 “More CO2 promotes more plant growth which counteract the heating effects of CO2’s thermal radiative forcing.”

“During the Medieval Warm Period with less CO2, it was warmer than today’s world.”

“Less melting of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic, and on mountaintops than previously feared, no sign of acceleration of sea-level rise in recent decades.”

“Amphibians, birds, butterflies, other insects, lizards, mammals, and even worms benefit from global warming and its myriad ecological effects.”

“Rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations, by increasing crop yields, will play a major role in averting hunger and ecological destruction in the future.”

“Corals and other forms of aquatic life have effective adaptive responses to climate change enabling them to flourish.”

“Global warming is more likely to improve rather than harm human health.”

“Even in worst-case scenarios, mankind will be much better off in the year 2100 than it is today, and therefore able to adapt to whatever challenges climate change presents.”

Now folks, if you can come up with a way to get those in our government, and their paid lackeys (scientists and media moguls) to read, absorb and openly discuss these points, the folks over at ACM would love to hear your thoughts.

Dear Bob and Julia are about to hit us with a taxation scheme on the so-called evil baddy of climate change – Carbon Dioxide, when we all know that there is no problem what so ever, and this scheme of theirs is just that – A SCHEME – to force us into paying tax on a greenhouse gas that is essential for the life of the planet.  We are a carbon based life form remember!

Ten percent OFF THE TOP of all monies collected will go directly to the United Nations. The UN is that unelected self promoting (would be) world governing body, that wants power, power and more power, to direct world events. All world events! A One World Government in control of every breath we take!

What seems like eons ago, jokingly I heard someone say – about governments and taxation – we needed to be careful who we elected into power, as they would eventually tax the air we breathe.  Well the joke is now on us people, because that is exactly what they are attempting to do.

Spread the word folks – It’s Time for a Real Change…. Goodbye Julia and Bob!

But before you rush off to vote Liberal, please remember that Tony and his cronies have their own Carbon Reduction Scheme waiting in the wings. It may well be called by a different name…. ( A Direct ACtion Plan) but remember it is really the same scheme under a different guise. Exactly what is it they want ‘direct action’ on?

Remember what Greg Hunt told me:  We oppose the tax, accept the science but argue for the right of everyone to have their own opinions without fear of being denounced.

Folks THEY ACCEPT THE SCIENCE…..   Therefore if they gain power they will do all they can to take us down that same dark road to nowhere, except to the United Nations!

Australia urgently needs someone with backbone to step forward and lead this country into the next election, as a Sovereign Nation, who will not ‘kowtow‘ to pressure from the United Nations on the imminent danger of so called Climate Change. There has been no open discussion on this, all we have had is governmental lackeys reiterating computer modeled facts and figures. Yes, that is the way to assure your agency will continue to receive funding – give them the results they pay you for!  Hasn’t anyone ever told these people that the weather cannot be manipulated to fit into their computer models?

We do need a change of leadership, a change of direction and please, I pray – let it be soon.


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  1. Good coverage. A nice idea to post an overall type of situation report and the reference to NIPCC papers is very good.
    I am hoping as time goes on, that the evidence that AGW requires carbon controls, becomes so clearly unsubstantiated that all countries will return to reality.
    In the meantime, we do have a political problem in Australia, as you say. Steve Fielding was the only one with enough intelligence to see what was going on. Unfortunately the brainwashing eventually affected his supporters. Where once we could turn to the Greens for a bit of a brake on political waywardness, here they are driving the sinking ship.
    Our blogging is making a difference and I think, will eventually be really influential.

  2. Merilyn says:

    A good round up, well done.

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