A Tisket A Tasket

The Once (long ago) popular song A Tisket A Tasket
, performed by Ella Fitzgerald sprang to mind this morning when I read in the SMH News that Financial records for the period of Craig Thomson’s reign over the beleaguered Health Services Union are missing.

I must admit I thought to myself How Bloody Convenient!

Well-placed health union sources told The Saturday Age yesterday that industrial umpire Fair Work Australia and an external auditor of the union in 2008 had found in separate investigations that records for the period 2002 to 2007 had ”disappeared”.

Now we have all heard the story by Mr. Thomson that YES it was his Credit Card but it was not himself who used it. We read also that not only his credit card, but his mobile phone and driver’s license were (supposedly) used by another person to procure the services of prostitutes.  We have not as yet been told how these items were returned into Mr. Thomson’s possession.

Even if that were true, and who is to say (at this point in time that it is not) then why was the stolen card not reported to the authorities at the time? (I keep being reminded that in this great nation we are innocent until proven otherwise!) If Craig Thomson is a victim in all this – that still does not justify him now holding a place in public office where his credentials and his skills are presented as being ones of honor and integrity.

The man is clearly incompetent, he cannot even look after his own credit cards, mobile phone or driver’s license, let alone account for what was happening to large sums of money he was supposed to be managing on behalf of the union he was working with. And we want him to represent us in the Parliament? I don’t think so!

The Herald Sun claims Mr. Thomson has travel documents and witness statements to prove he was not the person using union money to pay for prostitutes.

Bottom line here folks – we know if Craig Thomson is found guilty (of inappropriately using Union Funds etc) he will have to stand down and a bi-election called. The Liberals will more than likely win that seat, causing a hung parliament. The Governor General will be forced to call an election.

We can also see that this case will be dragged out for as long as possible, allowing Brown and Gillard to attempt to push through the proposed Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme. Of course the general public will grow tired of hearing about and waiting for a resolution of the Thomson Case, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Main Stream Media will soon stop reporting on it – if it’s not in the press it cannot be of any interest or consequence. Situation Normal! Yes I am cynical!

Geesh when I was in paid employment with duties and privileges etc, I was responsible for what happened in my department. If money went missing, if things were not done, if accidents occurred, the ‘buck’ had to stop somewhere – in that case it would have been with me. Whatever happened to accountability? Craig Thomson should accept his responsibility instead of hiding behind his parliamentary privileges. Julia Gillard needs to face the fact she may have a dishonest member on her team and deal with it as would any other employer. Fire the idiot and call an election before the Governor General has to fire The Prime Minister and call an election herself.

There is of course one other option – but it calls for integrity and backbone.

Craig Thomson could resign!


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2 Responses to A Tisket A Tasket

  1. Frances Makarova says:

    The flaw in your last comment is. :-
    “Julia Gillard needs to face the fact she may have a dishonest member on her team and deal with it as would any other employer. Fire the idiot and call an election before the Governor General has to fire The Prime Minister and call an election herself.”

    That Julia Gillard cannot be trusted either. But the excuse provided is flawed too. How come since the ‘supposed thief’ had possession of Craig Thomson’s Driver’s License, and Union credit card and mobile phone., which he intermittently used to speak to other members of Parliament while it was not supposed to be in his possession, or that the person in the License ID was apparently Craig Thomson’s DOUBLE!

    Does Craig Thomson an identical twin, who is a thief? Wow talk about the strangest coincidences. I can’t wait to hear if those computers with the damning information on them about the finances at the Union have been replaced recently and if so on whose orders? I also wonder have the records from the Brothel he called been recovered?

  2. paul says:

    any of us commoners would be so terrified of recouping the missing finances that we would surely report the items missing as soon as possible ,,, so i don’t buy that excuse 😉

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