Astronomer Explains Heat Wave Caused By Extreme Radiation

You name it – oops, sorry ‘them’ and they have tried every conceivable way to explain that MAN – that is human kind is responsible for climate change. Right now in Australia ‘they’ are getting ready to levy a tax on a natural substance – CARBON DIOXIDE, which ‘they’ blame as the so called cause of climate change.

Every person on the Continent of Australia will be taxed accordingly, all as a part of reducing emissions which cause (according to ‘them’) climate change – we need to save the planet – clean up our act as I think I heard one politician say.

No matter how often ‘they’ are asked to show us just how taxing this most necessary of gasses is going to save the planet – ‘they’ ignore the question, spew out gallons of insipid, putrid rubbish, and carry on regardless with their plans for taxing CO2.

It seems to matter not if climate change means global cooling or as more recently promoted, Global Warming… think of these heat waves that have been hitting Europe, USA, Russia etc. We humans have been found guilty without trial or representation!!!

Recently an article appeared, written by an Astronomer from the California Institute of Technology questioning our solar systems role in climate change. One asks if any of our gleefully taxing politicians have even read it! Sure pigs can fly and politician have brains!!!

PASADENA, CA—Groundbreaking new findings announced Monday suggest the record-setting heat wave plaguing much of the United States may be due to radiation emitted from an enormous star located in the center of the solar system.

Scientists believe the star, which they have named G2V65, may in fact be the same bright yellow orb seen arcing over the sky day after day, and given its extreme heat and proximity to Earth, it is likely not only to have caused the heat wave, but to be responsible for every warm day in human history.

“Our measurements indicate the massive amount of energy this thing gives off is able to travel 93 million miles and reach our planet is as little as eight and a half minutes,” said Professor Mitch Kivens, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology. “While we can’t see them, we’re fairly certain these infrared rays strike Earth’s surface, become trapped by the atmosphere, and just heat everything up like a great big oven.”


“We originally thought that if this star was producing temperatures of 100-plus in the South and Midwest, it must be at least 100 degrees itself,” Kivens added. “But it turns out it’s far, far hotter than that, with a surface temperature of nearly 10,900 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Kivens and his CalTech colleagues said this intense radiation, which results from constant nuclear reactions converting hydrogen to helium in the star’s core, could also account for why the orb in the sky is extremely bright and difficult to stare at directly.

While scientists initially assumed the heat and luminescence of the star must make it the largest in the universe—a theory lent credence by the star appearing much bigger than other objects in the sky—they said the data actually appear to refute such a notion.

“Apparently it’s gigantic simply because it’s closer to us than any other star,” Kivens said. “Which would also account for why we feel this particular star’s heat during the day but are not warmed by the tiny blinking stars we see at night.”

“It’s interesting stuff,” he added.

According to Kivens, the discovery has prompted researchers to explore the possibility that a variety of phenomena accompanying the heat wave could also be linked to the star, including taller grass, hot car seats, red skin burns, and sweating “even when one has just been standing there and hasn’t been running around or anything.”

An additional study is reportedly being conducted to determine if the unexplained shrinking of puddles until they disappear may be caused by star-hotness soaking up all the loose water. Moreover, scientists reportedly believe the heat emitted from the glowing orb could potentially be the reason why it is uncomfortable to walk on asphalt barefoot.

When asked if anything could be done to prevent or counteract the star’s heat production, Kivens expressed skepticism.

“No, for the foreseeable future, I think we’re locked into orbit with this thing,” he said. “Although the star seems to disappear every night, 24-hour reports from around the world seem to indicate the star never leaves Earth entirely.”

Residents of heat- and drought-stricken regions welcomed the findings, thankful to finally have an explanation for the high temperatures, if no relief from them.

“That makes sense, because it’s usually hotter when that [star] is up in the air,” said Stillwater, OK resident Asher Arps, 31, speaking to reporters as temperature rose to 110 degrees over the weekend. “I knew it lit things up, of course, but I didn’t realize it could make things hot.”

“The big star heats the earth, and the moon cools it—I get it,” he added.

As to potential applications of the new discovery, experts acknowledge the possibilities could be limitless.

“This is a watershed moment,” renewable energy specialist Dr. Martin Flint said. “Who knows where this could lead? Perhaps we could develop a method of harnessing these big star rays and transforming them into some sort of ecologically friendly power source.”

“Wait, what am I saying?” he said, laughing. “I’m getting ahead of myself. We still don’t understand how it’s possible for that thing to be up in the sky in January when it’s freezing outside.

GULP – humour people – laugh – I don’t want comments from people who think this is genuine…… just maybe there are scientists out there who have a sense of the riddiculous! And believe it or not the sun is responsible for warming Planet Earth.




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4 Responses to Astronomer Explains Heat Wave Caused By Extreme Radiation

  1. paul says:

    this is the most plausable explanation i’ve heard 🙂

  2. nikkoh007 says:

    BP was given Australian permits to drill for oil and gas this year.
    BP will be allowed to explore to depths exceeding 15,000 feet (4,600 meters) off the coast of South Australia state.

    Does this sound like the current government really cares about the environment?

    They want to punish us by taxing us On CO2 emissions because they think that CO2 is an evil gas, but instead of developing and releasing renewable technology that already exists they want to punish Australians even though we will continue to sell billions of tones of coal to China and even though they allow corporations such as BP to Drill for more fossil fuels that release that evil GAS CO2 and it doesn’t even matter what damage they may cause to our Ocean floors or our Marine Life. Who are we allowing to do this? Yep that’s right BP the ones who caused the Greatest Ecological disaster ever in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Global warming is a lie and climate change has been happening for millions of years but yet the Government especially Juliar wants to play GOD and somehow think we have any control over it. My Guess is that it’s all about the money and all about controlling the populous.

    I am angry and I have never been so angry in my whole life my intelligence has been insulted with all these lies and it somehow has to stop we need to kick this government out and put this evil woman in Jail for contempt of the people of Australia. If we can’t do it legally then we need to revolt even if we have to break some laws we can’t allow this to go on anymore. A revolution is what is needed if they pass this TAX. For example the Libyan’s finally got what they fought and died for they finally got rid of their Dictator, now it’s Australia’s turn to get rid of our Dictator and also teach future Governments that the Australian people will no longer stand for crap and future Governments better watch out if they behave like the current Government.

    Viva La Revolution!!!

  3. Merilyn says:

    Off Topic, but knowing you are in Tasmania you would not have much chance of hearing this, it was put up on Tim Blair’s blog.

  4. I’m worried about these heat waves. Austin is now at 70 straight days of over 100 degrees temperature. What about seniors? What are bedridden seniors supposed to do if their air conditioning breaks down during a heat wave? What about bedridden seniors with pets? Will someone come get them? How will they take care of their pets? Are their any vans that will pick up people and take them to the nearest cooling center? Will there be any nurses or doctors on hand that know how to take care of the elderly in such situations?

    What if there is a power outage during all this?

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