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Everyone is receiving their package of misinformation on the Carbon Tax from Greg Combet. Mine arrived in my letterbox today, addressed to The Homeowner – (not personalized) which makes it, as far as I am concerned JUNK MAIL.

I have a NO JUNK MAIL sticker on both sides of my mail box, but obviously the Postman is under instructions – well he is a government employee! to ensure every mail box in Australia receives one of these sinister and misleading brochures.

It is in a clear plastic (see through) wrapping, with no return address that I could see – printed on it. I did not open it as I did not want to pollute the atmosphere with more BS than is already circulating about this government mandated Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme.

As we are now being charged to dispose of rubbish (thank you local council) I decided as the government sent it to me and I do not want it – I am returning it to Mr. Combet in Canberra with the following note. He can now dispose of the garbage anyway he sees fit!

August 3rd, 2011
The Hon.  Greg Combet
Minister for Climate Change
House of Representative
Parliment House
Canberra ACT 2600

Mr. Combet,
I just received the enclosed advertising material from you – even though I have a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on my mail box!

What a Carbon Dioxide price means for me?

It means the government has not listened to anyone other than their paid CSIRO scientists, who are scared to lose their funding if they don’t provide you with what you have asked for. The climate has always changed and will continue to do so. You are not God… therefore you can’t arrange for the climate to cease changing.

It means I will be poorer in all aspects of my life financially with absolutely NO measure of climate relief in sight. No climate change will happen other than what is happening naturally, so in fact you are ‘screwing’ the Australian Nation. Power corrupts and you Sir have been corrupted!

I am returning your junk mail…….

Send no more thank you, and please arrange for a refund of my taxes which were used, without my permission, to publish this garbage.

(Name and State included in original letter)

If you feel inclined to do a similar ‘return to sender’ please let me know. I think it would be great to fill Greg’s office with garbage, after all that is exactly what this Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme really is.

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