Sunday Morning Morons and Scare Tactics – a Green Nightmare Futuristic Tale

John was up and attempting to get dressed that fine Sunday morning, his wife Mary was helping him with his socks! Being eighty years young and riddled with arthritis, he needed all the help he could get these days.

Sundays were a day they enjoyed together with their local State Sanctioned Church Community. They put a lot of emphasis on dressing nicely, so that their friends would see they were not ready for the coffin maker yet! They might not sing as well as they used to, but they could join in the celebrations with reduced gusto!

As always it was a struggle for them both, but after 60 years of married bliss, they knew what each other needed in the way of assistance, and they did their best to provide it for each other. So when the loud knocking came on their front door, Mary was the one to struggle up from her sitting position to answer the caller. John was not as yet fully dressed.

Mary grabbed her walking stick and shuffled down the hall to see who might be calling at the early hour. She pulled back the security chain, opened the door and was shocked to be confronted by two uniformed Federal Police Officers wearing guns.

Her first inclination was that something must have happened to the children, maybe the grandchildren. Fear made her go quite weak(er) at the knees. She took a deep breath and asked how she could help them.

Brusquely they asked for Mr. John Abbott, when she explained he was disabled and unable to come to the door right now, and could she be of assistance, they informed her they had come to search the property.

They pushed some official looking document in her face and without waiting for an invitation to enter, walked into the abode. John was calling out from the bedroom, and Mary was simply too shocked to immediately go to him.

One of the officers followed the voice coming from the bedroom, went in and brought John out, sat him at the kitchen table, and proceeded to inform them both that their small rental was under scrutiny from the Government Department of Carbon Emissions, the new Department setup to ensure everyone was doing their part to reduce their Carbon Emissions and Pollution.

No further discussion was entered into as John and Mary sat in stunned bewilderment, watching these two uninvited men go thru every cupboard, nook and cranny of their small abode.

Armed with some unspecified gadget, the men plugged in and tested every piece of electrical equipment they found. Kettle, toaster, microwave oven, washing machine, hot water cylinder, electric blanket, portable radio and even their small television were subjected to testing and recording. Cupboards were opened, personal belongings pushed aside, even the space under the kitchen sink was fully scrutinized – whatever for Mary and John could not imagine. Even John’s electric scooter was subject to an appraisal and their feline friend was checked for a microchip!

They were never going to make it to Church today, and everyone would be very concerned at their non showing. Every time they asked or tried to ask a question, they were told ‘all in good time, this is legal and mandated under subsection CDT’.

John was in such a state that Mary had to ask if she could get his medication off his bedside table to calm him down. Grudgingly it was allowed, and then she was told to sit back down again.

It seemed to go on for hours when in fact it was probably all over within 45 minutes, and that is when the ‘fun’ began.

Mary, still in shock was observing John carefully. He was far more important to her than two obnoxious Carbon Police Officials, who had ransacked their household belongings. She knew this kind of thing was happening, Susan her friend from lawn bowls had gone thru a very similar experience only a few weeks ago, so Mary, although distinctly uncomfortable, was not overly anxious – except for how this seemed to be affecting her John.

The more senior of the two ‘Carbon Cops’, slammed down a piece of paper in front of them both, which had big red “X’s” marked next to house hold item such as refrigerator, toaster and kettle, washing machine, microwave oven, and even the kitchen stove, plus their little electric blanket. He told them that these items did not meet the Government Energy Rating Standards and would need to be replaced within one month, or they would risk being charged with Carbon Tax Disobedience, and could be fined or imprisoned should they not comply.

They were also informed that should they not comply within the specified time, these items would be taken off them and destroyed, as they were damaging the environment. They were informed that ‘smoke had been seen coming from their chimney – a wood fire is a Carbon Crime which carries a prison sentence of 5 years.’

Like many of their pensioner friends, they were using quite old electrical equipment, either because that was all they could afford from the local second hand dealer, or their own has been purchased when they still had family living with them. As it had not gone ‘kaput’ yet, they had not been bothered to replace it with some new fangled, Government approved – top of the range super-duper model, which would outlast them both and which they could not afford.

There was no social conversation with these Federal Carbon Officers. They were given an official looking sheet which listed items to be replaced, terms to be obeyed or penalties to be paid. A date for the next inspection was included, and then they left. That was it!

John and Mary were left in total disarray. They were angry at the intrusion and angrier still, that some moronic Government Official had the power to enter their private living space, determine what was good versus bad in their appliance efficiency – and worse, threaten them with prosecution should they fail to comply with orders immediately.

“Where does this government get off with this home invasion stuff” John asked Mary, “I thought all that ended after the wall came down!” Mary was also very upset and shaken, but she knew this was going to happen. She has been an activist to some degree when all the political hype has been taking place back around 2010-2012. She had attended ‘No carbon tax’ meetings, had written letters to her local newspaper and to her local Members of Parliament – all to no avail.

She knew that once the Greens had power they would tighten up on just about every aspect of their lives. First the Marriage Laws were changed to allow same sex couples to obtain the same status as ‘normal man woman’ relationships. Then they allowed two blokes to legally adopt children – two women as well.

Then they took away all parental rights to chastising children and made it the responsibility of the States. They also made it a crime to allow your kids to get even the slightest bit overweight! They started taking the kiddies away from their homes and put them into special weight reduction camps.

They mandated a One Child per family stance, something similar to how China did it eons ago. They stopped all schools, hospitals and prisons from having chaplains, and banned all religious content in newspapers and on television – unless it was State mandated religion.

When they signed all our troops over to the United Nations we were all very confused, but they reassured us it was for the best interest of the entire world, and that world peace was now assured.

People just could not see that every little step they took led us closer to world domination by the Green Superpowers. Now we are stuck with the consequences, and our lives – well they are not ‘ours’ any longer – we are property of the State and must abide by their rules or pay the consequences.

Mary and John discussed where they might get the money from to purchase the required items – that was when Mary remembered the State Run Television Advertisement about signing on for a Government Loan – that your kids can pay for after your death – guess they will be visiting the Carbon Taxation Loans Bank on Monday!



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4 Responses to Sunday Morning Morons and Scare Tactics – a Green Nightmare Futuristic Tale

  1. paul says:

    then after the day had ended they sat down to sip some communist party issued gin ,,,,,
    this is all the more scary because it looks like being fulfilled

  2. Michael Rogers. says:

    Lets hope that this is intented as a satire/commentary of the type of right-wing paranoid fantasy that led to the events in Norway.

    • Not quite sure what you are saying here…… this world is in a mess…… and if we do not stop the concept of one world governance we will only have ourselves to blame, as the elderly couple discovered in the ‘fantasy’ story you are commenting upon. “The common enemy of humanity is man.
      In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
      with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
      water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
      dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
      changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
      The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
      – Club of Rome

  3. The fantasy is based on the Gillard/Green proposal of introducing carbon cops along with the new carbon taxation laws in Australia

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