All Hail Sea Shepherd

Could the end finally be in sight? Are the whales in the Great Southern Ocean finally going to be safe and free?

I expect we have all seen the horrific movies and newspaper articles depicting the Japanese Fleet culling whales in the Great Southern Ocean? Bloody ugly scenes, not fit for young children to watch – yet depicted as necessary for scientific experimentation by the Japanese.

Today there is every indication of GOOD NEWS where the Japanese whaling is concerned.

Internal pressure is growing on Japanese whalers over their costly Antarctic hunt, with the Government officially airing for the first time an option of a permanent halt.

An internal review of the loss-making ”scientific research” program was sparked by last summer’s disastrous season, when the whaling fleet was forced out of the Southern Ocean by Sea Shepherd harassment.

In its interim report, a review committee raised concerns over financial problems of the hunt, and while the committee’s majority wanted to continue, some wanted to end it, media reports in Tokyo said yesterday.

When the fleet retreated last February, unnamed officials at the Fisheries Agency of Japan commented that the prospects of returning were ”extremely gloomy”.

But the International Whaling Commission meeting in Jersey was told last month by Japanese Commissioner Kenji Kagawa that the decision to recall the fleet was to protect human lives.

”I would like to stress that our decision does not indicate any change in Japan’s whaling policy,” Mr Kagawa said.

Now according to the leading business newspaper Nikkei, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries review committee found that ”withdrawal and reduction of whaling may be a possibility due to [its] financial problem”.

”Japanese scientific whaling costs over 3 billion yen ($A35million) every time, and its deficit is becoming a serious problem,” the Nikkei report said.

According to the mass circulation daily, Yomiuri Shimbun, the committee’s majority wanted to continue despite conservationist harassment.

Yomiuri said the majority found, ”Research whaling is justified on the basis of an international treaty. It should be continued without yielding to heinous interference.”

The minority said, ”If we cannot gain understanding on the research whaling in the international community, we should scale it down or halt it.”

Greenpeace Japan’s executive director Junichi Sato said the whaling industry was about to go bankrupt due to the shrinking market for whale meat.

”The report by the committee is confirming that,” Mr Sato said.

”Japan should not inject any more taxpayers’ money to unwanted whaling. Instead, it should be used to help tsunami-affected towns and industries.”

Japan were hunting  935 minke whales and 50 endangered fin whales a year under the guise of “scientific” research. Humpback were also hunted after 2009.

Now all we have to do is stop Norway and Iceland  as well.

Minke Whale


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2 Responses to All Hail Sea Shepherd

  1. Faye Rod says:

    While watching the slaughter of whales is not pleasant just remember any slaughter is not pleasant to watch. I have been more upset with the actions of the sea shepherd and the pious rantings of the captain who has put human lives at risk by his actions.

  2. Rasa says:

    Too many bloody whales. They are becoming a navigational hazard. Lets promote more consumption of whalemeat.

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