First they raise the Transportation Costs – then call for a National Food Plan

Like it or not the Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme is going to impact on the cost of every item you bring into your home, office, workplace, school. It will not do anything to change the global climate at all! They tell you your petrol at the pump – for the home user is not going to be affected, but all aspects of the transportation industry will be affected.

Work that out for yourself. Every item that comes from the farm, the ocean, the manufacturer; has to be freighted into your town, your supermarket, your grocery store –  and will incur a new tax. Food, drink, medicines, and machinery – the list is endless. Now we hear that Wayne Swan considers there are other ways he can raise revenue. How about a Congestion Tax for starters?

Now on top of the additional transportation costs we discover the government is calling for the development of a National Food Plan. One wonders if there is any aspect of our lives this red/green co-government in Canberra will keep its nose out of. Salt, fat and sugar are some of the other areas that the government is looking at taxing. Most of us will be familiar with those ‘heart healthy’ advertisements used by manufacturers to sell their products.

Did you know that Rosemary Stanton questions The Tick program and thinks it may misguide consumers. Basically it seems that if the government can find a way to raise revenue for one of their schemes they will mandate a tax for it! We pay for it – too bad if it is a failure, a farce, or will make us into an International laughingstock.

What’s next – Food Police to ensure you are only eating what the government prescribes? Well we are about to have Carbon Police – so Food Policing is not too difficult to envisage is it!

ADVERTISING of junk food and alcohol is expected is likely to come under tougher regulation as a result of Australia’s first minority government in 70 years.A public health advocate, Michael Moore, said yesterday the pivotal role of the Greens and independents in the new government would act as a catalyst for stronger regulation of the promotion of unhealthy products.Mr Moore, himself a former health minister in a minority ACT government, said that given the policy of the Greens and likely support of other independents, it would be difficult for Labor to resist strong arguments for measures such as bans on advertising of junk food to children and of alcohol during sport broadcasts.

I think it is time that we told the government to butt outof our personal lives all together. I do not want ‘police’ having the power to enter my premises – my private home, seeing if I am adhering to Bob and Julia’s Carbon Dioxide Plan, and dragging me off to prison  if I am failing to fully cooperate.   They might do the same if I am over weight – or if one of my children is going thru a growing stage that does not meet their healthy standards.

They will begin with industry – tiz only a small step to home owners, then renters. This is sounding more and more like Communist Europe. Australia has freedoms and I want that to remain as it is. Freedom to breathe, freedom to eat, freedom to choose, and freedom to bounce out politicians on their arse when they do not meet the standards they were elected for…..

Advance Australia Fair is fast becoming a notion of past history thanks to Brown and Gillard and Swan.

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3 Responses to First they raise the Transportation Costs – then call for a National Food Plan

  1. paul says:

    it’ll be like george orwell’s 1984 ,,, we proletarians will be eating & drinking party brand groceries while they eat caviar

  2. Check my blog News On The Right yesterday for a post released by NASA which shows the satellite data totally disproves the CO2 caused global warming. It was only a THEORY not a fact as the far left whacko scientists would have you to believe. Now we have the evidence that they are lying.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  3. Merilyn says:

    Here is an article on Maurice Strong, one of the names I mentioned the other day, think you may find it interesting. [Picked it up at Andrew Bolt’s blog, by one of the posters].

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