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Julia (I tell lies) Gillard has come out publically and told the Australian People – in regards to the buying of Carbon Credits that “Yes, this is going to be an internationally-linked scheme, and so it should be.”

Confessions Time… she intends spending your hard earned tax dollars, maybe even your invested superannuation money…. or where ever she can get her money from, on Carbon Credits from some – as yet to be named- international carbon broker. Well you have to go thru a carbon broker and, by doing that lots of people can make lots of money right?

This entire thing seems very wrong to me. But trying to understand her mind, I went looking for information. If Julia is not doing everything she can to bankrupt this nation, if she is not totally loopy and on heavy medication (now there’s a thought) then she must really believe in what she is doing – or she is being pushed into it from another source that holds power/sway over her decisions.

At the Green Directory (self explanatory) there is a whole page dedicated to explaining where, how, when and why you should buy CC’s and the serious care you need to exhibit when doing so. I have written my own thoughts/comments in RED.

What to look for when selecting carbon credits?

When buying carbon credits, it is essential that grand aspirations to save the world do not get in the way of level-headedness. (Anyone explained that to Bob and Julia?)  

Any money you spend should not merely represent a vague aspiration to offset emissions. Carbon credits are genuine retail products and you should make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. (Ensure you know what you are paying for – especially when this ‘agency’ is an as yet unknown international one – from Europe, where CC schemes are known to be fraudulent and not working.)  

In any marketplace, there will always be companies who attempt to swindle the customer, but, with a bit of helpful advice, environmentalists can make the right decisions to help reduce their carbon footprint. After all, where the environment is concerned, there is simply no room for mistakes. (One does wonder exactly who (? whom) they will get their helpful advice from – Goldman Sachs perhaps or one of their subsidiaries maybe?)

When purchasing carbon credits, there are five essential steps that must be taken. (only a few mentioned here)

1.    Check that the company is certified and reliable

Don’t be caught out by the difference between carbon offsets and carbon credits. In the same way that street sellers advertise fake brand name products at inflated prices, there are some retailers who may offer naive consumers uncertified carbon offsets without informing them of the difference. Without certification, there is no guarantee that you will get what you paid for. The money that you thought was saving the world may just have been pocketed.  (Well currently, most people looking at your proposal Julia are convinced that they are going to be ripped off…. quite apart from the fact they see no need whatsoever for your wretched Carbon Dioxide Tax at all.)

Even if a company is certified, it must be remembered that not all certifications are equal. In particular, make sure that endorsement comes from a trusted third party source, such as carbon credits under the New South Wales Greenhouse Abatement Certificates (NGAC). These credits, generated, traded and regulated under NSW law, each abate a single tonne of carbon dioxide for 100 years (a stronger requirement than for a Kyoto-compliant credit, where abatement length is only 30 years).

2.    Know where your money is going

While there are established companies who will give you exactly what you paid for, others are making massive profits from carbon trading for very small expenditure.

When selecting a carbon emissions reductions company, buyers must make sure they have information on finances readily available. This would preferably be provided in a clear format on their website, complete with specific percentages on where the money is being spent, as opposed to vague pledges and promises of trustworthiness. Transparency and accountability are two key things to look for in a company that sells carbon credits.

This is what we are currently asking Julia. Exactly where would our money be going? This government makes lots of noise and rash promises and predictions of doom and gloom, with little to nothing in writing to show to the electorate.

Right now we have the Labor, Green, Independent government saying we need to reduce carbon emissions to save the world. We also have an opposition party saying the same thing. They agree but are in opposition? Err sounds weird to me.

Julia and Bob will go to Europe and beyond to purchase carbon credits, while the opposition says they will not allow that to happen. Meanwhile the electorate is scratching its heads trying to get around the scenario whereby so-called polluting companies will be allowed to continue polluting so long as they buy ‘indulgences’ – carbon credits from somewhere else. And of course all this is going to save the planet – NO WAY MATE!

This is what we are going to see happen time after time – it is happening all over Europe and in the USA

A company that specialises in forestry carbon credit projects in Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia has collapsed.

First Growth Funds which describes itself as an Australian investment company and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since December 1986, was placed in administration by its secured lender Noble Investments Superannuation Fund last night.

The company’s board includes Peter Mullins, a former chief executive of Greenpeace Australia Pacific. First Growth Funds’ website also says that Mr Mullins is a former Australian diplomat, with a “strong personal commitment to saving the tropical forests of Asia and the Pacific while, at the same time, securing effective development opportunities for local communities living in these forests.”

According to First Growth Funds website it focuses on “emerging technologies in high growth companies and markets”.

The company had “active investments” in forestry carbon credit projects in Asia and the region and also had an investment in a Digital Video group.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, First Growth Ventures, the company had a deal to provide project financing and development assistance to project developers operating in Indonesia, Asia and the South Pacific region.

The immediate focus of the project was to develop forestry carbon credits from preserving rainforests in South East Asia, creating credits each year of the project’s life.

The company believed that typical project lives were greater than 20 years, representing a sound annuity income stream.

Let’s see if we can get a few things right.

The climate is changing NO ARGUMENT – it always has done

Pollution is extremely important and needs to be dealt with

CO2 is NOT pollution

We breathe out CO2; plants take up CO2 and give us back oxygen

There is no evidence that human beings are making the planet warmer, in fact there is evidence that the planet has stopped warming over the past ten years.

If Julia really believes what her tame – paid for scientists are telling her, then she should go purchase a few ‘private’ carbon credits, or plant a few extra trees. She should not be endeavoring to bankrupt the Nation of Australia for something which is not only unnecessary, but scheming and evil.

Australia is now the laughing stock of the entire world. Ask the WSJ what people think of Julia and Bob’s Carbon Dioxide Tax Proposal. It is definitely time to go to the polls and find a new leader with backbone, who will stand up with the people in the electorate and say NO carbon tax is required.

The people have had enough and intend to make it vociferously known in Canberra – are you joining the Convoy of No Confidence in the government?

PS:  Julia when you are voted out of office you could always get a job in a used car lot – ‘trust me’ this car is roadworthy – only one old lady drove it on Sunday’s to Church….. yeh!!!!!!


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