DUH who would have known?

I remember there was a huge outcry years ago about the deforestation of the Amazonian Rain Forest – they were known to me as  “The Lungs of the Planet”. But this was – as are so many things – tossed out as rubbish by those with a vested interest.

Now we read:  A new study published in the journal, Science, has quantified the forests’ role in regulating carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere.

Because plants absorb CO2 as part of their metabolism, the greater the forest, the more CO2 is removed, and the impact of global climate change is decreased.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am a tree hugger from way back – the kind who swoons at the beauty found only in nature. I do understand the need for timber for building etc, and have no issue with dedicated plantations, especially for this purpose. No I do not chain myself to trees or the tops of logging equipment!

But when we learned of the huge deforestation occurring in the Amazon, I did have to wonder (yes I knew it was all $$$$ motivated) if this would endanger planet Earth. Of course the answer is as plain as the nose on your face….. but the pillage and plundering continued, and still continues today.

I am not a greenie, neither am I a Green’s supporter. But you don’t have to be, to care for the environment!

If Bob and Julia et al are truly wanting to do something for the benefit not only of Australians, but the entire planet, then lets see them working towards greening the interior of Australia.

When we have heavy rains and dire flooding (on a semi regular basis) in those norther river systems, lets see that ‘waste water’ being funnelled into bio diversity projects like watering trees in arid regions, instead of seeing it damaging farmland and crops, houses and industries.

We know which way those river systems run, and it isn’t  all north to south. Why have we never looked at a system of pipes and dams to store this flood water for other uses? The Northern Regions flooded while the Murray Darling dried up – seems nonsensical to me.

Gosh I too Love a Sunburnt Country.

There are so many things we could be looking at, but instead money will be wasted on ultra expensive renewables, and in the long run will Australia really benefit or just a few politicians and entepreneurs?

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2 Responses to DUH who would have known?

  1. Pooh pooh, who cares about the Planet, when the Gillard – Brown govt. will be handing out and installing those brand new Set-Top boxes to the elderly who have one of those ancient high energy burning Television sets which the Taxpayers will pay for. Especially since it would have been so much cheaper to just give them a ‘brand new’ low power using LCD TV.

  2. Sandra says:

    v Channel flood water? Store it for later use? Surely that is logic, we all know that doesn’t exist when $$$ are involved. How much water that is taken out of the Murray Darling system to sustain rice and cotton crops? Who thought this was a good idea? Rice? Cotton? It’s insane!
    All my life I have lived with this guilt trip that Sth Australians were responsible for the state of the Murray because it is already dead when it gets there.
    Replant trees, on cropping land? Don’t be ridiculous! Townies, what would they know about cropping around trees? Sewing and mowing around trees, not to mention all the goodness they take out of the soil? Hrmph!
    Annnnnddddddd, where’s your top soil? Ooooops! it all blew away.
    Channel the flood waters to the middle where it can be used by all. It is mostly reserve anyway.
    Sth Australia, send the run off to the resavoirs using the old existing system under the city rather than send it to the sea. The filtration systems are already there, we don’t need a desalination plant.
    The Gold coast could channel their run off water to a filtration plant rather than a desalination plant.
    This is our country, it is time to start working with it rather than against it.

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