$ Sell $ Sell $ Sell – we will waste your money!

This is the Day that the Brown Gillard Government gets to spend your money. Even though a high percentage of voters have expressed their anger at this forced introduction of a Carbon Dioxide tax, they have decided to go ahead and bombard media with an advertising campaign, designed to change people’s minds. I would call this political advertising – being done to induce a favourable outcome!

According to Jessica Wright (SMH):

PRO-CARBON tax television ads to be unleashed on Australia tonight are part of a $25 million taxpayer-funded campaign to win over the public as the Gillard government struggles to explain its message.

The advertisements will cost $12 million but the total bill for the government to explain its climate-change policy will cost more than $25 million, with figures in budget papers showing the government has earmarked an extra $13.7 million for a ”public information” campaign on the tax.

This would be used to fund websites, leaflets and other publicly available information on the details of the government scheme, a spokesman said.

The Government will not, by any means, be getting it all their own way. With polling showing the government holds a primary vote of just 27 per cent – the lowest in recorded history – and personal support for the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, also in uncharted territory, Labor has embarked on a fierce campaign in the electorate to sell its carbon tax policy.

However we are about to see a war – here on our own doorsteps, with the Australian Trade and Industry Alliance (about to) launch a $10 million anti-carbon tax advertising campaign this week, which is backed by the coal industry and the Minerals Council.

One can only pray that other Australian Business enterprises will join with the Australian Trade and Industry Alliance, and show Mr. Brown and Ms. Gillard that we Aussies have a backbone and a spirit that cannot be cheaply bought off!

Over the past week the Government has been busy – one could say on the campaign trail, attempting to sell their ‘package’ to the ordinary people of Australia. Their focus has been on bribing the Australian people with promises of handouts. When, Oh when will Brown and Gillard learn that we Aussies know that if there is to be a handout from the Government, someone will have to pay for it?

They promise us it will be coming from the tax to be imposed on this – as yet unnamed – list of the 500 top polluters in Australia. But we know better don’t we? We know that whatever tax they impose on industry will be passed down to us – the consumer. No matter how many promises they make while campaigning – (well that is basically what they are doing right now – campaigning to get you to like them more than the opposition) they will go back on them later and we will be worse off. Can’t trust a politician – right!

The Sun-Herald shows about 90,000 seniors who are single will be better off by $535 over and above cost-of-living rises associated with the carbon tax, about 100,000 pensioners and self-funded retirees will be better off by more than $500 and about 150,000 self-funded retirees and part-rate pensioners will receive extra tax cuts.

Gee whizz I wish I had a cutting off that money tree they have growing in Canberra. They have all this money to throw away on advertizing gimmicks to try to bamboozle you with the science. Folks watch those adverts if you must, but be prepared to ask questions.

I am still waiting for the Brown Gillard Government to tell us in simple terms, by how many degrees or parts thereof our climate will change – up or down, from Australia’s expensive attempts to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions.

I have heard around the traps it is about 0.000007 of a degree in about ten – 20 years.

Andrew Bolt asked a similar question, and has an answer:


As a final closing note, I wonder if you are aware that small businesses will risk being fined if they are asked to explain prices rises to consumers. Honestly – read this…….   whatever happened to freedom of speech and being allowed to tell the truth! Geesh are we now under a Communist rule?

Watch the video 
from the Liberals about the TV Ad Campaign


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3 Responses to $ Sell $ Sell $ Sell – we will waste your money!

  1. Merilyn says:

    Just saw in passing on the news that Julia Gillard reckons she only deals in the “facts”, and NOT scare “mongering”, and she didn’t answer the question in full about using tax payers money for her ads after promising not to do so.

  2. Julia says the facts are in and they are on her side…….
    what she neglects to tell us is that the facts show there will be absolutely no reduction in Carbon Dioxide (pollution) weather effects because there (a) is no problem to begin with and (b) even if we shut the whole country down it would not reduce the worlds temperature (if that needed to be done at all) in the next 50-100 years…… so all this money for nowt! Julia lies…… lies thru her back teeth….. so does Bob and Wayney and all the AGW crew.

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