Prime Minister – Please answer a simple question


I believe there were three mentioned in this quotation!

It is a very simple question which needs no political spin, or waffling on, trying to confound – confuse the issue. Anyone notice how a politician cannot give you a straight answer, in plain English, to a straightforward question? I have heard this referred to as political doublespeak.

I don’t want doublespeak Prime Minister – I would like a straightforward answer to a straightforward question. I believe if the people of Australia heard their Prime Minister address them on public television, or even if you added your comment here at this blog, there would be a collective sigh of relief.

You see Prime Minister, you have had a lot of ‘air time’ over the last few days, selling your new taxation scheme to industry and the general public. You even managed to get an entire Q & A programme to yourself. I forced myself to watch it, because I was hopeful that a genuine Q & A watcher might ask the simple and most relevant of questions. Alas I was to be disappointed!

Never one to let an opportune moment slip by, I have decided to ask you the question myself, in the hopes that your straight answer to my straight question can put all this confusions and turmoil in the electorate to rest, once and for all. I believe Prime Minister if you answer this, we can actually put to rest all the anger and uncertainty your political spin has raised, and we can move forward together, a nation in unity, towards a bright and united future.

By how many degrees, (or parts thereof)
will your Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme – 
your Carbon Tax – your Emissions  Trading Scheme,
reduce the warming of our planet?

Prime Minister I heard you tell the nation on Q & A last night that you trusted implicitly the CSIRO scientists with regards to Climate Change/AGW, so I feel very confident they will have already given you this information, and you will be happy to share it with the people of Australia.

The number of (or part thereof) degrees the climate will cool by – and the approximate length of time it will take to achieve this. This data seems to be missing in your campaign spiel.

Please tell us Prime Minister,
so that we know what it is we are working towards
and are being taxed because of.
Then we too can share your vision and your goals 
for this Great Nation.


If you wish to send correspondence to Prime Minster Gillard please send them via Australia Post mail to:

The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

It does not have to be a dissertaion / long letter, just ask simply like I did:

Dear Prime Minister

Would you be so kind as to tell me by how many degrees, (or parts thereof) your Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme –  your Carbon Tax – your Emissions  Trading Scheme, will reduce the warming of our planet?

I would like to know also the number of (or part thereof) degrees the climate will cool by – and the approximate length of time it will take to achieve this. This data seems to be missing in your campaign speeches.

Thank you for answering my questions,

Your sincerely etc etc etc

(it is important to give your name, address and phone number) It is expected the Prime Minister will answer your letter.

This will cost you one sheet of writing paper, one envelope, one ordinary local postage stamp, and perhaps 5 minutes of your time.

It may help the Prime Minister to see that she has been sadly misled by her tame CSIRO scientists. One can only hope.

Of course, it may just turn out that people will come to understand that what the PM is trying to force upon the people of Australia, has absolutely nothing to do with reducing the temperature of Earth, and lots to do with raising taxes because there is a huge black hole in the treasury she knows she needs to fill quickly!

UPDATE: I knew other people in the media would also be asking the same question of Prime Minister Gillard.

SOUND ON for this one.

ANd if you would prefer a written transcript


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  1. Hah! Good luck with that. The Red Queen Julia Gillard will not deign to speak to us proles. She doesn’t care if the whole nation goes into financial meltdown, that is part of the plan, just like it is the ‘Progressive’s’ plan to bring down our Democracies so that they can install their Marxist / Socialist governments world wide. Julia Gillard is cut from the same cloth as Barack Obama. Who is now seen in the United States as the Manchurian Candidate. The Labor Party has always had a notoriously Communist POV. Barack Obama established his ‘redistribution of wealth’ plan in the US, and Julia Gillard is doing the same here.

    Barack Obama’s Redistribution of Wealth

    Julia Gillard’s Redistribution of Wealth

    “Tony Abbott said the package was “a world first” and accused Ms Gillard of using her carbon tax plan as a cover for a redistribution of wealth, describing it as “socialism masquerading as environmentalism”.

    Noting that “no other country on the face of the earth” had an economy-wide carbon tax, the Opposition Leader said 10 per cent of households would would receive no compensation, while 60 per cent would be worse off or “line ball”.”

    “This is a redistribution pretending to be compensation, it’s a tax increase pretending to be an environmental policy,” he said.

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  3. Douglas says:

    The carbon tax is being completely misunderstood. It hits at the source of all production capital. The No.1 target being economically efficient energy -coal fired plants. But it hits all firms too because:

    All other firms, including food food producers – inclusive of farms require abundant, cheap, thus efficient energy. Their inputs – raw materials to finished materials and capital goods (machinery) require it for their production too.

    Production itself generates tremendous energy, so it is also immediately hit with carbon taxes.
    In other words, it shuts down production because it taxes capital away. Now when this occurs there can be no more living standards. After all, you can’t get clothes, housing and all that goes into a house, food, medicines, etc out of thin air.

    That is the whole aim of the carbon tax, which is precisely why the Greens also support it. They know that that is what a carbon tax does.

    What the true economic impact of a carbon tax is must be understood, or else you get taken in by considerations which obscure what it means, sending all Australians into abject poverty, and thus chasing details that are trivial. Carbon taxes can only be fought and stopped with the accurate economic case. No, this is true, it is serious. The failure to take this seriously is why the Liberal Party is failing in the fight against carbon taxes and why it has its own carbon tax called Direct Action and why you Tasmanians are hit with electricity prices going through the roof and firms are folding – for the Tasmanian Governments own anti-carbon dioxide measures have exactly that impact.

    It is why I stress Brookesnews, because the economic case was exactingly nailed by Jackson with deadly accuracy.

  4. Tomorrows Serf says:

    And more good questions……

    Has anyone noticed that just about all the scientists publicly speaking out against this AGW nonsense are retired???

    And all the “scientists” passionately arguing in favour of AGW are either on the govt. payroll, with mortgages and families to feed??

    And has anyone noticed that there seems to be an inordinate number of banking affiliated economists who are passing themselves off as experts on the climate and the desperate need to do something about climate change. (Hey how about a new derivatives trading platform to cool the planet and maybe make a few bucks along the way??) Hell, we used to joke about this as kids. Remember?? One day they’re going to tax air?? Well, don’t look now but they’re within a whisker of doing it.

    By golly, they’re good.

  5. This is the Greenie woman who heckled Tony Abbott.

    Woman abused at Melb carbon tax forum
    18:09 AEST Wed Jul 13 2011
    A Greens voter was jostled and intimidated after supporting the government’s proposed carbon tax at a community forum with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

    While Mr Abbott received a standing ovation, resounding applause throughout and gave away a signed copy of his book at the end, Vicky Kasidis was pushed and jeered by people opposed to her views.

    Ms Kasidis, of Edithvale, told the Frankston community forum, organised by Liberal MP Bruce Billson, that she supported the carbon tax.

    “This new policy will put a cost on pollution and it will drive change, it will drive innovation,” she said.

    “Business people in this country are very smart, they’re versatile, they’re innovative, they will find ways to do things differently and in the long term it will decrease the cost of living, will improve our economic conditions, will open up our industries.”

    After the crowd of about 270 people jeered her, Mr Abbott responded.

    “Thanks so much, I think it’s good of you to put that perspective and I want to say to everyone else, thanks for giving Vicky a decent hearing, because it’s important in a democracy that all voices are heard.”

    But at the forum’s end, while Mr Abbott gave autographs and took photos with supporters, a throng of people pressed in around Ms Kasidis, questioning her and peppering her with jibes.

    “You just don’t get it do you?” said one man, while another woman repeatedly asked her if she had a compost bin.

    Ms Kasidis later said she found the group around her “very hostile”, with one woman grabbing her by the arm and pushing her towards the door.

    She was followed out of the venue by Declan Stephenson, of Frankston, who suggested she “crawl back under her rock” and refused to stop following her until police eventually came and she was driven away.

    Mr Billson said the incident was “completely unacceptable and troubling”.

    “I’m disappointed people have handled themselves in that way when the whole point of the forum was to allow people to air their views,” he said.

    Ms Kasidis said she received a leaflet about the forum while shopping in Frankston and when she rang to register, she was “scrutinised” as to who she had voted for, whether she was a member of a political party and was told it was “only for the business community”.

    “It seems to me with the number of people who were in that particular forum who were in support of the (coalition) policy, they were probably targeted by the local MP,” Ms Kasidis told AAP.

    But Mr Billson said the event was an open community one and there was no screening of participants.

    “We invited several thousand people through the email addresses in my office, through invitations to community groups, local service clubs and the Chamber of Commerce and had flyers handed out in local shopping strips as well,” he said.

  6. Let’s see…I will try answering in her stead. I will be the voice inside Madame Julia’s head, and not the fork-tongued succubus in her mouth.

    So if carbon dioxide is a smidge over 3% of the greenhouse effect, and man contributes 3% to yearly CO2 increases, or approximately 2ppm…and according to logarithmic scales showing the average correlation of CO2 increase to increase in global temperatures (accounting for such factors as ocean CO2 re-uptake), we have about 100 ppm per .1 degree Celsius. In other words, not a spot. We could utterly destroy all industry, indeed, all life on earth, and we could drop the global temperatures by .1 degree Celsius over 50 years. Hope this helps, Julia Shillard

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  8. Joost Gemeren says:

    The PM Ms Julia Gillard said at the end of the Q&A program following “Carbon Sunday” that she goes by scientists such as those of the CSIRO rather than Alan Jones. Well, here is a quote for her from Dr. G LeBlanc Smith, a retired Principle Research Scientist with Australia’s CSIRO as found in Air Con 2010 p178, by Ian Wishart:
    “I have yet to see credible proof of carbon dioxide driving climate change, yet alone man-made CO2 driving it. The atmospheric hot-spot is missing and the ice core data refute this. When will we collectively awake from this deceptive delusion?”

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