A New Generation of Frogs ~~~

People of Australia you have to believe in the Human Carbon Pollution – Global Warming Mantra to want to accept the handouts (if you are eligible) from this government. 

Talk about being bought off to silence any and all opposition. No wonder Bob Brown could smile and say with certainty that there would be a lot more people in favour of the Carbon Tax once the news was officially broadcast today.

I watched the Gillard Crew Broadcast on Foxtel on my computer, under which there was a live Q & A screen with a person (Gemma Jones) answering typed in questions. I was astounded that well over 90% of the questions I read were from people wanting to know, or get an estimate of how much they will receive in handouts from the government.

From a simplistic point of view (mine) it seems they maybe pushing through the tax reforms they have been working towards, all under the generic name (guise) of Carbon Taxation Implementation.

I think it is going to take a few days before we can see through all the hype and actually workout what has been put into place today.

I am hanging my head in shame currently that my perception is that all people are truly interested in is $$$$$. I wonder how long it will take for these people to realize you get nothing for nothing in this life.

If you have listened to enough presentations from motivational speakers, politicians, management consultants, environmentalists or even religious clergy, you will almost certainly have heard the tale told of the frog in hot water.

This engaging little parable claims that if you plunge a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you put the frog into room temperature water, and then slowly heat the water to boiling, the frog doesn’t realise what’s happening and gets cooked to death.

This neat, but gruesome, image is used to warn you against small, gradual changes usually imposed by the forces of evil, bringing you closer to the devil.

These microscopic changes will gradually and relentlessly whittle away your time, money, rights and freedom. Because each tiny change is so small, you more than likely don’t notice. (source)

Have we become a Nation of Frogs?
Prepare to be boiled!


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10 Responses to A New Generation of Frogs ~~~

  1. MadJak says:

    Well said. Anyone who thinks these kickbacks to sell this war on the periodic table will remain absolutely deserve to see their standard of living boiled away like midnight smoke.

  2. Good points!.
    It might take a while to get any sort of picture that we can understand.
    Remember, its all hype, rhetoric and forward planning until they implement something. Then we will start to see something real. Julia has much to live upto.
    Given that in 12 months time or so, the whole AGW/climate change/carbon control fraud debacle will probably be accepted public knowledge, her life will become very challenged.
    I am thinking that the ‘boiled frog’ analogy applies in both cases.
    The AGW warmists are slowly being boiled.
    The Australian public are slowly being boiled.
    Meanwhile we are getting colder from the cooling planet phase.

  3. Merilyn says:

    Well said.

  4. paul says:

    interestingly , the lack of frogs was one issue the alarmists used to push their barrow , since our good couple of years rain the frog numbers have been back to normal around here , the little buggers have been very active & talkative around here

  5. Labor and the Greens appealed to the lowest common denominator in this, GREED. But those who are foolish enough to think that a few dollars in their wallets or purses will save the economy. The prices will rise, Gillard knows that, and it is why she is ‘compensating’ those in the lower income bracket, the compensation will not cover the loss of jobs as businesses close here and go offshore, and our children and grandchildren will be lumbered with an economy that will end up looking like the US. Those on unemployment will not have the money to purchase things, so many of the Aussie businesses will go down the tube. Taking with them jobs, and of course incomes, so the jobless will increase. As an elderly citizen the measly amount that I will receive will not be able to replace the loss of earnings of my family members, especially those with kids.

    Gillard’s High School program wasted a lot of money on School Halls. There is one of Julia’s School Halls, at a school around the corner from me. I pass it regularly. and I have never seen it actually in use. It just sits there locked up.

    Then there was the Pink Batts program, where people lost their lives. I spend a lot of time sending numerous unqualified people away from my door, who couldn’t speak English properly, and who were wanting to install them at my place. After I heard about the fires I was very grateful that I had done that. None of those who knocked on my door about the Pink Batts had any documentation or even a business card. It is almost as though Labor is deliberately trying to get rid of the elderly. Labor spends money as though it was going out of style.

  6. paul says:

    Re : the pink bats program , they seemed to blitz areas at a time , we had them here – high pressure salesman speaking with thick asian or indian accents , then their workers would come in , also asian ( no , i’m not racsist ) looking like they came from who knows where with no professional appearance what so ever . they talked me into the bats with their high pressure tactics but i told them to leave them here & i’d fit them when i was ready because i wanted to make sure it was done properly … wish i had of refused i since found out it cut out my solar bonus

  7. I must be missing something here. Is there a clause in your Solar Bonus contract that says that if you install pink batts you do not get the solar bonus? That sounds really shonky to me. Check your Solar contract! You could have a case to sue over that. The Gillard giveth and the Gillard taketh away! Who does she think she is?

  8. Douglas says:

    “I think it is going to take a few days before we can see through all the hype and actually workout what has been put into place today.”

    Don’t be drawn in by the details. Irrespective of the details of Gillard’s carbon tax, the economic impact is, it taxes away energy at the points where it is generated in production. They include, production generates tremendous energy in the form of heat. This is in addition to the generation of energy itself, ie. electricity. In other words, machinery and plant of production (capital).

    Energy is wiped out because capital is taxed away by carbon taxes.

    As a matter of fact it is why electricity prices are going through the roof in Tasmania for while the anti-carbon dioxide emissions measures of the Tasmanian Government, fully supported also by Will Hodgman and his Shadow Cabinet of thickoes, are not explicitly called carbon tax they have the same economic impact and are as such carbon taxes.

    An ETS is also another instance of a carbon tax.

    The upshot:
    Living standards are cut, sliced and devastated. So even pensioners won’t be compensated for carbon tax costs because for there to be compensation, long before there must be production of goods, which is our living standards.

    So when, for example, the Gillard Cabinet says the tax will add a mere 80 cents or so to your weekly shopping, or even say $15, it is a lie. The cost is the devastation of living standards full stop. We are all facing deadly peril and you Tasmanians have a rather nasty insight into it already.

    I recommend Brookesnews which nailed the true economic impact of carbon taxes and why they will be horrific in impact for all Australians and Australia.


    • Faye Rod says:

      Book of Revelation 16 :13 likens the lying spirits to that resembling frogs sent to deceive those heading for destruction.
      I am gob smacked that robotic figures (greens & Labor) have the hide to stand there in front of the whole nation just speaking lies and even worse the stupidity of those who support them

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