Good Bye Labor – Bob see’s you gone down the gurgler!

 Labor MPs are divided about what their party’s attitude should be towards the Greens, whom they rely on for preferences to win seats and government. Some urge co-operation but others warn that the Greens will drain Labor’s support and should be fought.

I have been taught not to call anyone a fool – but for heaven’s sake even blind Freddie could have told you that Brown is a power monger. Brown is an ego maniac. He is a member of an organisation that wants total control of power, money and people worldwide.

The minority Gillard Labor government depends on a formal agreement with Senator Brown on votes of confidence and budget bills, but the Greens reserve the right to vote against individual bills. At the last election, Labor’s primary vote was 38 per cent, the Coalition’s was 43.6 per cent and the Greens’ was 11.8 per cent. According to the latest Newspoll survey, the ALP’s primary vote is at a record low 30 per cent, the Coalition’s is 46 per cent and the Greens’ is 11 per cent.

Senator Brown said he would use his experience of power sharing state governments in Tasmania to guide the party.

“I led the Greens here in Hobart in the Tasmanian parliament from ’89 to ’92, we got good outcomes, including giving Tasmania greater financial wherewithal,” he said.

You think Tasmania is a blooming growing state? You think we are a shining example for the rest of Australia to mimic? Think Again. Look at the unemployment rate. Look at the number of industries that have been forced to close down. Look at the housing market? Look at what pensioners and single parents have to make do with just to survive. It will only get worse if we do not stand up and make our wishes known and carried out.

Brendan Darcy tells us:
The Australian Greens is a political party
that comes to wreck and to not build.

Their grand plan is to turn Australia, the fourteenth largest economy in the world into Tasmania writ large.

Modern Tasmania lives off the redistributionist largesse of Commonwealth subsidies and public service salaries. Two thirds of the island State is locked up in national parks and its population growth has been historically anaemic for many decades. Through the Hare-Clarke system, development and entrepreneurialism is gridlocked – a happy outcome if you are an advocate of zero population growth and genteel poverty.

Tasmanian Senator and Leader of the Greens, Bob Brown, to my mind, is a real deal deep-green greenie. His first priority is to lock up as much our natural resources and to change our consumerist habits into frugal permaculturists.

His worldview along with his most ardent followers is a mixture of Roussean primitivism and old fashion Puritanism.

On 21 August – election night, Bob Brown made a strange link between birth of a whale in the Derwent River with the Greens gaining the balance of power in the Senate.  This is weird totemistic comment just underlines their sentimentality about the natural order.

Hurricanes and cyclones: our wickedness brought them about; whale births: a sign from Gaia that she approves of the Greens.  This irrational utterance should have been up for widespread ridicule.

The Greens are also concerned about what we eat, where it comes from and how we commute. This political party are desperate to make us feel guilty about it and to regulate our behaviours; hence the Greens’ policies to levy junk food, ban GM foods, to roll out electric cars that no one wants and to introduce ‘traffic light’ food labelling. 

No political party is as interested in curbing our personal freedoms as the Australian Greens.

Bob Brown and his followers, however, do have their internal critics.

When you vote for the Greens you get two distinct political movements in one. Bob Brown’s and the dyed-in-the-wool lefties from Melbourne and Sydney. These dreamy revolutionaries are well rehearsed in the ‘marching through the institutions’ tactics of the eurocommunists.

For them, the Australian Greens is just another institution to trash for political advantage.

For instance, Adam Bandt, National Convenor of the Greens and Melbourne MP-elect, is on record as denigrating the Greens as a ‘bourgeois’ movement suitable for socialist envelopment. Lea Rhiannon, NSW Senator elect is also an unapologetic Marxist and former member of the CPA.

The danger of the Greens influencing national affairs includes cuts to our armed forces and isolationist disengagement in lieu of foreign aid welfarism – a policy they call ‘Australia as a Good Neighbour’.

It is well known Brown is worried about their rising influence and their capacity to interfere in its parliamentary bargaining.

The classic example is the Greens’ failure to substantially reduce old growth logging in 2002. On that occasion Senator Brown brokered a deal with John Howard to stop logging in Tasmania’s old growth forests for exchange for Telstra’s privatisation. 

The deal would have achieved most of what the Tasmanian Greens were originally established to achieve; then it swiftly vetoed by the socialist purists of the Greens’ National Council who forced Brown to give up his life long ambitions for Tasmanian environmental movement.

If halting logging in Tasmania’s ancient forests is the yardstick by which one measures the effectiveness of an environmental political party, it abjectly failed less than ten years ago.

The electorate knows what is buying when it votes for the major parties. Their respective platforms are mercilessly blowtorched by a skeptical media.

That scrutiny melts away, however, when it comes to scrutinising the Greens’ platform.

Everyone should know the Greens want to close down zoos and increase the corporate and personal tax rates. Everyone should know they want to take State aid money from non-government schools, close down our mainstream immigration program and aim to reintroduce death duties. 

That these policies are not widely known reflects poorly on contemporary journalism.

No longer an environmentalist movement, the Australian Greens is a political vehicle for ambitious wreckers.

The most effective tools of Green politics include middle class angst and hyperbolic catastrophism. The wealthiest, most educated parts of our inner city suburbs are especially vulnerable to this contemporary campaign of guilt-ridden millenarianism – exactly where the Greens’ polled best in 2010.

I am shocked by how many Liberals and Labor campaigners are too afraid to attack the wrecking ball Greens, as if embarrassed by their own perceived lack of reverence for the natural world. 

The truth is both the Labor and Liberal Parties have their own long positive narratives about environmental protection.

Think of the role Labor played in stopping the Franklin River dam and the Antarctic Treaty to halt the exploitation of its natural resources.

For the Liberals, Malcolm Fraser stopped sand mining on Fraser Island as well as whaling; Howard increased the marine protection areas of the Great Barrier Reef from 5 to 33 per cent; and Kennett stopped the destructive practice of scallop dredging in Victoria.

I say to Labor and Liberal supporters: the Greens have no right to bully you! Stop apologising!

The Greens take the approach the environment is and ought to be pristine, with next to no human engagement with it. 

Real policy wonks know environmental management is about balance, off-sets and evidence based science, not to the exclusion of human interaction, for material, recreational and health benefits. Real policy wonks don’t pretend there are no losers. Real policy wonks don’t promise 100 per cent renewable energy.

Economic management and national security are at the core of public expectations for our mainstream political parties.  The parties that can manage our economy and our security concerns are not surprisingly the best to manage our environmental assets.

The Greens fail every commonsense test.

Preferencing the Greens for tactical advantage, as happened on 21 August, is starting to resemble mutually assured destruction in which neither major party gains strategic advantage.

No longer an environmentalist movement, the Australian Greens is a political vehicle for ambitious wreckers.  (emphasis mine)

As a first step, Australians need to remind themselves the Greens are just politicians and should be treated accordingly.

If all the above is not sufficient for you to turn (sic) a deathly shade of green with worry about the future for Australia, then may I suggest you take the time to read Mangled Thoughts recent essay: Carbon Taxes are wiping out the Living Standards of Tasmanians

Carbon Taxes are wiping out the living standards of Tasmanians. To repeat, while Tasmania does not have explicit carbon taxes, the measures imposed by the major Parties are having the same impact and this fact is now transparent. Secondly, the ‘strategy’ of gradualism Goanna Energy Consulting recommends to the Tasmanian Government has been applied for some years now. What is emerging in Tasmania is an outright economic disaster and it is the result of some years of carbon tax measures in force.

The over-valued dollar has already hit manufacturing in Tasmania and the impact has been extensive. Greens policies begin where the over-valued dollar leaves off.

Resources development and processing are being shutdown due to a range of Green policies as it is. The response of Tasmanian Greens leaders in front of television news cameras to this alone is predictable, callous contempt for Tasmanians written in their stony hard faces. But there it is, a primary objective of these adherents of a barbaric cult is the overthrow of capitalism and the razing of the living standards of Australians. Small operations are not exempt either, just ask contractors holding supply contracts on paper only, facing bankruptcy and laying off employees by the day.

To make Tasmanians feel real jolly, carbon taxes measures are having the same impact as an explicit carbon tax and this is where things turn a deep shade of black. Before any further reflection, let’s run a few numbers and some cases to gain an indication of the force of carbon taxes on the lives of victims.

Single, old age pensioners are paying a minimum of $50 per week for electricity, $600 a qrtr., $2,400 per annum. (continued)

Folks we have a need to be seriously concerned. We allowed the Green’s to get where they are right now – we can take them out again, one at a time if necessary as they come up for re-election – but take them out we must!





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4 Responses to Good Bye Labor – Bob see’s you gone down the gurgler!

  1. We need to figure out some kind of strategy to maximize our impact.

  2. Douglas says:

    Hello, Just Me in T. I’ve drawn the attention of various people to your good work. Now, I’ve been meaning to put up another post with your work in it. A few matters needed dealing with but we’ll get there.

    You put to shame certain very well funded types pretending to defend Australians against carbon taxes on a number of counts, including for a start energy, initiative and guts. My contacts have seen your site and independently drew the same conclusion on the contrast and what is telling about it, Australians abandoned by those pretending to defend their freedom against rotten and worse measures are having to do the work and making a good fist of it.

    Best regards, and shoulder to shoulder with your guys,

    Oh, and I was horrified by what I came across in Tasmania. I can assure you, when I related it to contacts, they couldn’t conceal their shock either.


  3. spot_the_dog says:

    Thanks for the “Brown Town” link – glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  4. Douglas says:

    By the way, in addition to the immediate impact of carbon taxes which in Tasmania you are now finding out about in a scarifying way, there is an overall direction to these and other Greens policies in force, it is the Greens aim to impose a ‘steady state’ economy. And I mean it, the penny dropped, when I was in Tasmania, that is also the force of those policies.

    Now, only one gentleman has nailed this, and he is the first to nail the true force carbon taxes and remains the only gentleman in Australia still who has fully worked this up. Guess what? He’s ignored by all those pretending to fight the carbon tax and related measures.

    Oh, and a carbon tax does not have to be an explicitly named carbon tax. An ETS is also a carbon tax. The measures razing living standards in Tasmania are carbon taxes too.

    So, the steady state economy, and I commend it to you because it is also vital to understanding what you are fighting, in order to fight with even greater accuracy and the objective of this, with even greater success and, to win. This fight is for keeps. We loose, we loose our living standards, our freedoms and our future for keeps and this will make what is unfolding in Tasmania look like a teddy bears’ picnic rather than the appalling disaster it is.

    “Green economic policies would devastate living standards” (Steady state economy)

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