If the Government can’t come up with an idea – perhaps you can

Your Government wants to raise the public’s awareness of what a clean energy future can do for Australia. They have already told you that they intend to introduce a tax on carbon emissions.

They have a date set in place for this to happen.

They have employed an advertizing agency to prepare media announcements. They have even had celebrities on the TV selling you the concept.

And now they want to pay you to come up with some suggestions of how to sell all this to the Australian Public. Yup you heard that right!

Excuse me? We have a Government trying to sell us something
they themselves cannot explain?

I was reminded today of what the Government should know and be practicing!  (at least in regards to the proposed Carbon Emissions Reduction Scenario)

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals


The person (who shall remain nameless) also pointed out the final part of this should be:  How much will the temperature drop, and by when?

Instead we now find that any Jo Smith, Brown, Harris etc, can make a submission and earn themselves some free Government Money – Oh wait a minute that can’t be free, it must have come out of your taxes, or will come out of those your children will pay eventually!

Grant Program objectives

The aim of the Grant Program is to fund projects that meet one or several of the following objectives:

  • Create innovative and positive ways of reaching disengaged audiences with messages on the elements of a clean energy future and what it may mean for Australia.
  • Raise awareness of activity that is reducing carbon pollution, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon pricing and land/agriculture.
  • Demonstrate activity helping to build a clean energy future.
  • Profile opportunities created by a clean energy future.

You’d have thought that by now they would know what they were doing and why – and how to sell it to you as a package! The problem seems to be that they came up with what they considered a good idea for revenue raising, but have come up against a brick wall now, because the public are not as silly as some would have you think – and are objecting to being taxed more and more, for carbon ( in this instance).

Say ‘goodbye’ to even more of your tax dollars folks. Maybe they will have to increase the amount of money they borrow overseas every day just to make ends meet? Ever heard of the (*)National Debt? I wonder if that also includes all the money promised to the United Nation’s Green Fund?

* The Gross Australian federal debt was $139 billion at the handing down of the 2010/11 Australian federal budget

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  1. Faye Rod says:

    I am waiting for Christians to stand up against our Government not by force but in prayer!
    The Greens are using Labor (like a demonic posession) to achieve their aims and destroy our country

  2. email me off list Faye and we can talk about this

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