Got a Spare 12 Million?

Seems Julia and Bob are spending it for you!

I hope you are all excited, waiting with ‘baited breath’ for the soon to be released Television Commercials you have paid for? Order in a Pizza and a 12 pack, plump up the cushions on the sofa, invite a few friends to come over and watch with you – YES this is going to be fun (not).

The Government has now committed an amount of $12 million for a national advertising campaign to provide information to the public both through television and print about the Government’s policies and plans for establishing a carbon price.

When challenged on the amount of money that the Government would be wasting on this media campaign, Minister Greg Combent reminded the interviewer that One-hundred-and-twenty-one million dollars was in fact expended by the Howard government to promote Work Choices.

Why do Elected Governments like to draw people’s attention to past Government mistakes, particularly failed ones (grin). OK so the Gillard/Brown Government is going to spend BIG taxpayer money on another media hype/ campaign that will fail – seems pretty obvious to me!

If this Carbon Tax is what the Australian people believe is right for this nation, why would the present Government need to push it so forcibly into the face of the people? Julia and Bob are flogging a Dead Horse, because the general public has seen the evidence – actually lack thereof – of Man Made Carbon Generated Global Warming. They have not been persuaded that they need to have their hard-earned money – ‘tithed’ to the United Nations, to build up a bank account, that will be managed by un-elected bureaucratic ego maniacs.

Were you aware that:  Even when Ms Gillard was denying there would be a carbon tax last August, her government had committed to spend $599 million on climate change handouts over the current three-year Budget period, mainly in the Pacific and South-East Asia. About $470 million has already been allocated. AND now she/they have signed us up for millions more to be donated to the United Nations Green Bank!

I have been looking at popular polls on the internet, asking people their views on the soon to be enforced carbon Tax etc.

Australian SME business leaders have shown overwhelming dissatisfaction with the Federal Government’s proposed tax on carbon. A survey of 300 SME chiefs, who are members of Australia’s leading executive mentoring organisation, The Executive Connection (TEC), found only 19 per cent supported the tax.

Is the carbon price all that voters care about right now? One would be forgiven for thinking so, with a slump in support for the Gillard government being the latest political shift to be linked to the planned carbon tax.

Today’s Newspoll, published in The Australian, shows Labor’s poll volatility continuing, with its primary vote plummeting to 32 per cent from 36 per cent, with the Coalition jumping to 45 per cent from 40 per cent. That gives Team Abbott a two-party preferred lead of 55 to 45 per cent.

In the words of one Labor luminary, the Australian public no longer sees action on climate change as a serious option.  Former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr made the comment in reaction to a poll showing support for action on climate change has collapsed.

ComeOn’s petition on the Carbon Tax is being vindicated by Newspoll which shows a  majority of people, or 53 per cent, are now against Labor’s plan for a Carbon Tax. And another poll from the TradeUnion supported Essential Media said a large majority of voters believe Julia Gillard should hold another election if she wants to introduce her carbon tax. (source)

That Dear Readers, is only a small sample of the polls recently taken asking the public their views on whether this tax should be introduced. Just think back a few months to when it was announced there would be a One Off Flood Levy imposed on Australian taxpayers, to assist with the Nation Wide damage incurred by the 2011 flood disasters. We may not have liked it, but did you see reams and reams (can you use that term with the internet?) of complaints and dissenters, arguing against it? Well maybe a few, but generally it was agreed – this ONE OFF TAX would be beneficial and was necessary. Of course we will have to wait and see if this truly will be ONLY a one off tax, Julia’s track record on truth is certainly questionable.

Julia and Bob, open your eyes and ears and hear what your electorate is telling you. You are making a HUGE mistake here. Since when did we give you permission to tax us to kingdom come – and sign us up for life to a Green Fund, operated by the United Nations? Your paid Government Employee Scientists are losing credibility. Even though you have done all in your power to stop dissenting opinions from being heard, sites like this and hundreds (? thousands) of others are ensuring the information is readily available.

Stop the gravy train now please……. Before it is too late, and you end up being written into the history books as the two Elected Officials who killed freedom of thought, opinion and scientific debate in Australia, while at the same time robbing the Australian Electorate to feed the bureaucratic ego maniacs in the United Nations 

for a trumped-up

non scientifically validated

political cause!

ask yourself what has Julia to be afraid of?



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4 Responses to Got a Spare 12 Million?

  1. magsx2 says:

    This carbon tax is a nightmare, and it’s going to be really bad for OZ, worse than some people realize I feel. It reallly gets to me that the MSM are not reporting the whole truth. It has been stated that the carbon tax will rise by 4% a year, can you imagine what our electricity bills are going to be like, and with the rise in power, the rise also in food, clothing, anything and everything as we have already seen with the price rises in power.

    I went to a No Carbon Tax rally here in Brisbane, around 300 to 400 people went, but when GetUp had a say yes to carbon tax rally nearly 5,000 people turned up, even if some were rent a crowd this is definitely sending the wrong message, I’m sure the people against the carbon tax could of done better, people really do need to have their voice heard, we can no longer afford to sit and hope for the best, we need to show this stupid Government that we not want this tax on air.

  2. I can hardly wait. I will sit with bated breath to see these advertisements which will brainwash the public. Hmmm kind of like Hitler did. His BIG LIE theory. Tell a big enough lie and people will believe it. Well some people will, but only those who are sitting on their brains. Tighten your seat belts guys it is going to be a bumby ride.

  3. Douglas says:

    It is vivid, one day in Tasmania, by when I had found out what the situation really is, I went into shock. Knowing where carbon taxes leads from sound principles is one thing, to see the impact in lives is another.

    Until that trip into Tasmania, I was aware something rotten was up but I didn’t need all the info I needed to attack. I do now and it is horrific as it is.

    We are, Just ME in T, all in for a time of it if that garbage proceeds any further. But, oh, it’s gone so far in Tasmania. Dreadful, truly dreadful.

    Douglas of Mangled Thoughts.

  4. Douglas says:

    Correction to the sentence

    “…but I didn’t need all the info I needed to attack.”

    Apologies, it should read, “but I didn’t have all the info needed….”

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