You are to be Commended – Pat Yourself on the Back

If you were, are or will be an Australian worker and taxpayer, may I congratulate you on your kindness to poorer countries economies and other endeavors of assistance.

We Aussies are known to be generous givers – no one could argue that fact.

Australia’s international aid program focuses on practical ways to help developing countries reduce poverty and encourage sustainable development. The program also responds quickly to help vulnerable populations when natural or other disasters strike

In addition to Government spending, the Australian public is generous and responsive when it comes to giving. Between 2002 and 2006, private donations to aid and development NGOs increased by an average of 15.8 per cent. In 2006, the Australian public donated $724.94 million to aid and development work through Australian NGOs.

Yes people you read that correctly,
quite apart from monies used out of the taxes you have already paid to the Government,
YOU yourself, out of the generosity of your own hearts, contributed a huge amount of money to ‘worthwhile’ causes.

Yet despite your generosity to overseas nations via Government spending, we find here at home (Yes I still call Australia Home) there are ongoing cutbacks in spending, reducing services such as the numbers of doctors and nurses and medical services available across the board; school closures and police number reductions. Pensioners will not be any better off either. But that is another issue!

It does not seem to matter how much money is pledged in the Federal Budget each year to assist struggling nations, more, more and much more is sought, and somehow that money is found and pledged!

Australian Government contributes $1.25 million to UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women

02-Jul-2010: Bob McMullan announced a further $1.25 million to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women which is managed by UNIFEM in the developing world, at the Annual Ministerial Review for the United Nations Economic and Social Council in New York.

This builds on previous commitments of $1 million to the fund in 2008 and $1.1 million to the to the United Nations Development Fund for Women’s (UNIFEM) Pacific Facility Fund to End Violence Against Women bringing the Australian Government’s combined support to $3.35 million. 

I can find very few people who object to looking after the rights of women, the dire needs of children and feeding the poor and staving across the world. I am meeting more and more people though who are questioning the pledges (perhaps levied taxes would be a better expression) being made to the United Nations various funds – particularly the “Green Fund” which has been created to help developing countries in their endeavours with global warming.

Remember we have an imminent Carbon Tax about to be imposed on the Nation of Australia, and the funds it raises have been promised to be used in addressing the needs of Australians with a view to Carbon Emissions and AGW. A promise has also been made by Prime Minister Gillard and her Government offsider Bob Brown that over 90% of homes in Australia will receive compensation for this new Carbon Tax

Did you know that Australia signed on to another UN fund that is to be financed out of revenue raised from the new Carbon Tax?

A UN climate conference has approved a deal to create a “green” fund for developing countries and to take other small steps to address global warming.

Yet in Australia we have members of our Government openly stating:  Every dollar raised by the carbon price will be dedicated to supporting households with any price impacts, and supporting businesses through the transition to a clean energy economy. Because we are a Labor government, we will support the most vulnerable in our community — the people who need help the most.

And then we hear Deborah O’Neil, the Member for Robertson, state that  “ … the main message is that every cent that is raised by a carbon price is going to go back into assisting households with their household bills and that’s what really matters to the people in my electorate.

Meanwhile Greg Combet in Cancun promised  10% of the Australian carbon tax as a tithe to the UN. (And there’s the $599 million as part of the Fast Start Finance program over three years that is in the pipeline.) So which commitment will the Australian government break? Or, let me guess, in the world of spin, the government can give all the tax money back to Australians because the other 10% “of that” comes from … err… other taxes? (That’s how 100+10 = 100.) Well that’s all right then… let’s calling it “tax-creep”. Could the carbon tax quietly be 10% bigger than advertised?

Enough is enough people. I have to wonder what will be taxed next to meet the promises this Government is making to international bodies, without the say of the Australian Electorate.

Toilet paper is already taxed, as is soap and as are tampons! Now the exhaust from your car and airplane trips are being taxed, and camels are to be culled because they fart!

Are you aware that:
Australia has 53 Federal and State taxes – business that operate nationally can be taxed at up to 160 points

32 State, Territory and Local Government taxes raise nine per cent of business tax revenue – the remaining 91 per cent is raised by 21 Federal taxes

For every $1 of tax paid respondents collect an additional $1.78 on behalf of government

63 per cent of business tax revenue is raised by income tax, comparing unfavorably with a global average of 38 per cent

We as a nation are one of highest taxed in the world – but wait – there is more to come! The Australian Government has committed us to paying a ten percent additional levy /tithe to the United Nations. This is a self serving un-elected unofficial quasi Governmental Body, who have written their own charter and draw their finances from the nations around the world who have ‘signed on’. Now Australia is about to collect another new tax, of which 10% has been formally promised to the United Nations Green Fund. 

This is an excuse to set up yet another World Bank with funds you are providing to ostensibly assist poorer countries to mitigate Global Warming. AGW is an unproven nonsensical excuse to raise money. It is a political ploy, and we have been drawn into this, hook line and sinker.

read this United Nations Document obtained by Fox News. It lifts the lid on the UN’s plan to impose global governance by the time of their 2012 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio, which will mark the 20th anniversary since the notorious “Earth Summit” held in the same city.

And moving right along, here are a few items for you to work with.

From JoNova:
used to believe in man-made global warming. Then I found out that there was another side to the story, and I was shocked. The good name of science is being exploited. Over $79 billion dollars has been fed into one side of a scientific question, while almost none has been put into auditing the reports, checking the results, or investigating other theories. (Which National Institute do climate skeptics apply for a job at? Answer: None.) We paid to find a crisis, and we got what we paid for. Thousands of skeptics are working pro bono because they are outraged. Retired scientists and engineers and teams of helpers are independently auditing official reports. They are busting major peer reviewed papers

We are being deceived.
The killer question: How much will reducing emissions cost and how much warming will it save? They won’t name a number because it’s makes a parody of their policy. (See: Shut down Australia and save 0.01 degrees.)

Why has this become so big?
In 2009, world carbon markets turned over $130 billion dollars. If a new global carbon market was created it will become a $2 trillion market, the largest commodity market in the world (bigger than oil). Banks want to broker those trades (thank you, ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching). Auditors want to audit the unmeasurable, invisible gas; scientists want their rock star status, grants, and worldwide junkets; WWF would like the $60 billion in carbon credits it expects from buying Amazon forests; Solar and wind want the subsidies; Greens want votes, power and the chance to get control over everything down to the light globes you use, and most pathetically, journalists want to impress their friends at dinner parties. Few are brave enough to risk being called a “denier”. So the gravy train rolls on, and no one asks the obvious questions. Name-calling works, eh?

The PDF reports that sum it up
For the overview of the only points that matters in the science, see The Skeptics Handbook (translated into 15 languages by volunteers). To find out about the massive money poured in and profits pulled out, see Climate Money.

To see the pattern of how results are almost always adjusted in one direction, how the “science” of man-made global warming relies on data that’s hidden, adjusted, and on poor equipment, poor placement, and poor methodology, see Climate Corruption. How many excuses does it take?

I thought you might like to read the above then follow the links, and then ask questions of politicians and the main stream media.…

It is time people to stop being so gullible. This is your tax dollars, this is your hard earned money, and this is your future and the future of your children. Stop being used and abused people.Say LOUDLY ‘No Carbon Tax’. Then you can once again be commended and pat yourself on the back.



Environmental sustainability and climate change adaptation

Australia has committed $150 million over three years from 2008–09, to assist countries in our region assess and adapt to the likely impacts of climate change on their coastal communities and infrastructure, their agricultural sectors and their health systems. This includes support for establishing a Pacific Climate Change Centre to utilise Australian technical expertise in the region to strengthen climate resilience.



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4 Responses to You are to be Commended – Pat Yourself on the Back

  1. Good post! It is now easier to see the picture.
    I was aware of the New World Order development but it takes something like this to reveal its substance and how far it has permeated. Countries whose leaders are not co-operating are being attacked by NATO with UN backing (Libya), or rebel crowds supported against the leader (Egypt). It surprises me, but probably shouldn’t, that Australia is already caught up in it. We are giving in without a whimper from the government, and our best shot with our internet whinge is ignored by most.
    I am thinking that Kevin may have lost his spot purely because he wasn’t toeing the line, so they put Julia in. She obviously does what she is told.

    Problem is, even knowing the situation, all the promotion we can support to reveal the scam seems wasted. The AGW group are obviously in it, some of them not yet realising it! The public won’t wake up until its too late. Alternative actions won’t work without public support. The government does what it wants regardless, but any opposition, in or out of government would have to have serious public support. I don’t think Tony is up to it, maybe even his party are going Green too.
    Green principles can be good, and there will be a lot of initial support, but eventually it will become clear that the “Animal Farm” has a new leader.

    These ‘green’ policies are another thing. I am sure they will be found to be most unsatisfactory to anyone having understanding and compassion for others.
    May as well push on regardless, at least we are ‘fighting’ for a just and civil cause.
    (BTW It may turn out that Julia will be taking from the poor and giving to the rich, she does tell lies.) [my middle name is ‘cynic’]

    • Do you (like myself) feel the population has been ‘dumbed down’? I find it almost impossible to get people motivated on this issue – there is a definite ‘what can we do about it’ – negativity permeating society in general. I figured if nothing else would raise the public to IRE, this tax would. Aussies hate to feel they are being ripped off….. work too long and hard for their paypackets etc!

      People will get angry about their sport more so than this issue! Feels like we are back in Ancient Rome sometimes!

      I live in the ‘green state’……. where you have elderly retired folks fighting against a proposed pulp mill…… but you can’t get them really motivated against the Climate Change Carbon Taxation …… DUH!!!!!

  2. ki4kqd says:

    Great post. All global warming deniers should have a look at the 10:10 video and get enlightened.

    • the 10:10 video (use Google search) is a bloody and disgusting one for sure and DEFINITELY NOT suitable for youngsters…. having said that, it is a good representation of how the scaremongers would treat the realists if they had that ‘red button’…. dismiss us…. end of subject!

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