Take from the Rich and give to the Poor – Julia would look good (not) in Green Tights!

Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard is promising to ensure every low and middle income family will not be out of pocket when the Gillard/Brown Carbon Tax comes into force.

The Sunday Herald Sun can reveal the Prime Minister is preparing to deliver relief to nine out of 10 households in Australia as she prepares for a head-to-head battle with Tony Abbott on family tax cuts.

In the first significant detail of her tax plan, the Prime Minister has confirmed more than seven million households – 90 per cent – will secure some assistance. Most will be fully compensated.

Almost two million parents will secure increased payments under Family Tax Benefit A, which cuts out for families earning $100,000 for one child or up to $128,000 with three children.

One must ask, if the Government is going to give back to the poor such a large percentage of money raised from the Carbon Tax scheme, how much will be left for them to employ in cleaner, greener schemes?

ACTUALLY that’s a pretty rich statement from a Prime Minister who promised No Carbon Tax (broken promise) and now promising to reimburse or not tax 90% of householders – can she be trusted?

She can’t promise not to tax households because the tax is going to be on every item a normal household uses, so they will be taxed first, and maybe (if you can believe her) they will be reimbursed at a later date. I wonder, will that be after the Government has been able to accrue interest on money paid from carbon taxation?

Do Julia and Wayne have a money tree in their private garden in Canberra? If so perhaps she could save us all a load of misery and simply send out cuttings or seeds, which we could all plant out – it would save time, money and stress all round me thinks!

Though the Gillard Government is yet to confirm the carbon tax price, the expected impost of about $20 a tonne would hit households by $500 a year or $10 a week.

But the Prime Minister told the Sunday Herald Sun most low to middle-income households would be fully compensated from July 1 next year and would not be worse off as result of the tax.

“These tax cuts and payment increases will be aimed at those who need them most – pensioners, low-income earners and middle-income earners,” she said.

Mr Abbott also yesterday outlined his plan to deliver relief to families, describing middle-income families with children as “Australia’s new poor”.

“Voters are not mugs,” he said. “They know that a tax reduction to compensate for a tax increase is not a cut but a con.”

There are some blogger and writers ‘out there’ you can’t help but admire.

Charles Waterstreet, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald tells us he thinks God has done a ‘Dummy Spit’. I can’t agree with his theology, but I do like his writing style and it did raise a smaile on my dial!

God is also a merry prankster with an exquisite sense of timing. Just as Tony Abbott is about to scream uncle to Julia Gillard and Bob Brown’s administration of Chinese burns to his forearms on the issue of a carbon tax, the Puyehue volcano in the Andes mountains of southern Chile blows up. It poses the question, whatever carbon tax we impose on industry in Australia – on businesses who pump carbon into air as a waste product – how are we going to fine the Andes mountains or the real culprit, Puyehue, for spewing all that carbon dust into the air as if it were a giant candle on Guy Fawkes night?

A similar thought has been rummaging around in my own mind these past few months. I did wonder how Bob and Julia were going to find a way to tax these volcanoes that ‘had the nerve’ to emit these noxious, toxic gasses.

It makes a mockery of serious governments around the world who are seeking to pass significant legislation controlling the levels of carbon and sulphur that industry can pump into the air, when a dummy spit by Puyehue spoils everything.

Australia was going ahead with carbon taxing legislation, as a leading nation, when most of the world was not thinking that the atmosphere surrounding Australia might magically stand still and not wander around the rest of the globe where non-taxed carbon molecules frolic free in proportions dwarfing our taxed molecules. God is poking his tongue through the Puyehue volcano, whose carbon output dwarfs industry’s.

Although Australian governments have an impressive history of being able to tax virtually everything – goods and services, imports, exports, mining, and super mining – it would test even Peter Garrett to tax the volcano for breaching emissions policy. The same thing happened when the unspellable volcano in Iceland decided to blow its top and send millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, interfering with European air traffic. Iceland was bankrupt at the time and could have used the hefty fine but found it couldn’t pay itself.

Come on people, don’t you think we should call ‘time out’ and put an end to this stuff and nonsense all together? NO CARBON TAX… end of subject. After all, it is becoming clearer and clearer to the masses out there, that this is simply another way of getting money, for the depleted coffers in Canberra. It will not affect the climate in any way what so ever…. Only the Canberra Bank Account! That black hole affectionately called a deficit!

Unless you can find a large enough cork, Bob and Julia, to plug up these volcanoes, I suggest you graciously announce to the people of Australia that you have reconsidered your stance on a Carbon Tax – it was all a mistake, and it just is not going to happen. AMEN!

As I like to tell people, ‘I Live in eternal hope’……….

The spirit of the Kyoto Protocol has disappeared. Its body is being artificially kept alive and perhaps some of the organs may get transplanted. But we have to admit that the Kyoto Protocol is dead.”

former UN Climate General Secretary Yvo de Boer


A final thought
Are you aware that 10% of the money collected from a Carbon Tax is already promised to the UN?

One must wonder if that is why Julia and Bob will stand no argumant about this forthcoming new tax.


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