Tax Australians and let China keep polluting

In an article from The Australian National Affairs, we read that RESOURCES Minister Martin Ferguson says:

“There is a huge expansion that is going to create record commodity export opportunities and record profits for Australia,” he said.

“This industry, as the investment shows, is going to continue to expand. just look at the demand out of places such as China.”

 So ask your self what he really means here….. Firstly we will keep on mining coal and send it to China. Exports bring in $$$’s

In china there is a huge demand for our coal.

Australians are going to be taxed to kingdom come with Juia and Bob’s new Carbon tax, ostensibly to cut down on the carbon pollution in Australia….. BUT China is going to be buying our coal to burn in their furnaces and keep on polluting the planet, pumping out carbon emmissions from Australian Coal which Australians are being taxed on.

Can anyone else see a problem with this?


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