Miserable Fading Green – Camouflage Perhaps?

Why put up a poll seeking people’s opinions and then BLOCK IT from view – unless of course the opinions expressed and the statistics shown on the blog, did not give you the answer you were expecting!

Over at JoNova’s blog today she tells us quite an interesting story about Green nonsensical behaviour – ? nonsensical – well perhaps not, more ‘apt’ Green’s behaviour when things don’t go their way! Pout Pout! Diddums!

The Greens are a community oriented party, and often ask for feedback. Indeed they’ve been searching for feedback on their emissions trading plan for over two years on their blog.

“Do you support the Greens’ plan on emissions trading?”

Their blog visitors were giving them a clear message. Of 2268 voters, 80% didn’t like their plan.

Even though this poll started on May 4th, 2009, within 2 hours of the link being posted here, a dreadful accident must have occurred and the page disappeared to a 403 error. It wasn’t just lost from Sarah Hanson-Young’s blog, it also disappeared from Bob Brown’s blog, and Adam Bandt’s blog. (It had taken them many blog-page-years to amass those results, which says something about traffic stats of the Greens blog.)

To help them I’ve saved a screen capture, with the results.

It is well worth cruising over to JoNova’s blog and reading the full account. There is the story of the missing blog, the mysterious arrival of the cat, and the humour involved in what the cat – “here pussy pussy’ has to say.

Sad really, but we are watching the Green’s – end their days!

Camouflage green is a color that resembles the gray-green color often used by the military and hunters to camouflage themselves. Thus, this color is often known as military green.

I think of it as a wishy-washy grey green almost non colour personally! Rather insipid and lack lustre to my way of thinking.


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