Media is Biased towards Gillard and Brown’s Carbon Tax

I read of the massive and dare I say supposedly spontaneous rally’s that have been taking place around the country this past weekend – voicing a YES to the Gillard/Brown Carbon Tax. Where are the reports and equal coverage of the rally’s which have taken place against this massive illusion of manmade climate change?

I have a few things to say…. there are just too many points to list them all in a short blog. For starters in my humble opinion the main stream media (MSM) are showing their political bias by not publishing reports from credible scientists that categorically disagree with the stance the Australian Government is taking. Like it or not there is NO equal time and space for contradictory theories – end of story! Seems pretty obvious does it not that the ABC is owned by the Labor Party in Australia.

Have a peek here and see what I mean.

Now to these ‘spontaneous’ gatherings that have been reported on around Australia, where thousands of gullible folks have gathered to show their support, for the impending introduction of a Carbon Tax.

Did you actually read in these media reports about the hundreds upon hundreds (more likely thousands upon thousands) of personal invitations sent out by the Labor Party to entice people to come along, with their friends and cameras, and to take lots of photographs which could be shown to the rest of Australia – demonstrating support for this tax? 

Here is one such invitation:
We wanted to ask a favour – would you be able to take some photos of you and your friends at today’s Say Yes Australia rally?

Right across the country Australian’s like you will be joining together today to Say Yes to putting a price on pollution. We’d like you to send a couple of photos of yourself after the rally so we can show just how many people stood up to Say Yes to pricing pollution.

You can upload your photos to our new Climate Change Action website.

After the rally we will put together an album of climate change action with photos from right across the country.

Hope you enjoy today’s National Day of Action to support pricing pollution.

See you at the rally shortly,

The Team @ LaborConnect

P.S. You can also share your photos by tweeting them @AustralianLabor with either #sayyesaus or #Priceonpollution , we will be sure to retweet them for you.

Here is another invitation:
We have been talking about action on climate change for decades – it’s time to stop talking and take action now.

Climate change is real and happening. The earth is warming and humans are contributing. We need to take action to tackle climate change.
We can only do that by putting a price on carbon pollution. Right now, with your help, we have our best opportunity to make sure the big polluters pay for the pollution they release into our air.

By taking action on climate change we can build a clean energy future based on renewable power like wind and solar.
You can say ‘Yes’ to action on climate change by attending one of the community rallies organised across Australia.

Sydney: Prince Alfred Park, 11 am

Melbourne: Outside the State Library, 11 am

Adelaide: Victoria Square, 11 am

Brisbane: Riverstage, 1pm

Perth: Perth Cultural centre – Wetlands stage, 11am

Hobart: Franklin Square, 11am

Canberra: Regatta Point(near the bridge), 1.30pm

Join the rally and send a message that the time to act is now.  
You’ll be joining with the millions of Australians who support action on climate change.
For more information about what is happening in your area, visit Labor’s new climate change action site and register to receive updates and news on the climate change action campaign.
Get involved in the campaign, spread the word and say ‘Yes’ to action on climate change.
The Team @ Labor Connect
P.S. Help us keep our climate change action site going with a small donation here.

According to Bob Malloy (over at JoNova):

A lot has been made of Unions presenting the Government with over 12,000 signatures supporting action on climate change.

These names were obtained via the following appeal via the “Your Rites At Work” newsletter.

Taking action on climate change

At the moment there is a lot of misinformation about the proposed price on carbon.

Unfortunately there are reports of threatening emails being sent to a Member of Parliament. However, the proposed mechanism for a price on carbon pollution is a vital step forward in taking action on climate change.

Unions representing workers in all sectors and industries are more than willing to make a strong start on the transition to a low pollution economy as long as the requirements for a ‘just transition’ are identified, examined in detail and properly addressed. This includes investment in new industries and compensation for households.

Addressing these fundamentals will help maintain living standards and social cohesion for workers, particularly in industries such as mining and manufacturing that rely on carbon-intensive processes. Their communities, a number of them in regional areas, have local economies that have been built around these industries over decades.

Climate change is one of the most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges we face, and Australians will be hit hard if we do not respond with urgent and decisive action to reduce carbon pollution, improve energy efficiency and support the transition to a low pollution economy.

Right now is a crucial time to tell the government and the opposition that we support a price on carbon.

Sign our petition to let our politicians know that Australians want action on climate change.

He says also:  I am a recipient of the news letter through my attendance at a rally protesting John Howard’s work choices policy. I don’t have any real knowledge of how many people signed up for these newsletters, but my guess would be in excess of 100,000. So my estimate would be the 12,000 that signed the petition would be no more than 10% of those solicited.

Rather than sign their petition I sent the following reply.

 At the moment there is a lot of misinformation about the proposed price on carbon.

Yes I agree at the moment there is a lot of misinformation on the need to price carbon. It’s all coming from our government, Ross Garnaut, Tim Flannery and the IPCC etc…

For some accurate information please see the works of Richard S Lindzan, MIT, Bob Carter, James Cook University, Willie Soon, PhD, Physicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, or spend some time at, or any of a multitude of similar sites.

That a trade union organisation would promote corrupt scientist and support a scheme that could only further burden Australian Industry and cause energy poverty for those on pensions and low income earners is nothing short of deplorable.

Yours Bob Malloy.

PS. the following paragraph from your email is total B.S.

Climate change is one of the most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges we face, and Australians will be hit hard if we do not respond with urgent and decisive action to reduce carbon pollution, improve energy efficiency and support the transition to a low pollution economy.

PPS. I in no way endorse any abusive or threatening emails to politicians, however while wishing someone would die, is regrettable, it in no way is a threat on ones life.


Folks I hope you can see that this entire Carbon Tax – Climate Change scenario is being ‘stage managed’ by the powers that be and is a total scam at best! If for example ordinary people like you and me – en mass, came to understand that climate change is totally natural, always has been and will be into the future – and that no amount of reduction by us of CO2 will make one iota of difference to whether the planet warms up of cools down, and that THAT LOT in Canberra and the United Nations simply want to have full and total control of not only your lives, but your cheque books as well…. This whole charade would come tumbling down like the proverbial house of cards.

Why is the media not giving equal time to the scientific dissenters? Why have they been given the horrible name of skeptics? True science has always openly discussed opposing views when it can be shown there is a genuine reason to doubt a theory. This is still a theory and yet it is being sold to you as fact – no discussion will be entered into? Why is that?

What are the ABC and other mainstream media afraid of? Do you suppose their funding maybe cut if they print opposing views? There is big money to be made off the theory of manmade climate change. If someone pulled their plug and were allowed to disprove the theory, many industries, jobs and scientific agenda’s would go down the gurgler.

Fear is the real driver here….. fear of losing government grants, fear of being shown to be wrong. Fear of being shown to be under the influence of outside organizations – non elected organizations like the United Nations.

Seek the opposing views and do your own reading. Ask questions and seek answers from the Laborites and the Green’s. Don’t be put off with wishy-washy mumbo jumbo parroted continuously for the media. It is all hype and no substance.

And Tony Abbott – say NO to carbon tax because there is no substance to the climate change theory. Don’t come up with another plan to save the planet. Show backbone Tony, and leadership. More people will appreciate your truthfulness and integrity.


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  1. Thanks for sharing information. Great ideas.

  2. Sandi says:

    As John Pilger pointed out in his book Distant Voices, Australia has the biggest media monopoly of any country in the world thanks to a Labour Govt. We will never get both sides of the story. What really disappointed me is that an interview on the TV was with a 13 year old child. They have brainwashed our children and their parents have allowed it.

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