Our Wobbling Sun

John O’Sullivan: Top Scientist Says new Solar Wobble to Prolong Global Cooling
As a new solar minimum takes our planet towards global cooling an increasing number of scientists give credence to a new theory blaming our Sun’s wobble.

It started in 2007 when scientists saw that gravitational forces in our solar system may have a huge impact on Earth’s climate. Professor Ivanka Charvátová, CSc. from the Geophysical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, explains why there is suddenly so much interest in her theory in an exclusive interview with klimatskeptik.cz.

Professor Charvátová calls it Solar Inertial Motion (SIM) and she claims it will have serious impacts on our climate. She says a predictable “wobble” of our Sun called barycenter shift alters Earth’s weather patterns. Few climatologists have yet studied this phenomenon. But the evidence supporting Professor Charvátová’s SIM theory is becoming ever more compelling.

Our Wobbling Sun

Increased international interest in the SIM ‘wobble effect’ began after Australian scientist Dr. Richard Mackey published a paper addressing the effects of the barycenter shift in The Journal of Coastal Research in 2007. Mackey drew inspiration from the work of the late Rhodes Fairbridge.

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  1. Frances says:

    I have thought that the sun was responsible for some time. There have been other indications of the wobble besides the climate change. The earth has tilted on its axis in relation to the sun as well, I imagine that would have an effect on the tides.

    They have been changing the Atomic Clock quite a lot in the last few years as well, because of the axis tilt. The last few summers have not been anywhere near as hot as some I remember when I was young, which is why I discounted the so called global warming the Greenies and Labor are carrying on about. The sun and moon effect the tides, so higher tides do not mean that the seas are rising at all.

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