Carbon Cate pollutes our screens

Australians are being bombarded from a different angle this time – television advertisements – and coerced into ‘signing on to the new proposed Carbon Tax. This is your tax dollar at work for you folks, you earned it, you paid the tax, and it is now being used to pay for advertisements to convince you that we NEED a carbon tax – to save planet earth.

Cate Blanchet, whom I have much appreciation for as an actor, is fronting the campaign with actor Michael Caton. Neither of these two people would be considered financially ‘strapped’ as it were, but both are doing what they can for a fee of course –  to soothe your fears and boost your YES vote to Ms Gillard’s and Mr. Browns controversial Carbon Tax proposal.

There is no scientific proof that implementing a carbon tax, or decreasing our CO2 emissions will save the planet, but they continue with the same old garbage, day in – day out. Julia Gillard has come out publically and told us the scientists know what they are on about. She is obviously being selective in which particular scientists she listens to. Better still it would probably be more appropriate to say, she listens to the scientists she pays to tell her what she wants to hear!

Julia why don’t you ask Dr. David Evans who is a climate expert, what he thinks – he will give you a very different story to the one your Government paid lackeys give you.

Climate expert blows lid on the facts

Dr David Evans is a mathematician, engineer and climate expert. He’s blowing the lid on the fundamental flaws in climate change.  

In the mean time folks, tune out or change channels when the new advertisement comes on TV. Don’t be swayed by actors, who can afford a carbon tax – and who are receiving recompense – via your hard-earned tax dollars to promote this Government Gibberish!

As Barnaby Joyce said: “I love your acting, Cate, but stick to what you’re good at.”


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