Is Juliar a Robot with No Free Will?

In part of her ‘acceptance’ speech – accepting that climate scientists are right about climate change Ms. Gillard states emphatically:

‘When I first met (Professor) Ian Frazer and he told me he had a cervical cancer vaccine that could cut the rates of cervical cancer for women and girls I didn’t pretend to myself I knew enough about cancer to second-guess what he was telling me was right.

‘He was right. He’s a scientist. We’ve got climate scientists here who are telling us exactly the same about the nature of global warming and the climate of our planet.’

Many times in past history science and scientists have come out emphatically backing their own theories, only to be proven wrong BIG TIME.

Do you remember Thalidomide Julia? There are other examples such as:-

String Theory. Theory that universe is made up of strings. Has absolutely no evidence to prove it right. I mean 11 dimensions seriously.

Big Bang Theory. Theory that universe was created in a giant explosion. It is just a speculation as to why there is microwave radiation in the universe.

But let’s just get back to the wonder drug you preached about, because science told you it worked! You do know surely Ms. Gillard that this vaccine which was developed to prevent cervical cancer in young women, has caused  hundred of very serious side effects? Not just a few Julia – hundreds upon hundreds……  and you hold this up to us as positive proof of the value of science!

There are far too many scientific theories in the world of medicine that have gone horribly wrong. People like you, jump on the band wagon, and live to regret their impulses Ms. Gillard. Once upon a time we had a Flat EarthI suppose you would have supported that also! Oh Yes – Louis Pasteur got it wrong with the Germ Theory too!

Ask a scientist what he conceives the scientific method to be, and he
will adopt an expression that is at once solemn and shifty-eyed: solemn
 because he feels he ought to declare an opinion; shifty-eyed
because he is wondering how to conceal the fact
 that he has no opinion to declare.

I’m sure I do not agree with Stephen Hawking when he claims we are all simply Robots with no free will – perhaps though you do agree? …….  

People were shocked, they wrote, to discover that most conventional scientists believe human beings are mere “biological robots” with no mind, no soul, no free will and no consciousness. “Now it makes sense,” one reader told us, “that the GMOs and vaccines are done in the name of science, because scientists have no respect for conscious living creatures.” 

 See it for yourself! Watch part one of this mini-documentary at YouTube:…

Dear Oh Dear Ms. Gillard….. The “Robot Theory” certainly makes sense when I think that you might not have any free will. Perhaps someone other than you should be in control? Someone with a conscience perhaps? Someone with integrity too. Someone with free will to choose. Someone who is not being bullied by the Greens!

Wake up and smell the roses Julia… you are our designated ‘leader’, so show some leadership and not simply prove yourself to be a bullied follower of the Australian Greens!

I suppose we also need to remember Julia’s Communist Party ties from the past…. maybe that red really won’t wash out.

Dr. Evans says: Tim Flannery is a Salesman NOT a scientist – a paid flunkey in otherwords!  Listen here…..

Climate expert blows lid on the facts

Dr David Evans is a mathematician, engineer and climate expert. He’s blowing the lid on the fundamental flaws in climate change. He tells Michael Smith why he was once an alarmist, until he measured the facts.

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