I Do Hope I am Wrong Ms. Gillard

 Television news today has been full of hint’s of the possible marriage of Julia Gillard to her long time lover Tim Mattheson (AKA ‘First Man’), although Ms. Gillard has said she is happy with the arrangements as they currently stand and is playing down a possible marriage proposal.

Of course were the ‘First Couple’ to enter into ‘wedlock’, it would no doubt be a huge boost to her popularity ratings, which have currently slumped to an all time low. Everyone loves a wedding, and IF it were to occur whilst Ms. Gillard was Prime Minister of Australia, it would be the first wedding of an Australian Prime Minister – whilst in office.

The Prime Minister’s approval rating has reached its lowest point, apparently over her carbon tax plan. And she is losing to Kevin Rudd as preferred Labor leader.

Today’s Herald-Nielsen poll confirms that the Labor Party remains near its historic low point among voters and would decisively lose an election held today.

But its troubles are compounding as its leader loses standing: Gillard’s approval rating is down by 5 percentage points to 47 per cent in a month, her lowest since taking the leadership. With her disapproval rating rising by 4 to 47, her net approval rating is now zero.

“I think the broken promise line is doing the damage,” said the Herald’s pollster, John Stirton, of Nielsen.

Ms.Gillard promised the Australian public there would be NO Carbon Tax, but since the election, the hung parliament, and backroom deals with the Green’s…… things have taken a decidedly different direction. Most people I have spoken with are unhappy about the introduction of a Carbon Tax, and are not happy about broken promises made by the Prime Minister of Australia.

Things happen in politics for strange reasons and there is a large percentage of the Australian public, who are not at all happy about The Prime Minister having her live in lover – resident in the Lodge in Canberra. Let us hope that IF there were to be a ring suddenly appear on the left hand of the Prime Minister, it would not simply be a publicity stunt to assist in her popularity stakes – everyone loves a wedding -but they don’t like being taken for a ride!


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  1. Sandi says:

    Oh I don’t know. Seems there are some pretty stretched limos in Canberra! What’s another ride with free fertilizer as a perk?

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