>Earth’s Axis and Poles Shifting


Scientists have claimed that recent major earthquakes have altered the Earth’s Axis. These individual quakes may only have altered the axis by small amounts, but they do all add up when you consider them together.

We know already that the Magnetic Poles keep shifting, that information is readily available on the NASA website. I guess I am pondering if the change in the magnetic poles, and the shifting of Earth’s Axis – together, will have any profound effect on climate?

When we look at diagrams of how Earth is placed within our solar system, how the planet rotates, how the Sun rotates, the way in which those solar rays and flares reach our planet etc, it kind of makes one wonder.

For example if the Earth remains on a fixed axis (which we now know it does not), then the Sun’s rays would always reach the same places at the same time each year with the same strength. Then our weather would be predictable, heating and cooling the planet and the poles. This is what we have been led to believe. Yes we have….. if all was ‘constant’, then you could blame the human race for global warming – climate change when things differed.

Now we find that the earth is shifting on its axis due to some rather large earthquakes in recent years. Surely other events, (maybe even volcanic eruptions) have caused similar movements in the past, and our axis has been shifting for some time? If this is so, and who is to say it is or it isn’t? Is it possible that the melting of ice at the polar ice caps is because the axis has shifted, and the poles are closer to the Sun? And if we are responsible for Global Warming (AGW) then how can it be explained that many of the Earth’s glaciers are now growing? Maybe just maybe, the angle of the sun’s rays has changed. Now that could account for it!

Once upon a time trees grew in Antarctica and trees do not grow in permanent ice fields. During the Medieval Warm period Vikings lived and farmed in Greenland. Our Planet is in a constant state of flux – changing weather patterns and, so it would seem, shifts in planetary axis. Should we and can we blame the human species for all of these changes? Of course NOT!

I am not an astronomer, nor a scientist, but I can visualize things in my ‘mind’s eye’ and ask questions. If our earth shifts on its axis and sunlight hits the planet differently, surely that will alter ice sheets and weather patterns? If volcanos are erupting, spewing huge amounts of dust, gas and debris into our atmosphere, surely that will affect weather patterns? – It sure as heck affected flight paths!

I am still not convinced that we will change the future of the world’s weather by paying a carbon tax – are you? So why then are we allowing our politicians to impose one? When Julia Gillard can stop the planet’s axis from shifting, and can redirect the sun’s rays to warm the ‘normal’ places on the Earth, I might consider accepting a carbon tax scheme voluntarily – until then, I will continue to question by whose authority she is implementing this tax.


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