>Spare A Thought For The Humble Tomato

>Red and yummy… maybe pale yellow and delicious, perhaps even purple power too – the humble tomato graces that salad plate and lunchtime sandwich and school lunch boxes as well.

For years people have grown them in back gardens and window pots, made sauces from them, dehydrated them, pickled them, stuffed and baked them, or simply enjoyed them Mediterranean style.

But now we need to be aware, well according to Al Gore and his cronies, that man made (AGW) Climate Change, could force us to restrict our intake of this healthy food. Well he did not actually name the humble tomato, but he did warn us that food shortages were likely to occur.

I was wondering about the humble tomato, and preparing to penn my thoughts, when I came across Marlo Lewis’ Blog : Can Tomatoes Take any more Global Warming.

Marlo’s thoughts and those of my own run along similar lines. I have done a tad of reading on the Internet, to discover the possible fate of this most delicious fruit. It seems there is a conflict ‘out there’ as to IF the cooler weather – or – the warmer weather, – or – an increase of or a decrease of carbon dioxide – will improve or  serious damage this fruiting plant – that so many of us simply take for granted. How dare you take it for granted – it may well be a threatened species!

Marlo tells us that at a local sandwich shop he found the following flier:

The recent cold weather across North America has had a severe impact on the availability, quality and cost of tomatoes.

Due to these factors, we will temporarily cease to offer tomatoes on your sandwich. As soon as the tomato crop returns to normal we will add them back to your sandwiches.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We do not want to compromise on the quality or value of our sandwiches.

Gee, we all know how good tomatos are for us, full of healthy vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, excellent for fighting off colds and flu, especially during winter months – and here we have it folks – they are being rationed due to non availability – ice and snow – climate change does us in again!

But Marlo came to the rescue – HURRAH, 3 loud cheers please.

The carbon dioxide emissions allegedly responsible for Al Gore’s “planetary emergency” are helping tomatoes beef up. The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change maintains a database on field and laboratory experiments measuring plant growth response to CO2-enriched environments. Here’s the link for data on tomatoes.

A whopping 45 studies have examined the effects of CO2 enrichment on the garden tomato (lycopersicon eculentum). On average, garden tomatoes gain 32.6%, 40.9%, and 46.8% additional dry weight biomass, respectively, when grown in air containing an extra 300, 600, and 900 parts per million of CO2.

In light of both the cold-induced tomato scarcity at Potbelly’s (that aforementioned sandwich shop) and the mass-boosting effects of CO2 enrichment, it would appear that tomatoes may survive global warming after all.

Phew, I am glad that has all be sorted out, I could not quite get my mind around spaghetti sauce sans tomatos.

Till next time be as well as you can, and I promise to keep looking for life or death issues to post for your edification!


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