>Sleep with the Devil – Wake up in Hell


In Politics backroom deals seem to be the ‘norm’.

It was a real eye opener to me when years ago I came to understand that just because a political party claimed they took a particular stand or professed to be firm on any given topic etc, they would remain steadfast in that resolution. Guess I grew up!

Because I live in the Great Down Under Land of Australia, follow her laws, rules and regulations, and have Australian born children and grandchildren, I tend to follow what is happening in Canberra fairly closely, as well as what is happening in my own State Legislature. Governments are elected and they are also unelected when the public have had enough of their antics! It seems a pity that politicians forget who it is that placed them into that ‘seat’ of temporary power.

I do not claim to be a ‘know all in regards to politics’ and quite frankly much of what goes on – what we are shown that is, confounds me. There are a few members of parliament that seem to have strength of character which I admire. Sadly many of our elected representatives cannot be relied upon to follow through on their pre election promises. When seen on television in their role as parliamentarians, they shout and yell at one another in the most unseemly way. There is no way I could want for my offspring to imitate some of the scenes depicted in Canberra.

I understand in a very limited way that after Julia Gillard ousted Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and called an election to prove she had the countries backing to move into the Lodge in Canberra, she had insufficient numbers to hold that office in her own right as leader of the Australian Labor Party. Subsequently, through a series of ‘you scratch my back and I will scratch yours’ scenarios, Julia Gillard managed to get the requisite number of Independent MP’s on side, as well as the Australian Green’s.

The problem as I see it now, is that (for the most part) what Julia Gillard promised to the Green’s and the Independent’s to get and keep her in power, has been ‘called in’….. She promised them certain things, and now they want that debt paid in full PRONTO.

On September 18th 2010 Ms. Gillard told ABC News:    ….. key promises she made during the federal election may be broken because of the “new environment” created by the hung Parliament.

Ms Gillard says it is no longer “business as usual” for major reforms, including anything associated with climate change.

She told Fairfax that what she said before the federal election on climate change no longer applies because a committee of politicians and experts will now develop the policy.

“We laboured long and hard to develop a market-based mechanism,” she said of the emissions trading scheme.

“But I’m recognising the political reality. I campaigned as Prime Minister in an election campaign with policies for the Government.

“We are in a new environment where in order for any action to happen in this Parliament, you need more consensus than the views and policies of the Government and this committee is the way of recognising that.”

So there you have it from the PM’s own mouth (figuratively speaking) that it really does not matter what she promised during her election campaign, it is ‘no longer business as usual’, and ‘key promises she made during the campaign maybe broken because of the ‘new environment’ created by the hung parliament.’

Julia Gillard made a behind the scenes ‘pact’ with the Devil – he is calling her on those promissory notes – calling in his ‘markers’ as it were, and basically she will find that she is in hell……. Well a hell of a difficult situation.

She lied to the Australian people, she is pushing for changes in our country that a high percentage of the people do not want, such as euthanasia, same sex marriage, same sex adoptions, carbon taxation.

Even if she did not intend for these things to happen, she made a pact with the Devil – she now finds herself officially in Hell….. It is a one way journey Julia, just ask Father Abraham! (Luke 16:19-31)


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  1. Sandi says:

    >I am not a political follower. I decided many years ago that most politicians are professional liars and theives. My personal opinion is that the last person to enter politics with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes!

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