>Earth Hour – will you turn off those lights?


Lately TV advertisements are bombarding us with the Earth Hour Message… dim those lights …. Turn them off and save the planet! Can you convince me with (if possible) evidence, that by turning off my lights for one hour, or even my whole town turning off their lights for one hour, it will do anything monumental to lower carbon emissions when natural volcanic eruptions are spewing forth gazillions of tones of carbon dioxide?

Iceland’s Eyjafjoell volcano erupted in 2010 emitting between 150,000 and 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per day, a figure placing it in the same emissions league as a small-to-medium European economy experts said.

A brief look around the Internet whilst writing today reveals some of the following current volcanic activity.

Kirishima volcano near Kagoshima town on Kyushu Island exploded violently earlier today (13 March), sending an ash plume to 4 km elevation. This is the first significant activity since March 1. It cannot be ruled out, but probably remains speculation that the violent 8.9 magnitude earthquake on 11 March played a role in the reawakening of Kirishima.

A new eruption started at Karangetang volcano yesterday 11 March (the day the massive Japan earthquake markes history). Karangetang is located on the remote Island of Api Siau north of Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia. Most likely, the new activity consists of strombolian activity, and perhaps intermittent phases of lava fountaining.

The main hazard from Karangetang’s frequent eruptions are pyroclastic flows triggered by collapse of material from lava flows and the lava dome on the summit crater on top of the very steep stratovolcano. The last eruption in August 2010 killed 4 people by such flows.

Waking up? Ruapehu volcano who last erupted in 1995-96 might be heading towards a new eruptive cycle. The temperature of the crater lake has increased to 40C and other indicators such as seismicity and deformation all point towards a gradual reawakening.

I lost count of the current active volcanoes on planet Earth, but there are somewhere in the region of 12 active volcanoes listed for the week 2 March – 8 March 2011 and I suspect that many of these will be spewing catastrophic amounts of ash, dust, and C02 into our atmosphere.

When you convince nature herself to stop spewing forth carbon dioxide, then I might listen to the Earth Hour people explaining why my television set, refrigerator and ceiling light should be turned off.

March 26th 2011 is simply another big advertising campaign….. to make you feel bad if you don’t co-operate. Our Children are being indoctrinated. Get them young, fully indoctrinate them and change the world…… It seems to me that a certain power in Germany tried the same thing. By 1939 it was virtually compulsory to be a member!

Think on that for a few minutes before you let them lead you up a blind alley!

Maybe you would like to revisit the blog – ‘something in the air’….. a refresher of what is spewing into the atmosphere.

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6 Responses to >Earth Hour – will you turn off those lights?

  1. Rayleen says:

    >You should feel bad, afer all there isnt another cushy planet you could go inhabit. How you could compare caring for the world to the German Power thing is beyond me, but i suppose it helps you sleep at night. As for your rant on volcano's creating just as much Co2, bare in mind that volcano eruptions are natural occurances, and naturally our trees and forests are responsible for cleaning the Co2 out of air, but since we have ripped them all up the problem is now twice as bad. Although its an advertising campaign, it carries an honest message, and ultimately its the youngsters that have to live in the filth we creating everyday.You asked how does one or even a whole town make a difference by turning off the lights (still so narrow mindedly only seeing the obvious message) ill put it in numbers and with something more physical: I would buy 4 plastic bags a week, thats 16 a month and 672 a year, in 20 years i would have dumped 13 440 bags on this earth that will take over a 1000 years to degrade. I have convinced 2 other people never to buy a plastic bag again so that means in 20 years there are 40 000 less platics bags i dumped on the world. My daughter and their children will also never buy plastic bags (that whole indoctrination thing your parents did to you) so thats 121 000 less bags on this earth and its all thanks to ME! And before you start talking about paper bags i live in South Africa we dont have that luxury. So go on and save the world, and if you dont want to then dont stop other people from doing it by comparing it to the German Power thing and volcanic eruptions!

  2. >I use eco friendly bags myself, we recycle and grow our own veggies etc…. I care about my environment, but I hate to see world government manipulating people.

  3. >A couple of years ago, I was reading an analysis in the editorial pages of the Toronto Star where the author [looked] at our green efforts. He listed off our various initiatives in North America like changing traditional light bulbs to more energy efficient ones, getting more green appliances, turning off unnecessary lights and dimming others, etc. Then he said that these types of efforts, while laudable were laughable when one took into account that at that moment, China was constructing a new coal-fired electrical power generating station every week. All of our light bulbs were dwarfed by the new developments elsewhere in the world which were leading to even higher levels of pollution.Let's go green… er, black?Nevertheless, out of good conscious, I do my part even if it's a small part.Rob Ford drops the bag… er, ballBy the way, a comparison to Nazi Germany?We always come back to Hitler

  4. peta says:

    >seems some are missing the point re: germany etcThose kids were indoctrinated! Their every action was measured against what the stste wanted (nazi's) them to become.Our kiddies are being indoctrinated into believing we are responsible for normal/natural planetary weather changes.Thats the point of what was meant by the Germans in WW2

  5. Rayleen says:

    >Asking you to switch off your lights for an hour to show your support for conservation, consideration and appreciation for our planet is hardly the same as killing thousands of people to create a superior race.Anon who abhors earth day, you still not seeing the bigger picture.Thank you William! And Just me in T for the all the good you already do, now if we could get you to switch off those lights for an hour. Personally dont think your government cares if you do or dont.

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