>Let’s Play with Words ~~~

>Dear Friends,
We need to be aware of how the phraseology/ terminology has and is changing.

First it was the fear of Global Cooling which many have since forgotten about.

Then Came Global Warming and Al Gore milked that for all he could get!

Follow that with the ‘politically correct’ Climate Change – that is when the polli’s hedge their bets! (hummmm cooling? heating up? dunno!)

Then came the ‘big mouthful’ of Global Climate Disruption.

But NOW, because our Polli’s cannot sell their Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and their ( I will not have on my watch a ….. ) Carbon Tax, the term has morphed into Clean Energy!!!

Now I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I am all for cleaner energy, less smoke stacks, less coal being burnt, removing the smelly trucks off our roads and highways etc. I call that cleaning up our act!

But what is happening with Ms. Gillard and her Buddy Pal, Bob Brown and his red/green cronies, is not really going to do the average person any good. It will, of course raise taxes, and ensure big handouts to Industry, and more money in the Government bank account – hey NO DEFICIT, just as Juliar foretold!

But will it actually do anything to clean up the air we breathe? Will it really reduce carbon emissions around the globe? Will it reduce global temperatures at all?

Is there actually any scientific evidence that we humans are causing the climate to warm up? No one has proven to me as yet that we humans are causing the Earth to get hotter. There is however ample evidence that our planet goes through natural heating and cooling cycles, has done for millions of years, and will continue to do so until time, as we know it stands still.

Right now Juliar Gillard is over in the US yakking with President Obama. Very little was mentioned in the news programs as to what their discussion on Climate Change / Clean Energy consisted of. However the ABC reported this today – tizz worthy of serious consideration me thinks:

If Australia is to have any future operational relevance in the US-Australia alliance it will be because our Navy can bring its own bio fuels into theatre, along lengthy supply chains.

If Australia’s economy is to have long term resilience, it will be because we have decoupled energy prices from the volatility of gas, oil and coal markets, by building baseload renewable electricity.

If Australia’s consumers are to save money on energy, it is because they will have access to a genuinely smart grid, that will help them cut waste.

When Prime Minister Gillard returns to Australia she should dispatch these Ministers to Washington, for briefings with Chu and Flournoy:

– Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

– Mark Dreyfus, Cabinet Secretary and Combet’s Parliamentary Secretary

– Stephen Smith, Minister for Defence

– Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

– Richard Marles, Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs

Now after that consideration, I also present to you the following:

JOHN ELLISTON, AM, FAusIMM, MICA(CP), Senior adviser to the Australian Mining Industry (Retired), recently wrote the following letter to Tony Abbott and several other members of Parliament. He gives permission for you to resend it, as it is, complete with his information attached, perhaps to your local member? perhaps to your local newspaper, definitely to other members of the public. I am passing it along, will you do likewise?

HERE is his letter:

The Hon. Tony Abbott,
Member for Warringah.

Dear Tony Abbott,
I strongly support your efforts to avoid the disastrous economic consequences of a carbon tax or ETS in Australia.

There is a fundamental weakness in the public perception and the present Government’s understanding of the cause of climate change.

The Intergovernmental Panel of leading meteorologists (IPCC) were asked only to identify changes in the atmospheric conditions that would confirm global climate change and indicate a possible cause. Within the limitations of this very extensive and long-running study, the IPCC work is competent and endorsed by academic institutions worldwide.

According to Stephen Schneider’s contribution to the Royal Society of London, the IPCC did not consider continuous natural climate change cycles. All previous cycles of global warming and cooling have been due to repetitive complex changes in sunspot activity that affect the strength (and spectral mix) of solar radiation reaching the Earth.

The complex repetitive pattern of natural sunspot activity is due to the variable pattern of “tide-like” gravitational forces affecting the mobile gaseous plasma at the Sun’s surface. These forces are generated by the continuously changing conjunction (all planets on one side of the Sun) or dispersion (more or less even spacing) of the heavy planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the course of their different orbital periods and paths round the Sun.

Most Australians would be aware of former ice ages and there is strong and reliable evidence of the six periods of natural global warming and cooling since 900AD. All these except the present period of warming have been without industrially generated CO2.

The Medieval warm period from1100 to 1250AD lasted 150 years and appears to have attained higher average global temperatures that the present period of warming. To the present, the current warming-cooling cycle (1950 to 2009-13 climatic extremes and declining average global temperatures to 2030) correlates closely with the previous cyclic pattern.

Before the Australian community has to contend with the economic burden of a carbon tax, it would be irresponsible not to ask if the Government has any real and substantive evidence that reduction in CO2 emissions would reverse global warming. Is there positive and reliable evidence that natural climate change cycles have stopped?

I hope you will raise these questions in the course of your campaign to prevent the needless introduction of a carbon tax that more advanced industrial nations have rejected.
Yours sincerely,
Senior adviser to the Australian Mining Industry (Retired)
10(B) The Bulwark  CASTLECRAG,   NSW 2068
e-mail: john.elliston@ellistonresearch.com.au

Come on people, for some reason many of us have become washed out and bored with this entire Global Warming event. Keep that up and you have no one else to blame when they raise taxes again and the cost of living continues to rise. YOU voted these people in, either directly by casting your ballot in their favour, or indirectly by not fighting hard enough to keep them out. Maybe NOW you can see the wood for the trees, and will do all in your power to stop this money raising venture (of the Government) happening.

Speak up and write to your politicians and newspapers. You have the fine example of  JOHN ELLISTON to follow.

Till next time, learn all you can and don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.


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