>Government Scammer Warning

>Flood victims targeted by scammers

Police posted a statement on Facebook urging residents to be vigilant against scams with several schemes designed to de-fraud residents reported throughout the State.

Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart said many south-east Queensland residents already find themselves in vulnerable circumstances and need to (be) wary of potential scams so they do not fall victim.

“Unfortunately the vultures have come out, as there are several scams operating throughout Queensland, particularly in the south-east,” Deputy Commissioner Stewart said.

“One scheme we are aware of is where trade workers arrive at a residence and demand cash up-front in exchange for their services in cleaning up. However, once the money is exchanged, they leave and are never heard from again.

“Another scheme we are aware of is being executed by telephone and electronic means.

“Householders who have been affected by the floods are contacted by an individual claiming they know how to best access the money that is coming from federal and state authorities, and can facilitate this if they are given the householder’s banking records.

“Please, don’t be a victim and don’t fall into the trap of handing over any details to these individuals. They are just scams.”

People should call 1800 173 349 to find out about help available through the Queensland Government or 180 22 66 for information about Federal Government assistance.

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Pass this warning far and wide – it may well prevent someone being ripped off.


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