>Double the penalty – is that sufficient?


As if natural disasters, such as the horrendous floods in Queensland were not bad enough for people to have to deal with, stories are now emerging of ‘low life’ looters, stealing from the victims.

Tough line on looters
The grim reality for searchers comes as looters were warned those trying to take advantage of the chaos faced 10 years jail, double the normal penalty.

“Most people are out their helping and these people are out there taking advantage of other peoples’ misfortune,” Qld Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart said today.

He said while most of the thefts had been opportunistic, authorities would take swift and harsh action against any of those caught.

While tens of thousands were volunteering in the relief effort, so far 10 had been arrested on 18 charges of looting, many using boats in the Brisbane region to snatch boats, motorbike helmets and other objects.

Mr Stewart said the public were “onto this”, and most arrests so far had been a result of public information.

Yes I agree that these looters ought to pay a stiff penalty, but I would like to see them RIGHT NOW, being forced to wear garments emblazoned with the word LOOTER highly visible, and working with the military and SES, so they would be under full time scrutiny, whilst assisting with the clean up in Queensland. Then put them through the courts and legal process to find them ‘as charged’ and sent to prison.

Let’s not simply put them behind bars, at ‘Her Majesty’s pleasure’ as it were, sitting back, all meals provided, roof over their heads…. get them out amongst those whom they have stolen from – their victims. Let them learn firsthand what it is like to have everything taken from you by a natural disaster of this magnitude.

NO going soft on these scumbags please!

If you feel as strongly as I do, then please pass this story onto your local newspaper, so that the Government and the Police and Courts know how you feel. Send them the link to this story, and lets get these scumbags working with those who are suffering NOW.


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3 Responses to >Double the penalty – is that sufficient?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Sounds like a winner to me. If they have time to loot and steal, they have time to help rebuild. They should wear clothing clearly labeling as a convict. so everyone would keep an eye on their work. That would do them more good than sitting in a jail or prison.

  2. Brenda says:

    >I do agree that these people should have to be made to help by sweating with the cleanup rather than sitting on thier butts. It is no wonder there is so much crime. It is "the good life" to be sitting behind bars, with meals provided and reasonable shelter. These people just have no moral values.

  3. Pauline says:

    >Julia Gillard says "Any resource she (Anna Bligh) needs from the ADF will be made available" Maaayyyybeeee they will provide Qldrs with free Defence housing like they hand out to asylum seekers in Adelaide or I thought seeing as the Gov also provides long term hotel accomm. for asylum seekers they might like to move our Aust. families out of the school halls and into some more comfortable surroundings.

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