>Has anyone seen the postie?

>The article below, from the Sydney Morning Herald caught my attention today. We shall get to it in a moment. OK?

We were rather suprised to find that our local post office was closed – for as many days as they were – over the Christmas New Year period. I know they work long hours, drive thru rain, wind, snow and high winds etc. Fight off local dogs and take care not to run over un guarded children without parental supervision, playing on local streets, but heck! we need to post letters occasionally and pay bills etc.

This maybe just the right time to bring up the topic of Public Holidays, and substitution days when a PH falls on the weekend!! As Christmas Day fell on a Saturday this year, the normal PH was allocate to the following Monday; Boxing Day was allocated to Tuesday. Same thing happened with New Years Day, it was allocated to the Monday as well. So there you have it, Business closed, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday; many closed early on the next Friday as it was New Years Eve, then closed also Saturday, Sunday and Monday. What a nice long break we all had!

See here for a listing and explanation of Tasmanian Public Holidays.

Just before Christmas I returned a couple of letters to the local PO as they had been delivered to the wrong address…..’Court’ instead of Street. The bloke behind the counter simply raised his eyes, and told me ‘this always happens when you have a new postie doing the deliveries.’ He then went onto to say that when he was a postie, you could not take holiday leave in the weeks leading up to Christmas! ‘How things have changed’!

Now to the article…. remember this is Australia!

You know, the person who delivers the mail. Any sign lately?

There was a sighting before Christmas but when I dropped in to Australia Post last week to do some business there was a sign on the door. ‘‘Closed December 25, 26, 27, 28, 31. January 1, 2, 3.’’ What a siesta! Open only two out of 10 days. You wouldn’t want to be waiting for the results of your coronary by-pass.

Remember that slogan about delivering your mail through rain and sleet and hail and earthquakes? Now the slightest whiff of plum pudding shuts the whole system down. On Friday even the banks, the world’s keenest taker of public holidays, were open and trading. Post office? Shut!

The postal service ain’t what it used to be. When I was a kid posties came walking (or pedalling) past twice a day plus Saturday morning. They wore caps and blew a whistle to let you know there was mail in the box. Now the only way you know the postie is in the street is by the revving engine of the motorscooter.

Householders are not the only ones deprived. Think of the dogs. They used to have the promise of postie’s ankle 13 times a week. No wonder modern dogs get cranky.

On the other hand modern posties seem to be more adventurous. Just before Christmas there was a report from the US that a Milwaukee postie made a delivery out of uniform. I mean, no clothes at all!

The 52-year-old man, who was arrested for lewd behaviour, said he did it to cheer up a “stressed out” female worker at the office and “make her laugh”. The worker said she didn’t think the man meant any harm.

And they know their rights too, these modern posties. In England a postie is suing the Royal Mail for unfair dismissal. Seems Royal Mail thought that, just because he had killed his married lover and was convicted of murder, he should lose his job. Everybody out!!

Roger Kearney, 57, from Southampton, is seeking damages from his former employer, which he claims unfairly dismissed him after he was convicted of murdering 40-year-old Paula Poolton in 2008. The hearing this week is expected to go ahead without Kearney, because he is not allowed to leave prison.

You see, that’s what happens when the post office shuts down and posties have too much time on their hands.

Then there’s the postie in New Zealand who has lost his job for farting. Poor chap had to make so many toilet stops he fiddled his time sheets to compensate and got sprung.

Marc Sanger, employed by NZ Post up until November last year, said he was induced to resign in what he called a constructive dismissal during a disciplinary process.

He went to the ERA, seeking to have his resignation declared null, compensation, lost wages, reinstatement and penalties for breach of good faith.

According to the ERA decision released today, Mr Sanger was called to a disciplinary meeting to discuss four allegations; a customer complaint, talking angrily to a team leader, “passing wind in circumstances where there had been a formal complaint”, and signing off incorrect times on time dockets.

No the postal service is not what it used to be. These days its slogan is more like: Through light drizzle or moderate heat – but excluding farting, murder, the Yuletide hibernation and bare bums – the mail might get through.

They forgot to mention extended annual leave when public holidays fall over a weekend!

Then again: Perhaps Australia Post needs to do some rethinking – especially in regards to proposed Post Office Closures. Maybe if they were open more often, people would call in, be sociable, and make use of the facilities! It is not everyone’s cup of tea – using ONLY Electronic Mail, paying all bills and accounts via PayPal and having Government Departments contact you via email. Some, so I hear – actually enjoy a ‘good morning’ smile off their postman and post office (shop) team.

FACING a backlash from residents angry over looming post office closures, Australia Post said it must ensure it remained financially self-sustaining by closing unviable outlets.

OK I shall cease my gripe now and leave it to you to decide the do’s and don’ts.

Happy New Year!

ps just as I was closing I found this, which should be read by all Australian Postal Workers

Not so at the other end of the planet though, because my family live in Australia and the postal service there it seems at this time of year is very laid back to say the least. Mum is north of Sydney and tells me the postal service is snail-pace and little if any mail is getting through to people for Xmas. The posties there at this time of year don’t have snow and ice to navigate in the streets – they ride motorcycles while UK posties walk and carry their mail bags. Royal Mail vans are out and about with the bulkier stuff and Australia Post…? they cannot seem to get anything through! I sent parcels to Sydney early in December – plenty of time – and not one has been delivered yet, not one. It is sunny and hot in Sydney, maybe a little rain here and there, but nothing like it is over here in Northern Ireland where the weather is Arctic. Royal Mail employ extra people at Xmas, Australia Post put workers OFF and workers go on holiday, they obviously are not replaced and the Xmas mail is allowed to just pile up and not get delivered in time. In fact, mum says the mail has slowed down if anything so that hardly anything is being delivered at all.

An absolute disgrace. Australia Post, pull your socks up and get your act together – your people work in far easier conditions at Xmas time and yet your European counterparts have put you to shame.


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  1. magsx2 says:

    >Hi,That is unreal, I never realized they had so many days off. I remember years ago, our postal service here in Australia used to be one of the best in the world, a lot of people used to talk about this. Now it's the opposite, I thought things were supposed to get better as time went on not backwards.

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