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It does not seem to matter much which TV station or Newspaper you read, or which Internet news site you visit – all are screaming Man Made Global Warming! Or the new, technically correct phrase of Climate Change. However please note White House science adviser John Holdren unveiled a new way to describe the climate change phenomenon: “global climate disruption.”

To my way of thinking he is just hedging his bets!

Watch the evening news and see how much snow is covering Europe. Northern Ireland residents are suffering from burst pipes and lack of drinking water after the freeze. Horrendous snow storms deluge parts of the USA which have not seen snow this severe for many many years. Floods are raging through parts of Australia, landslides / mudslides in California, where only recently severe drought and forest fires were the bane of everyday life.

Personally I am very sorry for residents and communities who are dealing with these devastating weather conditions, but I am sick and tired of being told it is ALL my fault – because of my over use of carbon and fossil fuels.

The first thing to note is that these are not simply one off  or new occurrences. They are not just recent happenings, or preventable disasters. They have been happening cyclically and somewhat (to an extent) unpredictably since records have been kept. Records were being kept, and these events being recorded long before we are supposed to have been monumentally polluting our planet.

Do a Google Search and look for ‘other’ possible causes of the changes in world weather patterns, ones that do not include Humankind in Global Climate Disruption…… and you will see various statements suggesting the Gulf Stream has either stopped or slowed down. There are of course, many who disagree that this is / has happened and so its confusion for the members of the non scientific community, who are seeking answers. If you are curious about abrupt climate change, take a peek here.

I decided to look for histories of world weather patterns from a credible source, to prove my theory (at least for myself) that these wild and devastating weather phenomena have been with us for eons.

I have lived in Australia since 1969. I resided in Western Sydney for almost 30 years. The winters were cold and frosty, and the summers hot and muggy. We looked forward to those summer storms to cool things down so we could sleep at night. Before that I lived in the North of England, and was well used to snow and ice in the winter as a child growing up. I returned to the UK in 1980 for a three year period, and I can attest to one of the worst British winters in my memory.

Back to my seeking a credible record of world weather patterns.

The information contained in this National Geographic Article: El Niño/La Niña: Nature’s Vicious Cycle was very helpful for me. Apart from describing particular devastating struggles experiences by village residents in Peru, the article shows how these two events (El Nino and La Nina) affect global weather patterns, and have been with us, (recorded) since as far back at the 1500’s.

Just out of curiosity were we devastating the planet with carbon emissions back in the 1500’s?

During 16th century, advancements were made in the theories of mathematics, cosmography, geography and natural history. 16th century inventions related to the fields of engineering, mining, navigation and the military arts were prominent.

1500 Wheel-lock musket invented. The first flush toilets appeared. (maybe this caused global warming!)

1510 Leonardo DaVinci designs a horizontal water wheel. Pocket watch invented by Peter Henlein.

1513 Urs Graf invents etching.

1565 A graphite pencil invented by Conrad Gesner.

1568 Bottled beer invented in London. (maybe this caused global warming?)
1569 Gerard Mercator invents Mercator map projection.

1589 Englishmen, William Lee invents a knitting machine called the stocking frame.

1590 Dutchmen, Zacharias Janssen invents the compound microscope.

1593 Galileo Galilei invents a water thermometer.

It was not (to my mind at least) until the Industrial Revolution (Circa 1700) that human kind began to serious rape, pillage and plunder the planet, and yet we have records dating back to at least 1525 recording El Nino’s effects.

There are written records of El Niño’s effects in Peru at least as far back as 1525, and researchers have found geologic evidence of El Niños in Peruvian coastal communities from at least 13,000 years ago. “We know the Inca knew about them,” says Adm. Giampietri Rojas of Peru’s Institute of the Sea. “They built their cities on the tops of hills, and the population kept stores of food in the mountains. If they built on the coast, it was not near rivers. That’s why so many of their dwellings are standing today.”

Still people in ‘authority’ and scientific circles are spewing out stories that these weather patterns we are currently experiencing are new phenomena, caused by our abuse of planetary resources, and that we need to stop it all right now, in order to save the planet. Mind you, they are going to tax us all to kingdom come, to save us from “self extermination!”

In my fifty years plus on this planet (a short time in the history of Global Events) I have experienced, hot dry summers of longer than normal duration – until that is, I spoke with older local residents, who recall similar incidents from their own childhoods. I have also experienced freezing winters that to me seemed extreme. That was until I looked at the current situation in Europe and the UK. It seems history does like to repeat itself from time to time!

The Australian floods and droughts of history have been recorded in bush song and verse from eon’s past, and will no doubt occur again down the track. Rivers flood, scrub and bush burn and insect plagues devastate crops, sadly it is all part of a natural cycle. But we are told we are the ones who are responsible, because we have raped, pillaged and plundered the planet – to almost extinction. You can of course help save the planet by becoming a VEGAN…….. I jest not! Cows emit methane, one of the other baddie greenhouse gasses.

Guess the authors did not read this comment:

What animal makes the most methane?

It is commonly mistaken to be the cow and another misconception is that they produce methane by farting; it is actually burping. Termites are the biggest producer of methane. (Look here for further info.)

Now here is a ‘light bulb moment – maybe this is why the UN figures we should all convert to eating insects to save the planet!

OK, so I sign off for now, still totally unconvinced that we are responsible for global climate change…. or even that there is a new and strange occurrence – call it climate change if you will. I still feel that this is all cyclical, and being blown out of all proportion, by the powers that want to raise taxes, internationally – via the UN.

I keep reading and asking questions. I DO BELIEVE we are polluting our planet and that we show little respect for the environment. That is something we ALL need to become involved in. We can do something at the micro – local level about that, in our homes and schools; offices and neighbourhoods; industry…… get involved YES DO…… but keep your eyes open, and don’t be used and misled by global elitists after your tax dollars!

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Agreed, in particular when often THEY are manipulating weather all over the world, not to mention wide spread chem. trails!!

  2. Sandra says:

    >You can bet this CLIMATE CHANGE STUFF is being touted as the truth in schools.It comes down to control. People want to control what lives and dies, when they live and die, they even want to have a climate controlled world. "Good luck with that!"The earth revolves on a scientifically impossible axis. Scientifically speaking it should have imploded.It has a toxic atmosphere in which nothing should survive. If we were capable of time travel and we were capable of going back in time to the time of Jesus we would all die as we stepped out of the machine due to the purity of the oxygen in the atmosphere.Sorry people, you didn't make it and you will never be able to control it. It will wind up being one of those things that divides nations the way they are going.

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