>Christmas Fast Approaches

>To some it is just the ‘silly season’.

To others it is one of the Most Holy Seasons in the Christian Calendar.

To me, it is the time when I commemorate the Birth of Christ, King Of Kings and Lord of Lords. My Saviour, the one who took upon his shoulders all my iniquities, and pleads for me before God’s throne.

I do not think there are very many who actually believe Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. For those who Celebrate this Feast, I feel sure they celebrate the REAL reason for the season and not the calendar date.

When I wish you a Happy Christmas, I am wishing you love, and blessings and future happiness with God in everlasting peace.

Perhaps you would be interested in reading and passing along the following:

King Of King and Lord Of Lords:
Is it just me, or does there seem to be a real change in the way the world views and celebrates Christmas? I first noticed subtle changes in the stores this year. Growing up and in years past, it was relatively easy to find angels and nativity sets. Now I can hardly find them. Most of the stores are stocking the isles with modern color-coded ornaments. Where did all the manger scenes go?

Give This Christmas Away:
You know what I love most about Christmas? It’s not decorating or singing. It’s definitely not shopping and I don’t really enjoy cooking or baking that much anymore, the best part for me is sharing my home and my life with family and friends.

The Real Meaning of Christmas:
In a very lowly stable,
In a manger filled with hay,
A precious little child was born
Who’d save the world some day.

Let’s revitalize those around us, and the store keepers too.
Jesus, as they keep reminding us, is the reason for the season.

Blessings one and all.


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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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