>Have you had your MANNA today?


Exodus 16:21

So they gathered it every morning, every man according to his need. And when the sun became hot, it melted.

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When did the Israelites gather manna? Exodus 16:21 shows that they had to gather their daily bread first thing in the morning, before the sun got hot, or their opportunity literally melted away. God’s bread is best gathered early in the day, when we first arise, when we and the manna are at its freshest. This sounds like “seek first the kingdom of God. . . “! Sometimes, we intend to study later in the day, or in the evening, and what happens? Other things interfere and crowd out the Word of God—and an opportunity to show God He has first place in our life simply melts away, just like manna allowed to sit in the heat of the sun.

In this regard, fathers and mothers should teach their children by example to help them learn this habit. Teach them that the best time to study and pray is right after waking up. Ask them to make their beds and immediately kneel to talk to and worship their Father in heaven.

None of this works unless we get up in time to put God first, and that will not happen unless we go to bed early enough! To show God we are serious about putting Him first in our lives, perhaps we need to quit doing the things that eat up our time. God will not just slide into first place. We must consciously put Him there. We must make this decision every day of our lives. God will not accept second or third place in our lives. (From Have You Had Your Manna Today? )

This is one of those ‘aha’ moments, that I felt like sharing with you. I fully intend reading this at our little church come Sunday – it is once again MY SPOT, where we get to share with the congregation, where we see God working in our lives.

A few years ago I  became aware that I was not listening to God. I claimed Him as Lord, Saviour and beloved friend, yet I was not listening to Him, nor paying attention to His direction for my life.

I don’t believe I was doing anything terribly bad. I certainly had not murdered anyone, nor was I committing adultery, theft or any other crime I was aware of. But was I actually Honouring My Lord God?

Truth be toldNO I wasn’t. I was not opening His Word on a daily basis, therefore I was not listening to His commands,  nor taking His direction. Oh, I was full of good intentions, I was ‘going to’ read my Bible every day and seek His direction, but somehow, as the above reflection tells us – other worldly distractions just got in the way.

It was then I decided – because I am a daily computer user, to have the Daily Scripture verses sent to my email account. I signed up for the Daily Gospel, which I have never regretted, and also the Berean which gives me smaller ‘bite sized’ scripture verses and commentaries, to digest and ponder.

I also made myself a promise – that the first electronic mail I open each day, would be from God! No matter how busy, distracting or messy the day turned out to be, I would have spent my first waking moments with God, hearing what He had to say to me and listening to His direction for my life.

I do still open my Bible, but on those days when things are frantic and disorganised, at least my day begins with My God – in His eternal Word, which as most people who read His Word will know, is continually revealing His action in our lives. I have my daily Manna – still fresh and warm and life sustaining.

Till next time, stay safe and know God Loves you – so do I.


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