>Can Cancun Achieve Consensus?


Rumor has it that over 15,000 politicians, associates and other ‘necessary’ hangers on will be in attendance at at the Moon Palace Hotel and using the Cancun Messe on the coastal resort of Cancun, Mexico for the current round of ‘save the planet’ meetings.

Each year The Conference Of Parties otherwise known as COP, which is part of The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet together to discuss and plan for ways to stop global temperatures rising above dangerous levels as a result of manmade emissions. (People that is a quote – it is not simply my reading of the situation.)

One needs to ask how much by way of a carbon footprint all this travel to Mexico is costing? Fuel/travel, food, electricity must all be accounted for surely. Fifteen Thousand People, staying at The Moon Palace Hotel and using the facilities at the Cancun Messe would be costing a small fortune me thinks. But the chance of a fine holiday in sunny Mexico would sway many of the so called greenies….. And hang the carbon footprint consequences!

Isn’t this conference going to have a rather large carbon footprint?

Yes, an estimated 15,000 people will travel to the conference from around the world. The last conference of this size produced as much emissions as town the size of Middlesbrough. However organisers claim as much as possible is being done to keep emissions down including using solar and wind to generate electricity, reducing water use in hotels and providing hybrid cars for transport.

Ah HYBRID CARS…. Just what every man and his dog can afford to drive these days, so inexpensive to purchase and run.

Just a thought here, but obviously they will be a smelly lot gathered for the conference, as water usage is to be reduced.

Does that mean less ice cubes in the Tequila’s and Margarita’s? (sarcastic- who me?)

Delegates are encouraged to calculate their carbon emissions at computers provided at the conference and offset the impact by supporting local projects. The Mexican Government will plant around 10,000 trees and bushes around Cancun. (How will they be watered if H2O is to be reduced?) Again…. Use as much carbon as you like it is OK because we will simply plant trees to compensate!

So what are they hoping to achieve this time? After all it is only one year ago (ask any journalist) and Copenhagen held a summit which was supposed to be THE SUMMIT to get us all reducing carbon emissions, and saving the planet from ultimate manmade destruction.

Will this time be different?

In comparison to Copenhagen this meeting has been massively down played, largely because ministers from all countries do not want to look stupid again for promising a deal that is unlikely. World leaders are not even turning up this time, leaving it to their environment and foreign ministers.

So will anything be achieved?

It is generally agreed that a global deal to cut emissions is unlikely. Indeed Christiania Figueres, the head of the talks, believes a single, definitive and all-encompassing deal is unlikely to happen in her lifetime. However supporters of the process are hopeful that the talks could make progress towards a deal by putting in place the ‘functioning architecture’. For example it needs to be decided how emissions will be “monitored, reported and verified” before countries are happy to sign up to targets.

Who are the main players?

Christiania Figueres, the executive secretary of UNFCCC, a former negotiator from Costa Rica, is in charge of the talks. Fernando Tudela, Mexico’s main delegate, who is hoping for a breakthrough. Connie Hedegaard, EU climate action commissioner, is not too optimistic about negotiations. Xie Zhenhua, China’s lead climate official, wants to see developed countries “do more and do better”. Todd Stern, the US special envoy for climate change, believes each country should choose their own targets.

Will the Anthropogenic Man Made Global Warming Skeptics be attending?  (I sure hope so)

The skeptics will also be at the conference arguing that climate change does not exist and even if it does it is natural phenomenon. However an argument that is likely to be taken more seriously, is that the UN process is not the right way to tackle climate change. Many critics believe that it is impossible to reach a global deal and the talks are a waste of money. Instead the world should be spending money on helping poor nations to adapt or even ‘geo-engineering’ like putting mirrors in space.

ME THINKS a more responsible effort at this meeting would be for those countries who pledged vast sums of money to help in Haiti, Chile, Pakistan and Malaysia after their terrible natural disasters – and have not as yet coughed up those funds, or provided the pledged assistance, to be brought to account.

Manmade Global Warming is a fallacy…. It’s all about control, centralized control at that, out of our own sovereign hands, power to the UN and the New World Order. This is a way of the UN taxing the entire world, and deciding who may or may not receive benefits, service, funding etc.

If the United Nations were genuine in their concern for humanity, they would ensure those countries who promised assistance PAID THEIR DUES immediately. This could be achieved at the Cancun Conference and no one would complain about carbon emissions and footprints. A wonderful outcome could be achieved.

Ref: The Daily Telegraph

Ah how the poor delegates will suffer!

The spectacular Moon Palace is the standard for all-inclusive luxury resorts in Cancun (or anywhere else for that matter). As the flagship resort of the Palace Resort family in Cancun, the Moon Palace features a list of services and amenities that would make any sibling a little envious: 123 acres of tropical greenery, nearly 2,000 feet of silky white beach, 2,457 air-conditioned rooms with double Jacuzzi, 15 buffet and a la carte restaurants, 12 bars including swim up bars, two oversized free style pools, one indoor pool, six tennis courts, two basketball courts, two fitness centers, miniature golf, a kids club, a discotheque, and a daily activities program with theme nights

My Heart Bleeds for them!

And news just in: 
Do I read Fear Tactics to be used once again?
UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon will attend the summit (in Cancun) and make it clear that countries “should not take any comfort in the climate deniers’ siren call” and must instead be aware that climate change “is happening in an accelerated way”.

So this is where your hard earned money will be frittered away!
Indonesia plans to class large areas of its remaining natural forests as “degraded” land in order to cut them down and receive nearly $1bn of climate aid for replanting them with palm trees and biofuel crops, according to Greenpeace International.

Tell this to the PNW (USA) and Germany/across Europe currently:
To date, nineteen nations have hit or matched record high temperatures this year, according to Jeff Master’s Wunder Blog, making 2010 the only year to have so many national records. In contrast, no nation this year has hit a record cold temperature.


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  1. magsx2 says:

    >Hi,Really enjoyed the read, and oh so true. I feel this get together in Cancun will end much the same as Copenhagen.I also feel all this money that was agreed upon (not signed) to go to so called poor countries, will not actually get there for the simple reason a lot of Countries are now broke not only because of the GFC but because they have wasted Billions on so called green projects. This in turn has also sent some businesses to close or move to another country, which have had terrible consequences on a lot of people that have now lost jobs, and that in turn has meant less tax for the Governments of the world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Good Lord, with 15,000 'experts' together then we'll all be in trouble.Try & get 15,000 Americans together to decide the future of their country & everyone gets on a 'watch list' by TSA.Need to read a book just out that's a must read about Americans taking a stand cause it's about each of us.www.booksbyoliver.comAt least they tried to do something while these eggheads will dictate their personal agendas & careers on the backs of hard working Americans. I recommend the book cause it's so real & about each of us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >AH yes those EXPERTS – so many 'drips under pressure' in the one area – perhaps they will flood themselves out … end of conference!

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