>That Empty Room


Must be the week for them. Again I received an e-mail I had read eons ago.

This one could belong in my all time favourite storage box, to be resent time and again.

I have long been fascinated with stories of Angels – all the truly angelic beings are hard workers for Our Creator God. This story bears out that reality.

There is a room in heaven where the prayers of the needy are accepted by a very busy large crew of angels, who obviously (in modern speak) quickly sort through them, categorise them, and pass them along to Our Loving God for answers.

Yes we do know that God answers every prayer. Some would be a straight ‘YES’, some a ‘NO, that would not be right for you’, and possibly others with a ‘wait and see, all in my good time’. It has even been suggested God might say ‘you have to be kidding’ to some specific requests…… I cannot vouch for that. Bottom line is that in some way ALL prayers are answered. You might not understand the answer, especially if you are not up on ‘God Speak’. (That is where the bible comes in – essentially it is the written record of God speaking with you.)

The story goes on to explain that a newly admitted soul was being shown around all the various places in heaven. This new soul was shown into the busy receiving centre for prayers, and was amazed at the number of angels, all dealing with an extremely high volume of petitions, and how efficiently they were handled, categorised, answered and dispatched.

The tour of heaven continued. Room after room the soul was guided through, till at last a room was entered where it was so very quiet, that the single lonely angel sitting at at desk was dozing off. Our newly admitted soul was perplexed, especially after having witnessed the extreme busy-ness of the previous rooms.

Upon enquiring of his guide why things were so slow in this room, he was told the saddest of facts.

This is the room where we receive the thank you notes for answered prayer. You can see it is not very busy!

You know for some people writing a letter can be very stressful. Some even find talking on the telephone difficult at times, and yes – it maybe hard to believe in this day and age – there are some who cannot send an e-mail.

But when it comes to thanking God for answered prayer, nothing could be simpler.

God loves hearing from His Children and even if it is as simple as expressing your appreciation for fine weather so you could finish some outside chores, or get the laundry dry, He appreciates being told ‘thank you Father’.

Don’t let that angel fall asleep and gather dust on his wings…… be polite now and remember to always say THANK YOU GOD for all the blessings you daily receive, and a special ‘thank you’ for all and any answered prayers.

And a final thought while I have you here. Don’t forget to be persistent if you feel your prayer has not been answered. Take a look at this LINK  (Luke 18:1-8 )  and relearn THE POWER OF PERSISTENT PRAYER .

Until next time, God be with you in all things.


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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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  1. Bren says:

    >I just remembered and thanked God for some wood I was able to purchase at 'the right price' and some fresh meat so we have food to eat this winter.

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