>Have You Lost Your Weather Faith?

>A good few years ago I had to make a trip down to Geelong in Victoria (Australia) from Sydney. I was jokingly advised by some of my work associates to take a variety of clothing with me. They told me if I did not like the weather when I arrived, just to wait a few minutes, it would change… apparently the Geelong Area was affectionately known, as a place where there could be five seasons in any given day!

I have since moved down to the NW of Tasmania to live – really only a long swim across the ‘pond’ (Bass Strait) to Geelong in Victoria – but I can attest that we have very similar crazy weather patterns here as well.

What has me thinking about weather today was an article I came across that discussed the chronological evolution of the different terms we have and are currently using, for strange weather patterns around the world.

Let us see how many we are familiar with and or are comfortable with.

In the 1960’s -70’s there was scientific talk of Global Cooling.

Mid 1970’s – 80’s when there was a small warming period they changed the language to Global Warming.

That was all very black and white I think. You had a drop in temperature possibly meaning a new Ice Age therefore Global Cooling…. That was until it warmed up just a fraction. Hang on there a minute now, that MUST MEAN we are going to experience the exact opposite = Global Warming!

Now this black and white scenario was just not going to ‘pan out’ right across the planet due to the vagaries of weather systems, and actually became the butt of jokes, especially when some winters suddenly became the coldest on record! Not to mention leaked emails from various weather institutions and Universities, showing deliberately fudged figures.

The need for a name change was most apparent, and we welcomed in the term Climate Change. Do we have His Lordship Al Gore to thank for that term?

The Term ‘Climate Change’ then gave the powers that be leeway to blame all and every slight weather variation on human kind, both now and well on into the foreseeable future.

Climate Change being the preferred term, encompassing pretty much anything which might be considered ‘unnatural’. But this was also open to criticism; after all, is climate not intrinsically variable? Hence (we now have) the recent enthusiasm for ‘global climate disruption’, which nicely encapsulates the concept of unwanted and unnatural change.

Not that a change of name means anything as far as the average lay person is concerned. There is an apparent loss of faith among the general public, with increasing doubts about the seriousness of the issue appearing in consumer surveys. Given the lack of warming trend so far this century, this is hardly surprising. This does not, of course, prove that the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis is wrong, but there has been no additional supporting evidence for the idea for quite some time.

Read the entire article for yourself, and see if you discover, as I think I did, a possible ‘lean’ towards (so called) corporate social responsibility – albeit I think, this is really only a way to get you to spend more of your hard earned dollars on their products. More money to their investors…… less for you! Yes I am cynical, and so should you be too!

Till next time….. Be as well as you can and challenge ‘them’ at every turn.

Scientific Alliance newsletter 19th November 2010


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