>Don’t Do What I Do – Do What I Say!


Forgetting the rest of Australia for the moment, and the rest of the world – let’s just stick to the small, and very beautiful Island State of Tasmania.

We are told in the News today (November 6th, 2010) That Bar’s in Police Stations ( as in places to drink alcohol) will be allowed to continue – for the members of the constabulary, even though recently a number of Police Officers have been caught ‘over the limit’, drunk driving, crashing vehicles, and sadly some have been killed in road accidents.

The very fact that those who are responsible to seeing to it that WE the public are not driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, are permitted to have licensed premises within their place of work – stinks of double standards. One considers as they are the law enforcers, they ought to be above reproach, and not encouraged to socialize after their work day with alcohol present, then allowed to drive their vehicles, on our roads…. Home!

If the Police Commander (? Avery) truly cared about the Officers under his care and control, and still did not want to take away their free will, to have a drink and socialize after a hard day on the job, then in my humble opinion, he would commence a system, whereby all officers who have been drinking at their police bar, would be breathalyzed before leaving the premises’and those who were above the limit would have their keys taken off them, a cab called, and sent home safely.

What is there to not understand? His employees are not only endangering their own lives and property, making a mockery of the laws they are trained and paid to uphold, they are also endangering the lives of innocent members of the public.

If the Tasmania Police Commander considers it OK for his police officers to drink and drive, then it must be OK for every Tasmanian to do so as well – which we all know it is not…..

Drinking and driving do not mix – they kill!

original story:    POLICE BARS TO STAY OPEN


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3 Responses to >Don’t Do What I Do – Do What I Say!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >How weird – I didn't know that – well if it's the police that must be OK – they can do anything – can't they?

  2. Bren says:

    >Hi there, in dangerous Tasi, I take your point, but I can think of several institutions that have licensed premises at the workplace, (Some large corporations, coal mines, universities and dare I say it houses of parliament where not only do they have twelve bars but they are subsidised). Whether the bar is on the premises or next door is irrelevent they should have the moral fibre to realise they can't drink and drive. I consider instant dismissal for a drink driving offence is not unreasonable for police officers.

  3. Sandi says:

    >This sort of nonsense is something that never ceases to amaze me with its stupidity. The mayor of Burnie has banned smoking but it is ok for policemen to have bars. I wonder how many times they are called to a domestic dispute because one of the participants is under the influence of nicotine? How many people involved in vehicle accidents are under the influence of nicotine? How many brawls outside hotels happen because participants are under the influence of nicotine? Grog on! You can beat your family, drive a school bus off the road, wind up in hospital with concussion from brawling and be a regular Aussie. Just don't smoke!

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