>The Gene Pool is Contaminated ~~~


If a four year old child, found, loaded and discharged a firearm – accidentally shooting and injuring his mother – who would you blame?

What do you think the consequences of this act will be – emotionally and psychologically years down the line? Not just for the victim but for the child shooter as well?

Story    Personally I think a parent who gives a child LIVE AMMUNITION to hold and play with, ought to be (a) put away in a place where they have no access to children in society, and (b) be de-sexed, so that they can never again reproduce and contaminate the gene pool!

There are some serious questions that need answering:Why was a child allowed to hold and play with live ammunition?

Why was the live ammunition not taken back off the child and put in a safe place?

Why was the gun NOT kept in a ‘gun safe’, under lock and key?

How did a four year old learn to load and fire a gun?

Why was this child not supervised around weapons?

Children are a gift to us. We have a grave responsibility when rearing them, to see that no harm comes to them. This young four year old will be mentally scarred for the remainder of his life. I do hope the Father has some answers to questions which will no doubt be coming his way from the authorities and hopefully – also the child protection agencies.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Scott Wilson said, “The father “is kicking himself from here to next week,” “The mother is injured, and the little boy is devastated that he did this to her.”

Kids & Guns Don’t Mix! Lock up your guns…..

Hopefully the family of this child will have learned a very strong lesson, and with prayer, counselling and societal assistance, come thru this terrible time with the least amount of physical and emotional scarring as possible.

In time they may well become fighters in the ‘brigade’, teaching other families and individuals about the dangers of firearms left lying around, where children and intellectually imparied people cause serious harm to themselves and others.

One can only pray this might be so!


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